Photo editing is a technique used by  photographers/photo editors or some in order to repair images, remove photographic flaws, or to combine different images together. Given the wide range of selection, choosing the best desktop for photo editing can be confusing and often misleading. It’s very frustrating when  the computer freezes everytime a photographer tries to run their photo editing software like adobe CC, CS6, CS5 Photoshop, portrait professional, coral Paintshop, illustrators  or other. Before moving into any specifics, let’s take a quick glance at our list and see for yourself, what we think are the best computer for photo editing.

8 Best computer for Photo editing/ Photographers/ Photoshop-2018


Processor |RAM| GPU 



1. CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D

AMD A4-6300, 3.70GHz |8GB | Radeon HD 8370D

Under $500

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2. Dell XPS x8900

Intel Quad Core i7-6700K, 4.0GHz|32GB | NVIDIA GTX 960

Under $1100

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3. HP ENVY 750

Intel Core i7-6700, 3.4 GHz |16GB | NVIDIA GTX 745

Under $1000

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4. Lenovo Erazer X315

AMD A8-7650K, 3.1 GHz|8GB | AMD Radeon R9

Under $600

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5. HP ENVY Beats all-in-one

Intel Core i5-4570, 2.9 GHz|8GB | Intel HD Graphics 4600

Under $600

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6. Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR56

Intel Core i5-6400, 2.7GHz|16GB | NVIDIA GTX 745

Under $700

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7. Lenovo idea centre all-in-one 300

Intel i5 6200u, 2.3 GHz |8GB | NVIDIA GeForce 920A

Under $800

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8. Apple iMac with Retina 5K display

Intel i5, 3.2 GHz |8GB | Radeon R9 M380

Under $2000

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If you are photographers/photo editors who is fighting with your computer for everyday photo editing, then our article about the 8 best desktop computers for photo editing and photoshop will certainly land you with the best bargain. Now, let’s briefly go through our key highlights about what an ideal photoshop or a photo editing PC should include.

 CPU: Just to keep it simple and brief, getting desktop with Intel i5 or above will place you in the better spot.

GPU: We recommend getting dedicated 2GB of graphic card for your photo editing works. The GPU from NIVIDIA or Radgeon are considered top of the line by many professional photographers.

Furthermore, any photographers/photo editors prefer to work with high resolution screen like UHD, 4K or 5k. If you are one of those professional, we recommend getting a GTX line of NIVIDIA.

RAM: Any photo editing softwares like CC, CS6, CS5, coral paint shop, illustrators, will acquire big chuck of your RAM nearly about 4GB when you are working with high resolution images. So, getting at least 8GB RAM will fuel with the needed requirement even when you are multitasking.

HDD Vs SSD VS Hybrid Drive: SSD drive is our first recommendation. But getting a SSD drive with huge storage is like biting a bullet. Thus, economically, Hybrid drive will the best buy. Photographers can install the OS and photoshop software in the SSD and all other pictures in spacious HDD.

Alright! Now let’s move into our selection. We  have selected the computer that has one of the highest efficiency processors, can provide high resolution and of course super advanced GPU for stunning photography.RAM, GPU and CPU are the most important factors that determine the overall ability of a desktop and since more of such abilities are required to edit photos, great photo editing desktops must have top tier RAM, GPU and CPU. With these desktops you can expect your photo editing job clean as a whistle.

Monitor: You will need a decent monitor tailored perfectly for photo editing.

1. CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D – best desktop for photo editing and photoshop under $500-2018

One of the best value PC choice for photoshop and photo editing is CybertronPC Patriot GM1293D Desktop. This PC has a 3.4 GHz A-Series Dual-Core A4-5300, which provides more than needed power when editing images and photographs.  The loaded Radeon HD 7480D GPU in this computer will make sure that you will enjoy every little graphic of any photography.

With the 3.4 GHz A-Series Dual-Core A4-5300, you do not have to worry about that problem of crashing or lagging. This PC will be able to support you as you multitask and work hours editing photographs. The 1TB hard disk drive running at 7200 RPM will facilitate high storage and fast data transfer demanded by any professional photographers. 


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2. Dell XPS x8900-8756BLK Desktop- best computer for photo editing-2018

The Dell XPS X8900 is an excellent desktop for photo editing. Loaded with advance and powerful NVIDIA GTX 960 graphic card it can run any Photoshop software. This graphic card is primarily designed for a hardcore gamer, you can expect to run any photo editing software in an ultra efficiency mode, which will lead to the finest clarity and high level of detail of any image.

Its 6th Generation Intel Quad Core i7-6700K 4 GHz Processor exceeds the needed requirement of any photo editing software. Its whopping 32 GB of RAM will make sure you never run out of memory even in the times when you have multiple software running many images. The nuisance of running out of space will be eliminated instantly as it offers 2TB of HDD and 256 GB of SSD for your files and folder storage. For optimum efficiency, photographers can install the Operating system and software files in SSD.

This PC is also a great choice because of the included 19-in-1 media card reader. This feature can allow you to upload photographs with ease, which is important especially if you will be uploading hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on a consistent basis. Further, its 10 USB ports, HDMI port, Display port, VGA, DVI, and optical drive facilitate photographers to connect with a wide range of peripherals.


3. HP ENVY 750-171- best computer for photo editing under $1000-2018

The Newest Model HP ENVY 750-171 Desktop is a 64-bit system that packs powerful 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700 processor clocking @ 3.4GHz. When you combine its Quad core processor with NIVIDIA GTX 745, you will get a desktop tower that will not follow, but set the benchmark for running any photo editing software.

With HP ENVY 700-410 Desktop you will have 16GB RAM to aid you in your picture editing and creativity. Once you are finished with your editing project, you will be able to store over 305,000 photos in the included 1TB hard drive, so there is no need to worry about running out of space.

You can enjoy the goodies of its 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) by installing your Operating system and software on it. SSD is up to 5 times faster than traditional HDD when it comes to reading and writing files.


4. Lenovo Erazer X315- best windows PC for photographers for under $600-2018

This is another affordable yet configured to perform best desktop from the Lenovo. Well the price tag might be cheap, but the not functionality. It will leap you into an incredible performance zone with its 3.1 GHz A8-7650K processor and AMD Radeon R9 GPU.

The minimalist futuristic design adds style to your home décor while crisp, high quality images for your photo editing work sharpen your creativity to a whole new level. Relish the perks of Hybrid drive (1 TB, 8 GB SSD) with an option of easy expansion slots.


5. HP ENVY Beats 23-n012 – best all in one desktop to run photoshop software for under $600-2018

The features and benefits offered by the HP ENVY Beats 23-n012 makes it a top choice when it comes to photoshop and  photo editing. For one, this PC comes with a Full HD Touchscreen monitor.

This type of equipment can remove the frustration of working with a mouse in order to edit and photoshop images. With a stylus or your finger, you will be able to easily work with photographs and pictures.

Also, this PC comes equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4600. This feature can aid you in identifying flaws in pictures and images that need to be corrected. The included 3-in-1 Media Card Reader can provide you with convenience when you need to upload pictures for your SD disk.


6. Acer AT3-710-UR56 Aspire- best PC configuration for photo editing under $700-2018

Acer is well known among us to offer the best value PC for the price and Acer AT3-710-UR56 is not an exception to it. For the price under $700, this tower pack incredible spec that sure revolutionize photo editors’ computing experience.

While its modern, elegant look adorned your home design, blazing fast performance from its 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6400 Processor 2.7GHz foster smooth processing.

Lagging, stuttering and freezing will be subjected to nothing more than rumors since, it comes equipped with 4 GB of NVIDIA GeForce GTX745 graphics card. It doesn’t seem much until you start noticing the crisp high quality visuals and images start jumping out of the screen.

Its 16 GB of Ram strength your multitasking while 2 TB of storage intuitively caters your hard work into memories. Further, integrate as much as computer peripherals with its 6 USB (4×3.0 & 2×2.0) ports, HDMI 1.4, Bluetooth 4.0, SD card reader, DVI port and 802.11ac WiFi.


7. Lenovo ideacentre AIO 300 all-in-one- best home PC for photo editing under $800-2018

Nowadays all-in-one desktop has been stealing the hearts of many through its space saving design and clutterless oddity. Comparatively, many still think they are better off getting a desktop tower and a decent monitor which cost less than All-in-one if compared pound to pound. Well, we are in that line too, until we found this beast.

From outside its just another fancy looking PC for your 5 year old. But once you delve inside, you will find a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 920A GPU. It might not be the best GPU around, but under $800 all-in-one computer loaded with the NVIDIA GeForce 920A is something that forces you to reconsider.

The fusion of NVIDIA GeForce 920A and 6th Gen Intel i5 6200u 2.3 GHz processor is more than enough to run any Photoshop software. It features 23-inch screen displaying FHD with 10-point technology that harbor brilliant clarity and superior touch experience.

It is offered in 8 GB RAM and hybrid drive (2TB + 8GB) that can be easily upgraded by detaching its back panel if you really want it else we think it is self sufficient for any photo editing works.

The computer uses liquid cooling technology replacing fans, which makes this PC really quiet. If you want to buy all-in-one computer that is powerful and aesthetically pleasing, but don’t want to break your bank, we recommend Lenovo ideacentre AIO 300 is the way to go.


8. Apple iMac with Retina 5K display- best  computer for photographers and photoshop-2018

Stunning graphic is an important feature that photographers need when editing photo with any photoshop software. If your  sense of style or need is this, then everyone knows there is nothing better to expect than the Apple iMac with Retina 5K display.

This system delivers and unbelievable 5120 x 2880 Resolution on a 27 inch monitor. A 5120 x 2880 resolution means that you will have access to more detail and clarity. Your pictures and images will be able to view with much precision, making it easier for you to edit them.

With its fast 3.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor integrated with AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics processor, this computer will give you the best photo editing experience ever. 



Having a computer which can deliver awesome output, super fast processing speed and high storage is what  photographers desire in their desktops. We are certain that our listed computers are proven, reliable and best when it comes down  to its deliverance pointing photographic attributes.

The next important thing is choosing a  decent monitor that can handle what desktop has to offer. If you are looking for one, then don’t forget to check this out!We hope our article about the 8 best desktop computers for photo editing and photoshop was suffice enough to answer your queries.  Thank you for choosing us. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!