Not bad at all for the cheap price of under $150! Image Source:

Today, the tablets are considered amongst the most portable productivity devices for everyday use. Tablets are gaining popularity among the new generation and these gadgets will only get more popular.

Modern day tablets today are sometimes as powerful as a laptop. Tablets are much portable, very easy to learn and are quite affordable. No mattar what your budget is, chances are, there is a tablet in the market that can end up in your hand without putting a big dent in your pocket.

In this article, we will list some of those excellent tablets that cost under $150. When chosen wisely, tablets at this price range can do wonders, sometimes even challenging the performance of the tablets that cost more than $150.

Tablets under $150 are optimal gadgets to watch movies & Youtube videos, to play games, to surf the internet, and to chat or send/receive emails.

Cheap tablets under $150 also make good gifts for your beloveds and your kids. We will review 5 of them. They all are highly rated tablets that can meet, if not exceed your expectations for a budget price.

Cheap, Best Tablets Under $150 -2018

Tablets  OS | Size | Memory | Battery Life Price
Fire HD 8 Amazon Fire | 8.0″ | 8.0GB | 8 hours Under $150
Dragon Touch X10 Android 5.1 | 10.6″ | 16GB | 6 Hours Under $125
Acer Iconia 10 Android 5.1 | 10.1″ | 16GB | 10 Hours Under $145
Samsung Tab A Android 5.1 | 7.00″ | 8.0GB | 11 hours under $130
RCA Windows 10 Windows 10 | 10.1″ | 32GB | 6 Hours Under $120

Fire HD 8 – $149.99 – Best 8 inch tablet under $150-2018- EDITOR RECOMMENDED

Dude can't believe he got such a fantastic product for under $150! Image Source: Amazon
Dude can’t believe he got such a fantastic product for under $150! Image Source: Amazon

This is the latest generation tablet coming from Amazon Inc. Generally considered a tablet for everyday use, the Fire HD 8 has upgraded web browsing and app store capabilities.

With a brighter HD display, front and rear-facing cameras and a faster quad-core processor, this tablet performs at 2x the speed compared to it’s previous model. It comes in 8 GB or 16 GB versions and you can bet you will get the best bang for your buck. Fire HD 8 is a fantastic deal for under $150.

Since this tablet is produced and sold exclusively by Amazon Inc, you should watch out for busy shopping weeks because, often times, they offer deals on the Fire Tablets, including Fire HD 8. Even without any big sales going on, the Fire HD 8 is an awesome deal for a cheap price of under $150.

Price & Details – Fire HD 8

Dragon Touch X10 – Best 10 inch tablet under 150 bucks-2018

Not bad at all for the cheap price of under $150! Image Source:
Not bad at all for the cheap price of under $150! Image Source:

Powered by the Android 5.1 lollipop operating system, the Dragon Touch X10 tablet is optimized for great performance and energy efficiency. Enjoying things like full access to the Google Play store, watching videos and movies, and listening to the music had never been easier.

As mentioned before, this tablet runs on Android 5.1 lollipop and offers 16 GB flash storage with 1GB of RAM, high definition 10 inch screen and has a mini HDMI port unlike most other tablets.

This tablet compares very closely to those in a much higher price range, making this an affordable but smart choice for personal use. There is no reason why we should not include this as one of the best tablets under $150!

Price & More Details – Dragon Touch X10

Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A20-K8UH – One of the best tablet under $150

10 inch tablet for less than $150! Image Source:
10 inch tablet for less than $150! Image Source:

With a larger screen, and Mediatek 1.3 GHz processor, this tablet offers top performance for web-browsing, playing games, watching videos and listening to the music.

It runs on Android lollipop while offering 16 GB of memory with 1 GB RAM. It has battery life of about 10 hours, making it portable for productivity without need of an electric outlet for several hours.

Priced at just under $150, the larger screen of 10 inches and the similar inner workings like that of the higher grade tablets, makes it a too good of a deal for under $150.

For the very same reasons, this Acer Iconia has managed to get included as the best tablet under $150.

The Acer Iconia one 10 is a pretty lightweight tablet. It weighs only 1.21 pounds. That ensures it’s portability and it’s ability to fit into the backpacks, no mattar their sizes.

Price & More Details – Acer Iconia One 10

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Best 7 inch Samsung Tablet under $150

Cute, lightweight and THE best! Image Source:
Cute, lightweight and THE best! Image Source:

Samsung is the brand anyone can trust without giving a second thought. It isn’t the world’s largest company by any luck. Everything coming out of Samsung are carefully designed, crafted, produced and finally packaged for their customers. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A isn’t any different when it comes to the “Samsung Way” of doing things.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A runs on the Android lollipop 5.1, and offers a beautiful 7-inch HD screen. It is powered by a 1.3 GHz processor with 8GB  storage drive and 1.5 GB RAM memory.

8 GB isn’t a whole lot of memory to have, but that can easily be upgraded up-to 200GB using a MicroSD. If you primarily use the tablet to surf the internet, you can forget about the memory altogether. But, if you download too many games and save a lot of pictures and videos, you might want to upgrade the memory.

Featuring 11-hour battery life, solid display and dual camera, you can personalize the Samsung Galaxy Tab A to your own multimedia and productivity needs. The Samsung Galaxy TAB A 7 inch tablet weighs just 1 pounds.

This tablet deserves to be listed as the best tablet under $150 in 2016.

Price & Details -Samsung Galaxy Tab A

RCA Windows 10 Tablet – The best possible Windows 10 based tablet you can get for under $150

Windows 10 on a tablet under $150 is just too good! Image Source:
Windows 10 on a tablet under $150 is just too good! Image Source:

It is not easy to find windows based tablet for this price range. But, our hours of research ended with RCA Windows 10 tablet that can purchased for a cheap price of under $150.

For an incredibly low price, the RCA tablet offers nothing less than any other tablets listed here.

Powered by Windows 10 OS, the RCA tablet offers 6-hours of battery life, high resolution 10.1″ screen, and 32GB flash storage.

The RCA tablet ensures smooth operation while handling multiple applications usage. It has unmatched price to quality ratio.

In addition to all those features, this tablet comes with a keyboard that you can attach to it and use it as a traditional laptop. That’s simply awesome!

We can confidently say this is the best windows 10 tablet under $150.

Price & Details – RCA Windows 10 Tablet

Those are the best tablets under $150. It is reasonable to believe that in the near future, the tablets under 150 bucks will have more abilities than they have now. Technology never rests and only time will tell what the future will present us.

We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions related to these or any other tablets, you can use the comment box below and we will promptly respond.

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