We get it: you’re in the market for some new subwoofers, but you don’t want to spend more than $1,000 to get them. To help you out, we’ve compiled this list of the best subwoofers under $1000.

The best subwoofers under 1000 bucks will get you the sound quality you need without breaking the bank — they bring big sounds for small prices, and sometimes, small sizes! Best of all, these five subwoofers offer cutting-edge technology with no distortion.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of the five best subwoofers under $1000 that are worth buying in 2018. If you are here just wondering what are the best subwoofers that costs less than $1000, feel free to read to get the insight!

Klipsch R-115SW 800W Powered 15″ Subwoofer- One of the best subwoofers under 1000 bucks

Let’s start off by saying the following: this subwoofer looks amazing. With its black veneer and spun copper cerametallic speaker, this subwoofer can easily blend into your existing system with very little effort. Because this subwoofer is all digital, it can produce a true-to-life sound for the listener without compromising quality. Best of all, the internal geometry of this piece of art is such that noise, and distortion, are reduced to the point of being unnoticeable.

SONOS SUB Wireless Subwoofer- Top subwoofer under $700

This subwoofer is a wireless beauty — you can easily connect it to your SONOS system, and like the Klipsch before it, it will blend seamlessly into whatever system you may have. Comparably priced to any other similar subwoofer in its category, this baby even works lying down & under a couch! Even if you lay two speakers face-to-face, there will be no “buzz” or reverb when you do so. Best of all, the setup is as simple as the push of a button! This is an excellent subwoofer that costs less than $700.

JBL EON 518S- Very good subwoofer under $900

Looking for a professional-grade subwoofer at an affordable price? Look no further than JBL EON 518S. JBL is known for bringing the deep, rich tones of bass to the consumer, but until now, they were reserved solely for the professional musician. With this consumer piece, JBL delivers maximum quality at a minimum price and size. Best of all, it’s easy to grab — with two ergonomic handles on either side of the piece, the EON has been just as easy to transport as it is to use and the price is reasonable for less than $900.

Sunfire HRS12 12-inch High Resolution Series Subwoofer- Another great choice for under $1000

This one is a bit more expensive than the other options on this list, but the beauty part is, this sound system┬ástill has a sticker price of under $1000. And what a beauty this one is: it’s smaller than the others (making it easy to hide, should the decor of the room call for as much), replete with a sleek finish, and reminiscent of a beautiful concert piano with its classic aesthetic. But this isn’t all beauty and no bass: the Sunfire subwoofer has some of the best technology in the business, so much so, in fact, that this sort of subwoofer is best reserved for home theaters and other rooms dedicated strictly to entertainment (it’s really THAT intense!). Best of all, for its compact size, it knows how to deliver a big sound for a small size with no perceptible distortion!

Definitive Technology SC6000 Subwoofer- this is an optimal choice too when you are looking to spend less than $1000

Finally, we have this subwoofer, which is definitely the best of the bunch. This beauty is also known as the SuperCube because of its gorgeous, spaceship-like ergonomic design. Though this one is definitely at the top end of the budget (coming in at just a hairline under $1000), this subwoofer also has the added bonus of an easy-to-use light-up display and a remote feature. Best of all, there is no noise distortion, and this subwoofer makes sure to deliver the punch in high-volume situations. No wonder this SC6000 comes so well-recommended by professional audio engineers & amateur audiophiles alike!

As we end the post we would like to thank you for reading this far and we hope these are the best recommendations you could ever get. As you saw, although the post is titled as best subwoofers under $1000, we decided to include few under $900, under $800 and even under $700.