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After extensive research, we are pleased to present you some of the best desktop computers for seniors. There are many reasons why senior citizens would like to get desktops as the preferred computer over laptops.

Desktop computers are easier to use. They are usually plugged into the power source at all times and that’s perfect for senior citizens with back pain who do not want to bend over every time their computer needs power.

Not only that, desktops pcs have larger screen and better sound which is important for many older people who have poor vision and have hearing problems.

Also, senior citizens who already know the bells and whistles of computing probably started out by using desktop computers and they do not prefer switching from one platform to another.

For the aforementioned reasons, we completely understand the popularity of the desktops among senior citizens as the primary computing device. That’s exactly why we are writing about best computers for seniors.

Types of Desktop computers for seniors-2020

Desktops today are much different than the desktops of late 90s. These days, most of the times, desktop is sold as CPU only and you will need to buy the monitor, mouse and keyboard separately. Some CPU’s are available with keyboard, some with mouse and some with both mouse and keyboard.

Thus, seniors must be able to connect everything together or have one of their family members or a neighbor do it. In most cases, set up guide will come with the product but some still might find it complicated.

For non-tech savvy seniors, which most senior citizens probably are, there are computers sold in the market under the name of all-in-one desktops. These computers comes with everything you need to set up and you do not have to worry too much about setting it up.

To buy help seniors buy the best computer, we will give you few specific recommendations below. But before that, it is important that you are familiar with certain terms you will find throughout this best desktops for senior citizens guide.

Terms used with practical meanings

Processors: This is like the heart of the computer. It simply processes whatever you do on the computer. Most desktops comes with either Intel or AMD processors (brand names). Intel processors have their own hierarchy.

For example desktop with Intel i7 is better and more  powerful than both Intel i5 and Intel i3 while Intel i5 is less powerful than Intel i7 but is better than Intel i3. Same applies to AMD processors. In practical terms, better the processor, more responsive the computer will be. The apps and programs launch more quickly with better processors.

RAM: More the better. Desktop with 8GB RAM will perform better than desktop with 4GB RAM. It is most useful for multitasking. For example, if you have an email window open and you feel like watching a YouTube video, you will start internet explorer (or any other browser), the desktop with more RAM processes new application much quickly.

Hard Drive: It is like the closet of your PC. More space you have, more photos, videos and documents you will be able to store on your computer. (Note: 1024GB=1TB)

In the table below, you will see the desktops we will review. You can compare many aspects of these desktops from the table.

Best Desktops for Senior Citizens 2020

Processor | RAM | Monitor
Dell Inspiron 24
Intel i3 | 8GB | Included (all-in-one)
Under $600
Acer Aspire 
Intel i5 | 8GB | Included (all-in-one)
Under $700
Dell Inspiron i5459
Intel i7 | 12GB | Included (all-in-one)
Under $1000
Intel i3 | 8GB | Sold Separately
Under $400
HP Envy 750
AMD A10 | 8GB | Sold Separately 
Under $600

Dell Inspiron 24- Cheap all in desktop computer for seniors under $600.

Pretty..isn't it? Image Source:
Pretty..isn’t it? Image Source:

This a very good deal for many seniors as it is available for a budget price of under $600.

The Dell Inspiron 24 comes with 500GB hard drive, 8GB RAM and Intel i3 processor. This desktop computer has a huge 24″ screen that has very good resolution. Being wider and clearer, seniors with poor eyesight can really take advantage of this desktop.

Simplicity is the another reason why we believe the Dell Inspiron 24 is senior friendly. It is a all-in-one desktop, meaning the setup is as easy as 123. This desktop does not demand separate monitor and the mouse. Everything is included in the price. The set up manual and the on screen prompts will provide step by step guide for proper set up.

Sound is excellent on this desktop. Seniors will have a quality time watching movies, sending and receiving emails etc on this desktop.

The quality and durability itself is astonishing. It’s one of the best selling computer by the way.

The Dell Inspiron 24 is a very good and affordable computer for elderlies.

Price & Details – Dell Inspiron 24

Acer Aspire- Another best PC for elderly senior citizens under $700

You can't go wrong with this desktop! Image Source:
You can’t go wrong with this desktop! Image Source:

This is another great option for seniors for many reasons.

This is a all-in-one computer with latest Windows 10 operating system, 8GB RAM, high resolution 23.8 inch screen, Intel i5 processor and 1TB hard drive. No worries regarding the performance. It also has a component (a discrete GPU that is) that allows the seniors to play games without any problem.

All of these features are available for a cheap price of under $700 which is not bad for a complete desktop. The monitor, keyboard and mouse are included in the price.

Its keyboard is wireless. Senior citizens with back pain or arthritis can really take advantage of the wireless keyboard. They can sit in the most comfortable position and put the keyboard in their lap. Even if the screen is farther and the user also has poor vision, the huge screen will take care of the issue.

Very easy to set up, this potentially can be the best friend of any senior citizen.

Price & More Details – Acer Aspire Desktop

Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV- Another best computer for seniors

Professional desktop! Image Credit:
Professional desktop! Image Credit:

This is a very powerful desktop PC with price tag of under $1000. However, it is 3 times more powerful than the above desktops! We recommend this computer for seniors who are well aware of computers and who use computers as professionals.

This desktop PC comes with Intel i7 processor, 12GB RAM and 1TB hard drive which make it very powerful. It has 23.8 inch screen with excellent clarity. This is also an all in one desktop. Setting up this desktop is easy and quick.

The monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse are included in the package.

Professional seniors who spend a lot of time in front of the computers can really take advantage of this best desktop for seniors!

Price & More Details – Dell Inspiron i5459

ASUS M32CD- Top computer for older people- Costs under $400

Powerful desktop for budget price! Image Source:
Powerful desktop for budget price! Image Source:

The ASUS M32CD is very good desktop computer for senior citizens. The ASUS M32CD  comes with the latest features and is powered by the windows 10 OS.

Besides being affordable, this desktop has good sound quality and comes with both keyboard and mouse.

Other key specs of this desktop includes; Intel i3 processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB of storage. This is a perfect desktop for everyday use.

Setting up is fairly easy, but keep in mind that this is not a all in one PC. You will either have to pre-own a monitor or have to buy one separately. You can see different compatible monitors here for the ASUS M32CD.

Overall, this is a very nice desktop for seniors if they are looking for good desktops under $500 or under $400.

Price & More Details – ASUS M32CD

HP ENVY 750-110- Great senior citizen’s computer under $600

Not Bad! Image Source:
Not Bad! Image Source:

The HP ENVY 750 is a latest release by the HP, which is a well recognized desktop maker.

This is just the right product for the seniors because of its enormous power.

Any senior citizen can use this computer for any purpose including playing less graphic intensive games.

It comes with the AMD 10 processor along with 8GB RAM and 2TB hard drive. That is enough space and power for any purpose without any hassle!

But keep in mind that this is not a all in one model. You will have to have a monitor of your own or you will need to buy one. You can still set up this desktop and connect it to the monitor fairly easily. That should be the least of your worries, thanks to the included step by step instructions.

We really love this desktop and any senior will as well!

Price & More Details – HP ENVY 750


Final words on the best desktops for seniors-2020

We would like to thank you for reading all the way and we hope we were able to help you figure out the best computers for seniors, older adults or pensioners. These best desktops for seniors or older people are the greatest deals you will ever find in 2020.


  1. You didn’t comment on Lap Tops. How do you feel about the A Plus senior lap top? It seems to have more ability to expand than other brands such as Wow, but I couldn’t find any independent reviews on it.

    • Hi there Pam! We believe A plus senior desktops and laptops are decent products but costs ridiculously high. They seem to have outdated operating systems and have most basic configurations.

  2. Why do you assume all seniors are broke? I wanted info on good for seniors issues – not wallet. Costs, if an issue, require no review!

    • Hi! We do not assume all seniors are broke. We do assume that many seniors are living a retired life and a good deal for the price won’t hurt.

      We are just trying to help the seniors to get the best deal as often times they end up paying too much or end up buying outdated versions of the desktops.

      We sincerely apologize if you got offended personally. We really mean to help seniors! Thanks!


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