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With birthdays, weddings, graduations and holidays, life is full of beautiful events that are meant to be captured and revisited over and over again. The photos are wonderful, but nothing compares to the thrill of seeing a special moment recreated in real-time motion as recorded by a high-quality video camcorder.

The options available in today’s camcorder market are nearly limitless–offering astonishing variety in size, accompanying accessories, recorded picture quality, microphone sensitivity, battery life and price range.

To help sort through this wilderness of choices, here is a brief list of the best camcorders under 200 dollars for 2016. These devices are exceptional for their affordability and their compact, easily transportable designs. Making lasting memories have never been more accessible!

The Samsung F90 Camcorder- Top camcorder under $200-2021

The Samsung F90 camcorder is sleek, compact and easy to use for HD recording. These benefits alone make this a standout camcorder, but it is the F90’s astonishing 52x optical zoom feature that gives the device its place on this best camcorder under $200 list. Not many other camcorders allow for such an up close view of the action. The Samsung F90 also has a 2.7-inch LCD screen with a wide viewing angle, a special F1.8 aperture lens for sharp low-light environment recording, user-friendly buttons and an ergonomic, non-slip grip band. Shooting the video is just the first part of the fun. Once the Samsung F90 is connected to a computer’s USB port, sharing video on social networks has been just one button away. The device can also be connected directly to an HDTV for big screen video viewing. One final fun feature is the camcorder’s ability to enhance video with background music taken from one of four built-in classical selections or from the user’s computer music library.

The Infrared Night Vision Full Spectrum Video Camera- Best night vision camcorder under $200

While many camcorders offer quality picture and sound capture for special days, this four-mode camcorder is the ultimate choice for nocturnal recording. Its first mode allows for normal daylight recording, its second mode is for night vision recording with its own built-in infrared lights that illuminate up to 20 feet, its third mode is for night vision recording without the built-in infrared LEDs to allow for use with external infrared lights and the fourth and final mode is for full spectrum recording. The camcorder also has a 3-inch LCD screen, 16x digital zoom capabilities and a mount on the bottom of the device for use with a tripod. Built by the Cleveland Paranormal Supply Company, this camcorder was designed with ghost hunters in mind, which makes it one of the most unique devices on the Best Camcorders under $200 list.

The Sony HDR-AS20/B POV Action Camcorder- Another best camcorder under $200

So slim and compact, it is practically pocket-sized, this camcorder is a great option for on-the-go recording. In fact, the Sony AS20 thrives in dynamic recording situations with its SteadyShot technology, which stabilizes shaky filming for a clear, blur-free HD video. This camcorder features six different modes for diverse recording methods, including several slow-motion options. The camcorder also boasts a built-in microphone for superior sound recording. Another feature that sets the Sony AS20 apart is its technological capabilities. This camcorder allows connectivity with smartphones through its built-in WiFi and Near Field Communications systems, allowing the smartphones to remotely control and view camcorder videos.

The Bell and Howell DNV16HDZ-BL Night Vision Camcorder- Decent camcorder that costs less than $200

This bell and howell camcorder thrives in low-light conditions as well as daylight environments. Its built-in infrared LED provides 16 feet of night vision visibility. It also features a wide, 3-inch LCD screen, HD-quality recording capabilities, 10x optical zoom and an impressive 120x digital zoom. As an added technological benefit, this Bell and Howell camcorder is also compatible with both PCs and Macs, unlike many other leading camcorders.

The GoPro Hero Camcorder- Last but not the least!

GoPro Hero was built for extreme photography. Its encasement is durable and waterproof up to 40 meters (131 feet) deep. The GoPro Hero is lightweight at 3.9 ounces and is equipped to mount to the gear of the most active photographers, including skiers, surfers and mountain climbers. The adventurous video footage is sure to be top-notch too, because the camcorder has a built-in microphone, a wide-angle lens, automatic low-light adjustment and easy alternation between video recording and time lapse capturing.

There goes the list of 5 best camcorders under 200 bucks that you can get in 2021. These are budget camcorders and at the same time are pretty decent enough to capture your beautiful moments in a “HD” way. These camcorders also make excellent gifts for your friends, family and relatives! Thank you for reading and please do share this with your friends!