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If you are in this article then you must be looking for best bookshelf speakers under $500. Prior to the 1960s, the only high-quality home speakers on the market were large, cumbersome floor-standing speakers. Edgar Villchur and Henry Kloss are credited with investing bookshelf speakers. Kloss was the founder of Acoustic Research and is credited with giving the speakers an acoustic suspension design.

The uniqueness of the bookshelf speakers are the size. Over the years, technical improvements and mass-production has made high quality bookshelf speakers more affordable and higher quality system. For example, during the 1990s, subwoofers were incorporated into the bookshelf speakers for deeper bass.

A bookshelf speaker is designed to fit in small areas like a cabinet, bookshelf, table or suspended from a ceiling or wall. The goal for anyone using the speakers is to introduce sound into a space without having intrusive, bulky speakers. One problem for consumers wanting bookshelf speakers is finding the best bookshelf speakers under $500.

The following list of bookshelf speakers is considered the best bookshelf speakers not costing more than 500 dollars. Please note that they are in no particular order. The reasons why these bookshelf speakers are included in this list is because of the technology they have and their specifications. The speakers are able to emit sound in a crystal clear way without noise interference.

Review of Audioengine A5- One of the best bookshelf speakers under $500 for music-2021

This bookshelf speaker has built-in power amplifiers. It has approximately 50 watts per channel RMS. It also features silk tweeters which deliver open, smooth highs. The custom Kevlar woofers gives sound punchy, tight bass.

The solid carbonized bamboo case fits with most decors and gives any space a modern, simple look. The Audioengine A5+ Premium Power Speaker Pair is the perfect speakers for listening music with an iPod or iPhone. The back of the speakers has a USB power output, which gives you the option to charge a player. For less than $500, this is a great deal!


Bose 301-V Loudspeakers- best bookshelf stereo speakers under 500 dollars-2021

What makes the Bose 301 Series V one of the best bookshelf speakers is the sound quality. The speakers have clear, movie-like sound quality, whether you’re playing music or a movie. The difference between the Bose speakers and another is that it doesn’t focus stereo effects in one sweet spot.

Instead, they provide sound everywhere. So you and your friends can enjoy the music or movie from almost anywhere in the room.


JBL L820 4-Way – best audiophile bookshelf speakers for under $500-2021

Whether you are listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite program, it will sound crystal clear and fantastic. You can either mount the speakers on a wall near your television for an interesting design or place them on a shelf.

This bookshelf speaker gives you options! The JBL bookshelf speakers come with a high-frequency transducer with a one-inch pure-titanium done and cast-aluminum chassis.


Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 inch- Top bookshelf speaker costing less than 500 dollars-2021

The Wharfedale Diamond 10.2”, the big brother to the 10.1” bookshelf speaker vision, has some serious cool features. For instance, the speakers have a composite front-baffle panel, low-profile chassis and strong cabinet walls.

These features give you high sound quality without increased rigidity, increased vibration and high distortion. There’s also a full internal cross bracing included in the speakers to reduce enclosure vibration. The speakers also have a curved cabinet and a beautiful finish.

Unlike other bookshelf speakers, the Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 has offset bi-wire terminals to ensure you have the best sound without having to use thicker cables. Speaking of sound, these bookshelf speakers can produce great sound because of their rich midrange, instrumental accuracy and heightened realism.


Polk Audio RTI A3- good bookshelf speaker that can be bought for under 500 dollars-2021

The Polk Audio RTI A series is back with some serious feature upgrades. The A3 version is bigger than the previous generations of bookshelf speakers in this line. You also receive more innovation. These bookshelf speakers are equipped with a 6.5-inch combination of polymer and mineral composite cone driver.

The driver gives the speaker’s dynamic balance. The speakers also feature power port technology, which reduces port noise, or chuffing. You end up with bookshelf speakers with powerful, super clean and low distortion bass you can feel.

They also have one, 1-inch polymer/silk composite dome tweeter and neodymium magnet. The tweeter delivers better sound detail and a smoother response. The magnet features a heat sink and low viscosity cooling capacity. The magnetic shielding, anti-diffraction grilles and bass venting give you a superior audio experience.



All this powerful, beautiful sound is contained in an elegant real wood cabinet. With their top attributes like super clean sound quality, reduced noise distortion, high bass, and frequency, these listed 5 top bookshelf speakers under $500 is undoubtedly the best bargain. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!