There are so many laptop brands these days making consumers confused and unsure which brand they should stick with. Buying a laptop is definitely not like buying a can opener at Wal-Mart. Hundreds of dollars are at stake when it comes to laptop purchase.

Before purchasing a laptop, you, as a consumer, must figure out what kind of configuration you need. For example, a laptop for photo editing must have a better screen resolution, a laptop for gaming might demand more sophisticated graphic processor unit etc.

Remember, almost all of the laptop brands use handful of companies to get the most important components like processor, GPU, price etc. How they assemble those components and what kind of materials they use to finally launch a product determines their overall quality.

However, one must take other factors into considerations to claim that particular brand as one of the best laptop brands. Customer support, technical support, presence of properly explained manual, and easy exchange or refund policies of the companies are also important factors for the laptop companies to win the heart of customers.

We will tell you about the best laptop brands and the list was prepared after extensive research considering all factors.

1. Apple – Best laptop brand

Apple has a long history in the computer niche. It wasn’t until early 2000’s Apple started to really challenge Microsoft. They have managed to build the greatest computers till date after a long history of innovations and improvements. There is a major difference between MacBooks and other laptop brands because they use their own operating system and MacBooks are relatively more reliable and long lasting than other laptop brands. Their screen resolution is much better and has competitive edge due to lightweightness, unique design and portability. Apple probably is the most customer friendly brand. Apple is so confident in their Macs, they have 14 day no question asked refund policy.Yes, price is relatively expensive than other brands but it is worth every penny. For those who do not or can’t pay full price at once, they offer financing. We did not hesitate a bit to list Apple as “the” best laptop brand in 2018.

2. DELL- Another top laptop brand of 2018

Few years back, Dell was a synonym of joke. Ugly looking poor performing laptops dominated their launches. Everything changed with the introduction of XPS and improvements on Inspiron and Alienware series. The ratings soared to the highest levels in gazillion years and they once again managed to go past other windows laptop brands. Improved customer support, fair pricing and huge investment in innovation crafted their way to the top. Today, a consumer, with any kind of computing needs, for any kind of price range, can find something that Dell has to offer. Inspiron for normal use, XPS for ultimate use and Alienware for gaming and other gaming like activities use, Dell got everybody covered!

3. HP- Another great laptop brand

There have been ups and down in the company but somehow it manages to win the heart of the customers. HP not only build laptops but other products as well. HP manufactures desktops, printers, laptop accessories besides laptops. HP is widely known to build elegant laptops that are portable, great performers and reliable. HP customer service is excellent and each of their products comes with a user friendly manuals. They make wide array of laptops that ranges in price from couple hundreds dollars to more than thousand dollars. For that reason, no matter what type of laptop you need, you can always count on HP!

4. ASUS Republic of Gamers- Best laptop brand for gaming

Yes, ASUS makes good laptops for everyday use of laptops. However, we want to give it the 4th place not because of any other ASUS series but the ROG series. One can argue that ROG is not the best laptop brand for gaming because there are other great options like MSI, Alienware etc. But we want to give more credit to ASUS ROG because of the efforts they have been putting on to make the gaming laptops better than ever. Lots of avid gamers do prefer ROG over MSI. And experts regularly vote ROG over any other gaming laptop brands. Thus, we are confident that ROG is the best laptop brand for gaming in 2018.

5. Lenovo- Excellent laptop brand

Lenovo is another top brand of laptop that is desperate to make their customers happy. Besides good customer service and offering of laptops for every type of computing needs, Lenovo is always trying to come up with new ideas and innovation with each new launches. Thinkpad, Y series (gaming laptop), Yoga series, flex series (general use), all of them has unique features and almost all of them were able to satisfy their customers. There are more reasons to favor Lenovo than not.

6. Toshiba- Decent brand

Toshiba is another good laptop brand. It is always working hard to beat its competitors and offers relatively cheaper laptops for similar configurations than other laptop brands. Toshiba is well known to build multi-purpose laptops that are good looking and are user friendly. We have in past recommended Toshiba laptops for many purposes like photo editing and video editing because of their all in one type of configurations for a relatively cheaper price. Toshiba is in the market to stay!

7. Acer- Budget laptop brand

Acer is also one of the 10 best laptops brands and for a reason. Price is the reason why it can not be avoided. Acer has flooded markets with laptops that costs less than $300 (even less than $200 for chromebook) and is a great option for people on budget who are not looking to spend a fortune on a laptop. Of course, many people need better laptops, but there is a huge laptop consumer base who are just looking for simple purposes like going online or watching YouTube etc. Acer is there for those customers. Customer service is great. But do not get confused, Acer do make higher end laptops as well, including gamer’s one of the favorite, Aspire V15 nitro.

8. MORE BRANDS – Sony, Samsung and others- Other laptop brands for 2018

VAIO series from Sony and Samsung ATIV series are some of the well known laptops but for some reasons both Sony and Samsung have failed to build a huge customer base especially in the US. Sony is more focused on Cameras, Tvs and most importantly Playstation and treat laptops as their side project and may be that is why we do not hear many people talking about their laptops. Nonetheless, they do make good laptops. Samsung on the other hand is more focused on Chromebooks. It seems like the company shifted its focus into the smartphone market rather than laptop.

And there are “others”. Fujitsu, Origin etc are other good laptop brands that seems promising to the future of laptops but they still have to prove their credibility and we shall know that next year a so! For now these deserves to be on the list of 10 best laptop brands in 2018! Let us know what you think and tell us about your choice below in the comment section! We thrive to hear your opinions!


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