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Disclaimer: The AudioMX sent us these headphones for free and asked us to review the AudioMX HB-S3. But, our review is not biased and our opinion of this product is independent and are totally fact based. 

A wireless over-the-ear headphone for under $100 sounds too good to be true. But, the AudioMX HB-S3 defies that. It IS a wireless headphone and it DOES costs under $100. On top of that, AudioMX offered our readers a 20% off if they buy from Amazon! Just use the coupon code: 7XVVOHCF when you check out! Now, let us do the AudioMX HB-S3 review in little more detail!

Packaging of the AudioMX HB-S3

The AudioMX HB-S3 came in a professional package. Once opened, we saw the headphones were placed nicely at the comfort of safety cushions. The headphone was folded into the cushion. The AudioMX HB-S3 is a foldable headphone just so you know.

Below the cushion, we found a user’s manual and a carrying case made up of “cloth”. The manual is available in four languages; English, Chinese, German and French. All in all, we believe the packaging couldn’t be any better, if that even matters.

Design and Specs of the AudioMX HB-S3

Although the AudioMX HB-S3 specs are outstanding, we found the design to be less than perfect. Thus, we settled on a 4 star rating for the design. Our decision had nothing to do with the engineering of the product but the materials used. But hey, this is a wireless headphone under $100! And when you listen something on this headphone, you will be stunned with its sound quality! That, we can guarantee.

Below are the important specs of the AudioMX HB-S3.

  • 3.5mm jack. Useful if your music device does not support bluetooth connection.
  • Micro USB slot
  • LED indicator
  • Good battery life
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Up-to 24 hours of music playback and talk-time once fully charged (takes 3 hours or so)
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Lightweight
  • Can answer and hang up calls using the buttons
  • Volume control
  • Can connect to 2 devices simultaneously

Too good to be true but it is!

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Sound Quality-AudioMX HB-S3 Review

We could detect the sound as low as at 20Hz and it passed our surround sound test. Volume can be magnified multiple times the original sound. Sound is precise, clear and no distortion. For the price, trust us, you will NOT find a headphone of the similar quality.

Pros of the AudioMX HB-S3

  • Very good sound
  • Good bass
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable on ears
  • Volume control and other controls for easy operation
  • Wireless
  • Affordable
  • Good battery life
  • Portable

Cons of the AudioMX HB-S3-AudioMX HB-S3 Review

  • For the price, we can’t find anything. You wouldn’t either!

Recommended Use-AudioMX HB-S3 Review

  • For every type of music

That concludes our AudioMX HB-S3 review. And remember, when you buy from Amazon, use the coupon code mentioned above to get 20% EXTRA off on the price which is already usually reduced. It’s marked price is $99.99 but subtracting the price reduction from the company and using our coupon code, you will be spending more or less $50. That is a SUPER DEAL.

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