Having a good radar detector is a necessity for anyone who regularly drives an automobile. An effective radar detector can help you to monitor radar speed traps that are set up by local law enforcement and avoid them.

Depending on how fast you are going a speeding ticket can be an incredibly expensive proposition. In fact at higher speeds you may even lose your license or be charged with a criminal offense. When these factors are considered purchasing a radar detector can be a fantastic investment- saving you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

While the price of radar detectors can vary wildly from multiple thousands of dollars to budget models that you can generally find a very effective model for less than $150. In this article we will examine the 5 best radar detectors under 150 dollars. The following radar detectors are listed in no particular order.

Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector- One of the best radar detectors under $150 that you can buy in 2018

The first radar detector on our list is offered by the Cobra company- one of the largest manufacturers of radar detection devices for civilian use. This unit features an LCD screen to help you determine the threat level you face as well as your battery level. The feature most touted by the company for this particular unit is the smart volume control. Basically, it allows the driver to turn the volume down for low alerts but if a serious threat is detected by the unit it will raise the volume until acknowledged by the driver. This is a nice feature that allows the user to enjoy their driving experience a little bit more without all those annoying beeps from a radar detector. This under $150 radar detector is bang for your buck!

Beltronics Vector V940 Radar Detector- Top radar detector under $150

For a radar detector under 150 dollars the Beltronics Vector V940 Radar Detector can run with the best in the industry. With all four laser radar detection modes, x, k, superwide, ku, and ka the Beltronics Vector V940 Radar Detector has all of the right tools for the job. The unit also comes equipped with long range DLP protection which allows you to detect threats miles away. Like many radar detectors this unit comes from Canada and is made in North America- this is in contrast to many other units which are made in Asia. It also comes with VG2 detection, which prevents others from monitoring your vehicle and determining that you are using a radar detection device. The LCD screen on the unit is about 3 by 3 and does the job. If you are looking for a small, sleek radar detector with high end features the Beltronics Vector V940 is a good place to start.

Whistler CR85 Radar Detector- Excellent radar detector under 150 bucks

The Whistler CR85 is probably the most no frills unit on our list. It features the standard ka long range laser detection and has no LCD screen. It does provide protection from being detected by law enforcement, but only by using a radar signature blocker. This alert certain devices to detect that a radar detector is being used in the vicinity, but it will not determine where exactly the signal is coming from. The unit also has long level detection range which will alert you up to multiple miles before you reach the unit monitoring your speed. This is a great radar detector for someone who wants a simple, inexpensive, effective radar detector without a ton of bells and whistles or complicated hard to use features.

Cobra XRS9770PRO 15-Band-  Under $150 Cobra brand radar detector

This is one of the units we are going to review with the most features. Cobra is a very well respected manufacturer and unless you were very familiar with prices of radar detectors you would not be able to tell this model is on the more affordable side. Unlike many other units the Cobra XRS9770PRO 15-Band is designed to be sleek and sexy with a very low profile. The unit barely looks like a radar detector- more like a smartphone or mp3 player which helps it to blend in during stops by law enforcement. It has a full 360 degree radius which means that the Cobra XRS9770PRO can detect threats from every angle on the ground as well as air based radar detection systems. This detector also comes with a sharp digiview LCD screen which identifies what kind of radar detection you are being subjected to and the direction it is coming from. If you are looking for an affordable radar detector that works just as well as the higher end models take a look at the Cobra XRS9770PRO 15-Band.

Rocky Mountain Radar DLS315 Radar Detector- Can’t complain about this!

The Rocky Mountain Radar DLS315 Radar Detector is a combo radar detector with an automatic scrambler which can cause individuals monitoring roadways to detect a malfunction with their devices that can invalidate their data. The unit has a built in 5 by 5 liquid crystal display that shows what the threat is and how far it is. While radar scramblers can be effective many of the other top quality models tend to fall on the side of caution and rely on detection. If you need a combo detector/scrambler with a proven track record the Rocky Mountain Radar DLS315 Radar Detector might be for you.

There goes the top 5 radar detectors for under 150 bucks that you can get in 2018. Also, we recommend you to slow down in the first place!

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