PC Matic Review
PC Matic Review. Image Credit: Amazon.com

We will review PC Matic antivirus software in this article.




Let us do PC Matic review!

PC Matic is a one stop shop when it comes to computer security and internet security. It is a comprehensive software that protects your windows device from malware as well as internet threats. In addition, PC Matic relentlessly works to boost the performance of your computer. For a cheap price of under $50, you can install this antivirus software on 5 devices. That would be a yearly subscription fee. You also have an option to buy lifetime subscription for 5 devices which will cost you $150. You also have option to buy subscription that is valid for  2, 3, 4 or 5 years. TrioBest recommends the lifetime subscription! Here are some of the important information on this antivirus software that you might want to know:

  • Works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows XP, Vista
  • PC Matic boosts performance by eliminating device lockups and freeze ups.
  • PC Matic helps to boost your internet speed
  • PC Matic works around the clock to fight against viruses, malware and ever increasing internet threats.
  • You can download and activate the software online OR you can pay $12.99 more for a backup CD.

To conclude the PC Matic review 2017, we would like to assure our readers once again that this is a good security software and can be a good alternative to many other similar products out there. You can buy and download the software directly from Amazon or directly from their website. We strongly recommend to buy directly from their website because Amazon does not offer any return or refund but if you buy from their website, they offer 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Now that we have done the PC Matic review, we now will compare it with other top software out there.

PC Matic VS Norton 2020

Below are the key differences when it comes to PC Matic VS Norton.

  • Norton has many different plans and software. They have standard, deluxe and premium version as well as supports different number of devices. PC Matic on the other hand is less complicated. It has one version. That’s it!
  • Norton works well on Mac OS but PC Matic is exclusively for Windows. They do offer free software for Mac but with limited features and supports only Intel based Mac devices.
  • Pricing is almost similar when it comes to PC Matic Vs Norton.

Now that you’ve read PC Matic Vs Norton overview, you can decide your winner!

PC Matic Vs Malwarebytes 2020

Below are the key differences when it comes to PC Matic VS malwarebytes.

  • Malwarebytes offers a cheaper price but they allow only 3 devices for that price.
  • Malwarebytes focuses more on internet threats and phishing while PC Matic is kind of comprehensive software.

Now that you’ve read PC Matic Vs Malwarebytes overview, you can decide your winner!

PC Matic Vs Mcafee 2020

Let us point out few differences between PC Matic VS Mcafee.

  • Listed price of Mcafee is more expensive but they seem to offer huge discounts.
  • Mcafee is fully compatible with Mac devices while PC Matic has limited functionality when it comes to Mac Devices although it is free.
  • Both offers comprehensive protection.
  • Triobest had hard time to choose one over another when it came to PC Matic vs Mcafee 2017!

Those are the key differences of PC Matic vs Mcafee!

PC Matic VS Webroots, PC Matic VS Eset, PC Matic VS AVG

Here are the key differences.

  • Although free, PC Matic has limited functionality for Mac devices. Webroots supports Mac devices in addition to Windows and same applies to AVG and Eset.
  • They all are priced similarly.
  • They all are widely trusted by computer users.
  • Get PC Matic Here
  • Get Eset Here
  • Get Webroots here
  • Get AVG here

PC Matic Review- Conclusion

We believe it is a very good software to protect your windows devices. If you own a Mac device, we recommend anything but PC Matic. That is our conclusion! Hope that was helpful!


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