Are you looking for best bookshelf speakers under $1000?. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on towered speakers to obtain quality sound. If you want to take your entertainment room to that next level without overcrowding it and sticking to a budget, bookshelf speakers are the way to go. Bookshelf speakers offer superb, high-quality audio and take up a minimal amount of space. In a compact size, they liven up any film as a movie theater would, and can bring a music concert to life inside a living room. Not to mention, the varying designs compliment any home décor.

So, excite your entertainment room with a rich, home theater experience that delivers smooth sounds all without breaking the bank. Below are the five best bookshelf speakers under $1000. They come ranging in sizes, specifications, and in different designs making each of these products unique in their own way. In no particular order, these are the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 dollars:

Review of MartinLogan Motion 35XT: best powered bookshelf speaker that can be your under $1000-2018

The Motion 35XT speakers are an audiophile’s dream. With the rounded edges, high-gloss finishes, and tapered top, and the fact that they come in either Gloss Black or Gloss Black Cherrywood, the understated, elegant appearance alone is enough to transform a room’s décor.

On the technical side, the 35XT is built with a Folded Motion XT Tweeter. The tweeter is engineered eight times that of the usual one-inch dome tweeter, which in turn creates distinct, dynamic sounds. The Folded Motion Tweeter also requires 90% less excursion than that of the typical tweeter, which drastically minimizes distortion and provides swift response time.

In addition, the Motion 35XT features high-performance aluminum cone woofer, and linked with low-turbulence, rear-firing bass ports, the end results in precise audio and smooth, dynamic range. MartinLogan Motion Series creates a sensational sound in a compact design all at an affordable price so anyone can build a home theater system or a two-channel system piece-by-piece. Check this top home theatre bookshelf speaker out!

Review of Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73: top bookshelf speaker for  under 1000 dollars-2018

Designed by Andrew Jones, the Elite Bookshelf speakers are best suited as main or front-channel speakers, as well as rear-channel speakers. Unlike most bookshelf speakers that will only tackle a two-way design, this relies on a bass driver to stretch its frequencies sometimes beyond capabilities. The Elite has a three-way speaker design. Thus, each major frequency band is depicted with a separate high-, midrange and low frequency driver.

It is equipped with a Dolby-enabled concentric driver, and developed CST (Coherent Source Transducer) drivers to assist in precise sound directivity control. With a dynamic design and high performance, the Pioneer Elite delivers a powerful, theater sound fitting for any audiophile all without spending thousands of dollars. Take a peek at it!

Review of KEF Q300B: best loudspeaker bookshelf that cost less than 1000 bucks-2018

Priced under $700, the Q300 Bookshelf Loudspeakers by KEF can serve as a multi purpose speaker. It comes in various colors such as Black Ash, Black Oak, American Walnut, Cherry, Rosewood, and White, and can liven up any home.With a two-way bass reflux design, the Q300 produces high-quality soundstage, and with a 30% larger cabinet space, it offers an increased bass performance.

It has a fresh engineered aluminum KEF Uni-Q driver, as well as new bass drivers that feature advanced aluminum cone technology. Whether used as rear speakers in a home theater, or music speakers in a family room, the Q300 Bookshelf Loudspeakers are the perfect choice for excellent sound at an affordable price.  Check this high-end bookshelf speaker out!

Review of Focal Chorus 806V:  best active bookshelf speaker under 1000 dollars-2018

The Chorus 806V is the ultimate musical speaker. It comes in Ebony, and in a sleek design that fits ideally in any entertainment space. The two-way bass reflux design is outfitted with six-inch drivers, and also features a unique design from Focal: the AI/Mg Inverted-Dome Tweeter.

The AI/Mg tweeter gives the speakers, excellent frequency, and serves as a natural dampening material. Furthermore, buying an 806V offers an unprecedented ownership value; if a speaker where to blow a driver, even if Focal no longer produced that specific one, the schematics are always available for a replacement to be made.

The Chorus 806V by Focal is an exceptional solution for those looking for tremendous sound and full range to fill their entertainment room while sticking to a budget. Let’s check this top bookshelf speaker out!

JBL Studio 530: best pair bookshelf speaker under 600 dollars- 2018

The Studio 530 is the ideal system for movies and music. Appearing in a black finish, it has an exclusive, dramatic design that impacts in any entertainment room. It has a low loss, two-way crossover network that reduces distortion and coloration, and a rear-facing bass port.

Low-Frequency Transducer on the Studio 530 comes equipped with lightweight ribbed PolyPlas cones with rubber surround and woofer voice coils. Along with the magnet assemblies with the Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) technology, it results in clear, powerful bass performance.

The Studio 530 also features a High-Frequency Compression Driver to improve clarity, and a glass-filled ABS Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn to provide realistic HF sound.To listen to music and movies like the pros, the JBL Studio 530 bookshelf loudspeaker is the innovative and inexpensive way to go about it. Click to see this good bookshelf speaker!


We hope our article about the 5 best bookshelf speakers under $1000 was informative and helpful. If you are looking for a high-end bookshelf for your home, office, or business, these will be the best bargain for you. Their extraordinary woofers and tweeter functionality will certainly give the best sound experience like never before. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!

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