Tired of getting pulled over? Me too! The worst part is that, you get pulled over when you are in a hurry. That flashing lights behind your car is the worst feeling one can have as a driver. To reduce your chances to get a speeding ticket, we decided to write about best radar detectors under 100 dollars-2018.

In general, the ticket itself is almost never less than $100, investing $100 on a radar detection system is a wise decision. Whether we are talking about reliability or flexibility here, some motorists’ penchant for speeding up while driving has defined them as typical radar detector users.

With this pattern, it was able for many users to compare these top radar detectors under $100-2018 with the rest of them. But then again, we STRONGLY advise against speeding for your own safety. Getting right with the law is the best way to go!

Cobra SPX 5300- Nice radar detector under 100 dollars-2018

This radar detector combines performance and design to compensate the lack of style that are evident in most radar detectors sold in the market. With Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology and a powerful CPU, this detector is capable of detecting the radar guns at a speed of 240 milliseconds.

The SPX 5300 series can detect almost very radar currently available for the police department. The LaserEye feature can easily uncover laser from most laser guns, and the Safety alert warning system lets the user known whether he or she is under the surveillance of VG-2 detectors or not. Currently, this detector is available in many major retail stores and online for $99.95.

Whistler CR70- Very good radar detector under 100 dollars

The Whistler CR70 is another radar detector under $100 that provides complete radar detection and protection from laser and radar threats on the roads. This detector comes with a wide range of features including Laser Ally, Laser Atlants Stealth Mode with 360 degree coverage, LIT Truspeed S and much else.

The easy to read display contains multiple modes with periscopic LEDs on top that flashes during radar detection. The highway mode and city modes enable the user to adjust the sensitivity level as well as traffic flow signal rejection when needed. The device can easily distinguish between false alerts from the traffic flow sensors and real radar guns. Overall, this is a great product for $69.

Whistler Pro 68 SE- One of the best radar detectors under 100 dollars

The Pro 68 SE model is available in both basic version as well as an upgraded version for a reasonable price. It is based on a proven platform and offers best performance not found in low price detectors. The popular alert priority feature displays the most crucial alert when there are multiple alerts, and the device is able to detect POP mode, a feature that is most commonly found in pricey devices. Also, the Twin Alert periscope LEDs provide a visual alert as soon as the police radar is detected.

This product is a perfect choice for frugal shoppers looking for high quality detectors. Other features of this device include Laser Atlanta stealth mode, safety warning system alerts, blue numeric icon display that visually confirms signal detection, the strength of the signal and mode of operation, filter mode to recognize false alarms or minimize their occurrence.

Escort Passport 8500 X50- Excellent detector, but costs MORE than $100

Although we are supposed to tell you about the products that costs less than $100, we cannot resist on this one! The Passport 8500 X50 is a sophisticated long-range laser and radar detector that can detect police, conventional and many other sources of radar signals. It has the digital signal processing feature that provides maximum range of detection while minimizing false alerts on the way. The device can identify up to 8 radar signals at once. The microprocessor can be reprogrammed to detect new signals and threats easily. In addition, for under $285, you will get 1 year limited warranty and many additional features not found in some radar detectors.

Whistler XTR-130- Under $100 radar detecting product

Whistler XTR-130 is one of the cheapest radar detectors that you can buy for under $100. Unlike the above detectors, this detector provides limited protection against radars by being able to detect only X, K and Ka bands. On the other hand, it can detect any type of radar signal irrespective of its direction. While the limited features make it a less desirable device, this can be the best option if you are familiar with the area you are driving.


Once again, we recommend you to follow the speed limit so that you do not have to search for the terms like the best radar detectors under $100. But, sometimes, especially in case of emergency and when your only job is at risk because you are late, use this system to alert yourself from being monitored. Hope you find this article about best radar detectors under $100 helpful!