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Remember PacMan? It was Atari who developed that game. Pong, Pitfall!, Space Invaders were other popular games developed by Atari.

Many decades ago, Atari dominated the video market industry and sold millions of consoles before going bankrupt.

After 20 years, Atari is poised to hit the market with its latest innovation, the AtariBox gaming console.

Specs of Ataribox

The Ataribox console will be ready to hit the market in the early 2018. Its full details and specifications will be released over the period of time. According to Feargal Mac, the mastermind behind the console, Ataribox will be encased in real wood and will be powered by AMD processor. All of the games from decades ago will be pre-installed in the console.

The console itself will be running on a Linux based operating system which is much more flexible and gives freedom to the users. According to Atari, people will be able to stream, game as well as access 3rd party provided contents on the Ataribox. Those are the only available information at this moment and we will certainly update this article as more details become public.

Price of Ataribox

According to Feargal Mac, Ataribox will cost anywhere from $250 to $300. That is in the price range of Xbox One and PS4 slim. It is little early to tell if Atari made the right decision to price their console in alignment with the market leading consoles.

In a video teaser, Atari seems to show front side of the console. You can watch the video below.

While some people think it is overhyped and is bound to under deliver, time will tell how it will fare in the markets and how Atari fans will react to see their favorite console after 20 some years.

We will keep updating you with any new details as it becomes available.


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