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No matter if you are a kid or an adult, the fun of flying has always fascinated us. Flying a drone is one of the easiest ways to get aerial pictures, videos and it can be used for business, pleasure or security. There are several different ways to make use of these drones, but still have to pick one that is actually going to work for you. If you are just a beginner, expensing heavy is not a good choice. You sure will break it! So, buying the inexpensive but best rated drone will put  you in the best ground.

There are five below that you can pick from, and each of the five can give you the flying experience  with great aerial photography and videography that you are looking for. You can fly these drones easily, and you can fly without worry that you are spending too much money.

Review of Cheerwing Syma X5SW FPV- top drone under $100-2017

The Cheerwing has a 2MP camera, and it has four propellers that will take it anywhere you want it to go. This is one of the best drone under 100 because it comes in white and black. You can get it in black so that it can hide at night, or you can get it in white so that you can let it hide in snowy areas.

The choice is yours, and you can fly this drone at any time for the purposes of taking pictures or video. You will get a chance to see everything from above without spending all your money on just one device.


Review of UDI 818A Quadcopter with 720p HD Camera- best drone with camera for under 100 bucks-2017

The UDI is a great drone that looks almost like a cool UFO. The four circles encase the four propellers, and you can fly this drone anywhere you want because it actually takes us less space than other drones. The propellers will not catch on anything because of the protective circles, and the drone comes with a camera that is easy to use. This is one of the best drone under 100 because it will fly up to 30 meters if you need it to. Range and safety are paramount in this design.


Review of F180C + Mini RC Quadcopter- best toy drone-2017

The F180c is a great copter that comes with four propellers and a 1280X720 camera. The camera can be pointed anywhere from the remote control you use the move the copter around, and you can fly this one anywhere you want at any time.

You get an extra battery and blades with this chopper so that you can make quick repairs, and you will be able to make it easy for you to fly around because the repairs happen fast. Anyone who needs a copter that is easy to repair should go with this one right away.


Review of Syma X8C Venture- best cheap drone with camera-2017

The Syma is a cool orange copter that is going to make it much easier for you to fly and take pictures. The camera has resolution up to 2MP, and the camera can be pointed anywhere you want it to go. Taking pictures is a lot easier, and the people that are using this particular chopper can leave their lights on so that they can see it at night.

This is a very basic way of making sure that people can see what they are flying, and this is going to make it much easier for you to move around safely. This helps you get what you want out of the device without feeling like you are wasting your money.


Review of Holy Stone UFO RC- best quadcopter for beginners-2017

The Holy Stone comes with four propellers that are protected by four rings, and the propellers are going to remain safe when you fly the device into tight situations. You could use this device to do just about anything, and you know that you can get it somewhere safely without worrying about how you are going to get it back out.

Wires and other problems are not an issue when you are flying this device. The camera on the device is easy to point and click, and you can take video in the same way. This is a great device for trying to take covert pictures because it is all in black, and you will notice that it is going to make very little sound because of how the propellers have been set up. You just have to get it in the air for its first run.



Thank you for reading all the way through. We hope our article about the best drones for beginners under $100 was informative. All our listed products has been well admired by many for their best value. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!

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