Having global positioning in your vehicles has proven to be the biggest blessing to many who go traversing across the United States, Canada and Mexico down roads they’ve never knew possible.  What makes GPS units not so nice is if you’re lacking the proper accessories to accompany your navigation system while offering ease of use and convenience during long trips.  Below are necessities to have along with your Garmin, Tom Tom or other popular GPS unit yet have captured equivocal envy of digital camera owners as you’ll discover in digital camera reviews around the net.

Dash Mounts

Holding a GPS in your lap or in a lower compartment may not accurately pinpoint your directions; in fact, it could throw off your entire current location by several crucial miles.  This inexpensive accessory should be your first purchase as it will mount to your dash and sit level with your eyes so you can concentrate on following more accurate directions to your location.  Many come with suction cups for easy moving from one vehicle to another. Imagine driving down the road and taking mobile action shots with your digital camera.  Yeah, that would be awesome – the reason telephoto camera buyers could find dash mounts useful.

Car Chargers

Believe it or not, many people overlook this necessity to keep their batteries spared.  Digital cameras are used frequently abroad, and go dead just like other technologies. Having auxiliary power, such as cigarette lighter power adaptors, will allow your electronics to stay on for as long as your car does, thereby subsiding the fear you’ll run out of juice when it’s needed the most.  These are also inexpensive and nearly mandatory for long trips; also saves tons of money on battery purchases since digital camera batteries are expensive.

International Adaptor

Those traveling to other countries via conveyance, or those plan on renting a car, should bring an international power adaptor for both their hotel room for charging their GPS along with one for the vehicle they may rent.  International power outlets are not all UL listed; therefore, the configurations may differ from country to country.  Brining an international adaptor will assure you’ll be able to use your GPS no matter where you land.  Probably not a huge fit for digital cameras unless the wall plugs are not common UL-listed two-pronged sockets.

USB Data Cable

Sure, you’ve already got a charger for your GPS, so why would one need a data cable for their GPS?  There are several both vital and neat features of having data cables for your GPS which can make your GPS last longer while serving other purposes, such as:

  • USB cables can sync your Tom Tom or other GPS device to computer for software updates
  • They allow you to connect to a USB-enabled phone to check email, surf web and more
  • Acts as a spare charger if you’ve purchased a USB cigarette lighter adaptor
  • Eventually, they’ll feed images from your digital camera into your car’s internal server for sharing with OnStar. (No, that’s not way off in left field)

They are an inexpensive alternative to charge your GPS and can keep your navigational software updated at all times, plus they’ll also charge your digital cameras while traversing the great wide open.  Most cost $10 or less, slightly more for higher speed transfers and longer sizes.

Carrying Case

Would you want to risk traipsing through an airport, subway or in another country without carrying your GPS in a sleek case?  Dare to risk losing your camera amidst raging packs of Keith Urban fans? Besides keeping your GPS safe from theft or damage, cases keep elements such as bright sun from damaging your unit should you leave it in your car overnight.  This is a small purchase that does big wonders for your GPS safekeeping.  Yes, digital camera cases look suave in these small yet convenient satchels; protecting your investment should be a major priority if you’ve read digital camera reviews online.

Doing without most of these accessories jeopardizes having a fully charged and updated global positioning system that guides you and your family through the unknown roads of America and beyond.  For far less than you’d expect, you can purchase all of the above and protect your investment while giving yourself a consistent sense of direction.

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