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We assume that you landed here looking for the best tablets for teens in 2017. In a sea of tablets, picking the perfect one for a teen is no easy task. We’ve collected five of the best tablets for teenaged users, and listed them for your convenience.

While it is a personal decision, and you, probably the parent, obviously has the final say, these tablets are among the best on the market, and each offer their own, unique features that fit in with the life, and online habits of teen users. They are the newest tablets on the market that are perfect for teenager boys and girls!

Teenagers are in the important phase of life where they are trying to figure out technological developments, among many other things. They are also more likely to break things apart than adults. Thus, we did our through research to tell you about the best tablets for teenager girls and boys that are equipped with the latest technological specs as well as cheap.

So, let’s look at some of the best tablets for teens-2021 which were throughly researched for various factors before being presented here!

Amazon Fire Tablet- Editor’s choice for best tablet for teens-2021

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX has an operating system that is loved by many and no one can deny that it is a ideal tablet for teens. 

If you have a young teen who burns through books, this is probably the best tablet for their needs. They can download everything from textbooks to kindle books onto this device, and Amazon offers a plethora of different subscription options to keep your student reading all year long without breaking the bank.

It can be used for general purposes too besides the reading stuff.

The Fire tablet has 8GB memory, 7 inch screen and quad core processor. It’s priced at under $100. Scratch that, it costs under $50! Yes! Under $50!

The web browser leaves something to be desired, but there are plenty of apps and customization options available for this device. It is certainly a great tablet if you are looking for the best teen tablet in 2021.

It is really a very good starter tablet to get their feet weight into the technology. This is an awesome tablet for kids who just entered teen age years.

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Apple iPad Mini 4- great tablet for teens under $350-2021

Image Credit: Apple/Amazon
Image Credit: Apple/Amazon

The Apple iPad Mini 4 is always a solid choice for tablets. The smaller screen size of just 8 inches makes it portable, and the plethora of different applications and accessories make it a solid choice for any teen.

Monitoring software is also available, and you can easily follow your teen around online, and keep an eye on their comings and goings.

The small size makes this device ultra-portable, and there are a ton of accessories that can be added to make this an especially useful tablet.

Add on keyboards, different cases, and fun additions make this a favorite among teens, especially those who are already using Mac devices, which sync effortlessly across different platforms.

The iPad mini 4 has retina display and is easy on eyes. This is particularly best choice for teens who wear glasses or have sensitive eyes. It has latest processor and you can choose the right storage option. It has cameras on both rear and front. Sound is excellent. This is a very reliable tablet but make sure you get a decent case and screen protector to go with it!

For these reasons, we believe this is amongst the best tablets for teens.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2- Optimal Android tablet for teens

With a Quad-core processor, and the sleek Samsung skin of Android, this tablet is an all-around workhorse. Any teen can spend hours utilizing it for everything from listening to music, to surfing the web, to creating presentations for school. Creating art, making notes, surfing web, using various apps is easy and fun in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. At 9.7 inches, it is no slouch and can be used for hours without eye strain.

As an added bonus, it is affordable, and your teen will have access to a plethora of applications via the Google Play Store.

As a parent, you can also add monitoring software, as well, so you’ll know exactly what your teen is getting into online. We have no doubt to list this as one of the best tablets for teens.

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Lenovo Tab2 A8- Cheap tablet for teens

The Lenovo Tab2 A8 Tablet comes with a budget price tag, for under $150, but it also comes with a lot of features that teens will need, as they grow further into high school and grow into college.

The Lenovo Tab2 A8 comes equipped with Android OS, and can get up to 8 hours of battery life.

We like this tablet for many reasons. First, it is very cheap while still offering the latest technology. It has 16GB memory in addition to fast processor, both front and rear cameras, and a high definition 8 inch screen.

This cute tablet for teens is portable and easy for teen students to fit into their backpacks without adding too much weight.

On the Lenovo Tab2 A8, any teenager can play games, watch movies, surf websites and explore the technology of 21st century for a very cheap price.

For those reasons, we are confident that the Lenovo Tab2 A8 is an excellent tablet for growing teens.

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The NVIDIA SHIELD K1 Tablet- Best gaming tablet for teens under $200

For the purposes of cheap, fast and stripped down tablet, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet fits the bill. It is small enough for a young teen to hold, and it is easy to navigate, since it utilizes the Android system.

Your teen can also use the Google Play store for apps, music, TV shows and books to keep them entertained. Because it uses the Chrome browser, it also sinks across platforms and makes it easy for parents to monitor what teens are up to online.

This tablet is particularly great for teens who are game enthusiasts. Built specifically for gaming, this tablet is loaded with all the specs a gaming tablet requires. If your teenager niece, nephew, child or brother loves gaming then he/she will love you for this gift!

All-in-all, it is a solid tablet for a very reasonable price.

Check Price – NVIDIA SHIELD K1

There goes the list of 5 best tablets for teens that can be bought in 2021. Any of these will be an optimum choice for teens. Please share this article!

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