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Technology has allowed for the advent of independent music production. Logic Pro X is an excellent tool for the self contained, independent producer/artist or indie band. Stellar musical production does not mean you have to record at a studio. You can have an efficient and effective home studio without sacrificing your sound quality.

Recording in a home studio can also enhance the creative process. It can be stressful to record when a studio clock is running, because each tick of the clock means a more expensive session. With the right tools, you can get studio quality sound recorded in the comfort of your home. These are 5 of the best audio interface for  Logic Pro X in 2021!

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2- Excellent audio interface for logic pro X in 2021

The Focus Scarlett 2i2 is a popular choice for an audio interface. It has a sleek design and gives you the control options you need. Musicians tend to favor the solid construction and intuitive design of the Focus Scarlett 2i2.

You get quality Preamps alongside strong visual feedback. The Preamps offer low noise and low distortion performance and allows for sufficient headroom. This translates into providing a musician with recording clarity. It only takes about 5 minutes to set up!

The audio interface is fairly stripped down, but it gives the independent musician all the necessary features. This interface is also durable and rugged and can withstand being taken on the road. This stylish and user friendly interface is also easy on the pocketbook.

For the price, this is a rather well rounded unit.


The PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL- One of the best audio interface for logic pro x-2021

The PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL is a full featured audio interface that is straightforward and user friendly. The audio interface has the essential features of 8 mic/instrument inputs with 48V phantom power.

You also have 8 line level outputs. This transfers your audio to your computer with minimal latency. This audio interface currently retails on Amazon for $499.95. While the price looks a little high, it IS one of the best audio interface for Logic Pro X.


The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20- Audio interface for logic pro x

The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 offers flexibility, durability and superior sonic quality. This audio interface is loaded with eight Focusright microphone Preamps. Its signal is relayed through a 24-bit/96kHz interface that is compatible with your Mac.

The 18 inputs and 20 outputs give the user a lot of options. If you need an audio interface that allows you to control a variety of factors, you will be quite pleased with the power this audio interface will give you. This is ideal for recording acoustic drum kits or a small band’s performance.

This audio interface is priced on Amazon at $499.95. It is an optimal audio interface for Logic Pro X users.

Updated Price – Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

The Roland Duo Capture EX- Cheap and affordable interface for Logic Pro X

The Roland Duo Capture EX offers an audio interface solution that is quite portable and capable of producing great audio quality. The lightweight design makes it especially ideal for recording a set in an intimate venue.

The VS Preamps give your recording a modern and clear character. If you strive for clean, pristine vocals, this audio interface could be exactly what you are looking for. This audio interface is compatible with your Mac and iPad. The bit rate is 24-bit/48kHz.

The Roland Duo Capture EX is an affordable $199.00 on Amazon. With affordable price, it is one of the best audio interface to use with Logic Pro X.


M-Audio M-Track Plus- Another affordable and top audio interface for logic pro x

M-Audio M-Track Plus is another audio interface that is affordable and durable. This audio interface is highly portable and delivers in a basic home studio set up.

If you are a solo artist or part of a duo, this will most likely fulfill all your home recording studio needs. You still get the features you need at a reasonable price. There are two XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser mics. There are also two 1/4” line inputs for guitar and two TRS 1/4” inserts.

The M-Audio M-Track Plus retails for $124.14 on Amazon.


There goes our list of 5 best audio interface for Logic Pro X in 2016. Please drop us a line telling us what you think about this article. Thanks!