As the old saying goes, “Children should be seen and not heard”. That is fine, until it comes to your music. There are just some jams that need to be cranked up. If you are one of those people who want others to hear you long before they can see you, these five best 6×8 speakers from various manufacturers will blow your doors off! So lets dive into investigate what are the best 6×8 speakers of 2018.

Please make sure these 6 by 8 speakers fit into your vehicle as it is impossible for us to include the whole database of compatible vehicle models. If none of these top 6×8 speakers fit your vehicle, use this article as a guide to look for features that makes a 6×8 speaker the best.

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Pioneer ts-A6874R A-Series- Top 6×8 speakers for bass in 2018

These stylish 3-way speakers are great for all vehicles, but are a custom fit for the Ford and Mazda models. The coaxial cables deliver 350 Watts of power to the system. This lightweight plastic only weighs 3.8 lbs. The high frequency tweeter, low frequency woofer, midrange driver operates on three separate drivers, delivering the highest quality sound.

Constructed from high density materials such as Butyl rubber, carbon graphite IMPP cone, and an interlaced aramid fiber woofer cone, these speakers give outstanding sound even when moving. There is a one-year warranty on parts and labor on these speakers.


Kicker DS68-One of the best 6×8 speakers for cars, bass, mustang, ford ranger, you name it!

These 4.6-pound lightweight speakers deliver the power that you are looking for in a great sounding speaker. With 140 Watts of power, you will be cranking out your tunes at a level of 90 dB. This high level of sensitivity is optimized for larger output capacity.

With a 43 to 21,000 Hz frequency response, you will be able to enjoy your jams with the best quality sound available with no interruptions. The Extended Voice Coil technology delivers a clean bass line with balanced-dome tweeters for the best audio experience on the road. These 3-way speakers come with the installation hardware and a 3-year warranty and have managed to get included in our list of 5 best 6×8 speakers of 2018.


Infinity Reference 6832CF- Another great 6×8 speakers for bass-2018

These powerful 300 Watt, 2-way speakers offer everything that you need in quality car speakers. The glass-fiber woofer offers the deep bass lines for the highest quality sound while you are enjoying the pulsating of the beat going through your body. These speakers have more surface than the competitors because of the technology of the Plus One woofer cone, offering ultimate sound quality.

The greater woof area delivers deeper bass and better response when traveling. UniPivot technology in the tweeter gives ultimate high-frequency response. The installation is easy and the speakers have the added feature of front accessible tweeter adjustment to personalize and optimize the sound to your specific vehicle. It comes with a one year warranty and has fought its way to be listed as the best 6×8 speakers of 2018.

SEE PRICE: Infinity 6832CF

Kenwood KFC-C6895PS- Top 6×8 speaker on the market

These quality speakers deliver 360 Watts of power output in a pair of speakers only weighing 4.1 lbs. These mighty 3-way speakers are custom fittable to any vehicle.

For great sound quality, the paper cones are responsible for delivering 63 Hz of the frequency response and 88dB of sensitivity for the best in sound quality. Ceramic is used to create the tweeter for the highest and smoothest quality sound.

For additional sound clarity, the acoustic sound harmonizer will take care of any issues. These coaxial speakers come with a warranty on the parts. With a clean and sleek design, these speakers will visually enhance your vehicle as well as make it sound awesome.

SEE PRICE: Kenwood C6895PS

Pyle PLG57- One of the best 6×8 speakers

These speakers have bright yellow cones and steel baskets, will have people seeing and hearing you long before you actually arrive. Delivering 240 Watts of power, these 3-Way yellow powerhouses are equipped with a high temperature aluminum voice coil.

The 75-22KHz frequency response is encouraged by the Butyl rubber body, Super Film Tweeter with rubber magnet cover, and poly injected cone. These speakers include custom grills, wires, and installation hardware. The mounting depth of these speakers is 2.10 inches, and they fit most standard locations. This speaker is an affordable and is one of the best 6×8 speakers in 2018!


So, we hope we helped you find the best 6×8 speaker. With these speakers you can expect your car to transform into moving Rockstar!