You must be curious to learn about the best gaming PC desktops under $800. There is an entire world of computer gaming that has been around since the inception of the computer in the early 1980s. While the PC industry focused on revolutionizing gaming industry by adding high-end components of both the hardware and the software, cost has been major concerned for any game enthusiast.

As the gaming industry trends toward more sophisticated game with the introduction of 3D graphics and Virtual Reality (VR) ready gaming, the demand for powerful gaming machine is on the rise. And so does the demand for budgeted gaming PC.

With the PC industry leaders, flooding the market with the affordable gaming desktop, it has been a mind-boggling task to find a good build tower that defines power, productivity and performance. Hence, after going through a wide array of gaming desktops, we were able to conclude the 8 best gaming desktop for under $800. Take a look at it:

Best gaming PC desktop under $800 are shown below

  1. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A2 (Intel Core i5-7400 3.0 GHz | AMD Radeon RX 480| 8 GB RAM| HDD | Read me! )
  2. SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060-I(AMD FX-8350 4.3 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 1060| 8 GB RAM| SSD | Read me!)
  3. CybertronPC Rhodium GTX  (AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 1050| 16 GB RAM| HDD | Read me! )
  4. Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53 (Intel Core i5-6400 2.7 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 950| 8 GB RAM| HDD | Read me!)
  5. ASUS G11CD-US009T (Intel Core i5-6400 2.7 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 960| 8 GB RAM| SSD | Read me!)
  6. Dell XPS x8900-944BLK (Intel Core i5-6400 2.7 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 745| 8 GB RAM| HDD | Read me!)
  7. Lenovo H50 (Intel i7 4790HQ 3.6 GHz | NVIDIA GTX 950 TI| 8 GB RAM| SSD | Read me!)

Today, there are quite a number of gaming desktop that are available out there. Although there are gaming laptops on the market as well, because the laptop gets really hot while gaming (an activity that happens for prolonged periods) and generally has less horsepower, the PC is a better computer for gaming.

Some tips for when buying a gaming PC really comes down to the amount of money you are looking to spend. However, if you are willing to spend $800 for your gaming needs what is the general rule of thumb for buying? Or let’s put this way, what a best gaming desktop for under $800 should include? To answer this question lets go through our recommendation:

How to choose a best gaming PC under $800-2018

GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)

If you are an occasional or a hardcore PC gamer, then you surely would have some idea about the GPU or at least you know that it is the foremost specification that determines gaming desktop from other usage computer. The quality and performance of the GPU determine the gaming efficiency of any good gaming desktop.

Any gaming PC under this price range should have dedicated GPU with at least 2 GB of memory. Even there are two primary brands NIVIDIA and AMD Radeon, they have numerous product categories, which make choosing the best value GPU under $800 really confusing.

Thus, after going through wide selection we came to conclude the following two GPU as the top contender that any good value desktop should include.

AMD Radeon RX 480- Best GPU that you will find in PC, built under $800 desktop-2018

Key Specifications
Architecture (latest the better) 4th generation GCN
CUDA Cores (higher & latest the better) 1024
Clock Speed (higher the better) 1120- 1266 MHZ
Memory Clock Speed (higher the better) 8000 MHZ
Memory Type (latest the better) GDDR5
Memory Width (higher the better) 256 bit
Memory Bandwidth (data transfer speed) 224 GB/Sec
Power consumption (TDP) 150W

NIVIDIA GTX 1060 – our next recommended GPU for a prebuilt desktop under $800-2018

Key Specifications
Architecture (latest the better) Pascal
CUDA Cores (higher & latest the better) 1152
Clock Speed (higher the better) 1708- 1506 MHZ
Memory Clock Speed (higher the better) 8000 MHZ
Memory Type (latest the better) GDDR5
Memory Width (higher the better) 192 bit
Memory Bandwidth (data transfer speed) 192 GB/Sec
Power consumption (TDP) 120W

Note: Any higher GPU from NIVIDIA  & AMD will increase the value of the desktop for the given price range.

GTX 1060 3GB Vs RX480 4GB: Benchmark

In our testing with DX11 under same game setting, GTX 1060 scores slightly better than RX480. Priced around 300 dollars, both cards are best for their respective price range. While the mainstream games are still inclined toward directx 11, the GTX 1060 will be the way to go if you are thinking for the moment. 

After the  driver update released by AMD, to our surprise AMD RX 480 outperform the GTX 1060 in the directX12 battle arena. There is no doubt the gaming industry is headed toward directx 12. And also having 4GB of VRAM in RX 480 might be more future proof, since the gamers taste have been shifting toward higher resolution gaming.


To keep it simple, we recommend getting at least Intel i5 or above. AMD also has a better processor, however, they seem to have many compatibility issues, which are frequently discussed in many gaming communities.

It’s better to focus on higher clock speed rather than no of cores, if you are getting this desktop primarily for your gaming needs. However, if you have a budget for it getting processor with high no of cores and top clock speed is the best.


Many FPS and RTS games will take a significant chuck of RAM. Some games can even go over 4GB of RAM. So, getting at least 8GB of Ram will put you in the better ground.

HDD Vs. SDD. Vs. Hybrid Drive

The new innovative SSD is awesome when it comes to booting and starting OS and any application. However, they are really expensive compared to old mechanical drive. Just to fit your budget, Hybrid drive has been the optimal solution. You can install the games and the Operating System in SDD and all other files and folders in HDD for the optimal performance.

Alright! here is a narrowed down a list of 7 best gaming PC desktops under $800 that best fit the tips described above.

1. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A2: our top recommended must buy gaming desktop under $800-2018

It is very hard to secure the first position in every blog like this, especially in the PC manufacturing industry where the battle is fiercely competitive. But what is so interesting is every once in awhile a new piece of disruptive technology pops up and wipe out the competition and set the prolonged winning flag. For CyberPowerPC, the Gamer Xtreme is that cheat code, which has forced the hardcore gamers to rethink the value they can grab for the price under $800.

So what is so great about this CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A2? Why are we stressing too much on this PC alone? Let’s just start by saying, this tower comes loaded with revolutionizing AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB Video Card. We know for hardcore gamers this is the silver lining spec.

This 4th Generation GPU from AMD allied with 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7400 @ 3.0GHz is proven, tested to lock any latest high definition games like Assassin’s Creed unity, Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, Black ops 3 at the average of 60 fps even under ultra high setting.

Released on June 2016 this fairly new affordable graphic card from AMD has changed the landscape of the gaming industry by vanquishing expensive NIVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 970 in almost any battle arena. This GPU video card epitomizes the next generation of gaming. This VR ready PC opens the door for virtual reality as it has been tested to meet the requirement of both HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

Its futuristic design adds style to your home décor while HDMI port, display port, 6 X USB 3.0, 4X USB 2.0, and optical drive give you the muscle you want to connect with multiple gaming peripherals. Perfectly optimized for windows 10, it is preloaded with 1TB of HDD and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. It might be enough for many gamers, but you can always upgrade to SSD and add more RAM for a fraction of the cost and still ended up holding the best value computer for gaming.


2.  SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060-I: best AMD gaming PC under $800-2018

Best AMD gaming PC under $800

When we are talking about the budgeted ultimate gaming machine, SkyTech has emerged as one of the industry-leading manufacturers. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that the post like this will not be complete without the PC from their innovation.

Featuring gamers-centric vision, SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060-I Gaming Desktop harbors AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor and 3GB DDR5 GTX 1060 under its hood. For those who are new to the AMD processing world, the AMD FX-8300 processor falls under the Intel i5 product line. The NIVIDIA GTX 1060 is proven to hit higher FPS than NIVIDIA GTX 980 and has almost a similar benchmark to AMD RX 480.

This blend of powerful processor and productive video card can easily muster about 60 fps in any latest HD gaming. Its 8 GB of DDR3 RAM arm you with the ammo you need to play any spacious heavy gaming while its hybrid drive (1TB + 120 GB SSD) backup all your winnings.

Hold on! The goodies doesn’t stop here! Enjoy the high fidelity audio through its 8-channel high definition audio and connect to many gaming devices through its USB 3.0, HDMI, DVI and Display ports. It truly outlines superiority within reach.


3. CybertronPC Rhodium GTX: best gaming PC  build under $800-2018

Look at its beauty! Buy to feel that beauty! Image Credit:
Look at its beauty! Buy to feel that beauty! Image Credit:

When we are talking about the custom-built gaming computers that signify high value, CybertronPC Rhodium has been one of the leading choices. The Rhodium GTX series from CybertronPC is one of the few gaming desktop that ensure the premium gamer-centric feature within budget.

This PC includes AMD FX-6300 6-core clocking at 3.5 GHz. This Wi-Fi enabled gaming computer has 16GB DDR3 Memory and 2TB of HDD @7200 RPM. The most notable attribute of this gaming computer is its supercharged NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU with  2GB GDDR5 memory.

This powerful  high-end GPU offers the optimum performance level for any FPS or RTS games. This GPU has been favored by many professional gamers to be the best bang for the buck. It has the right amount of RAM and hard drive  for multitasking and spacious storage.

Its bargain price, powerful processor and incredibly fast graphics card makes this computer great for gaming.


4. Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53- best gaming PC for under $800-2018

WOW! Just look at its design!! Image Credit:
WOW! Just look at its design!! Image Credit:

Yes! The Acer has done it again. If you are looking for the monster gaming desktop that is super fast and has astounding design, then do yourself a favor and look no further than Acer AG3-710-UR53. Powered by 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6400 Processor 2.7GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.3GHz, it is well equipped to flawlessly run any current games on windows 10.

The mighty NVIDIA GeForce GTX950 Graphics with 2GB of GDDR5 Video Memory render your gaming experience to a whole new level. With this monster GPU, no gamers have to compromise any Frame Per Second (FPS) to avoid lagging. You will definitely experience any MOBA 1080P gaming to its fullest extend.

The innovative IceTunnel cooling system allows the thermal airflow through multiple zones.  This makes this gaming desktop prepares to maintain its temperature, even when the GPU is Overclocking. Its 8 GB of RAM put the gamers in the sweet spot for multitasking. Its 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM offers plenty of storage with fast reading and writing capabilities.

Intensify the feel and thrill of battlefield with the superior Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 with EAX 5.0. Gamers can easily customize the audio to their preferences. For multi connectivity, it has 6 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 2 DVI ports, an HDMI port and a display port. It allows you to connect and play with gamers across the predator desktop and Xbox One. For 800 dollar price tag, this sure is the unstoppable fighting machine.


Here are some of the great gaming PC within affordability! 

5. ASUS G11CD-US009T Desktop- best gaming computer build under $800-2018

The ASUS G11CD-US009T lives up to its name. It is everything you would expect and more. With Intel Core i5-6400 2.7 GHz processor backing its performance, there is no doubt that gamers will have any complaints about its speed and power. 

Its formidable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card of memory, will make sure every game is played in the best possible FPS without lagging. The 8 GB DDR4 memory  geared this gaming beast for multitasking.  Its blend of  8 GB SSD drive and 1TB HDD offer gamers with enough space with speedy booting capabilities.

The  fusion of dedicated cooling fan system and hidden exhaust vent keeps this computer quiet and cool. This can efficiently cool down over heating at the times of GPU overclocking. This wifi capable desktop is  recommended for anyone who wants a fast, vivid gaming computer that is reasonably priced.


6. Dell XPS x8900-944BLK – best Dell PC for gaming under $800-2018

Image Credit: Dell/Amazon
Image Credit: Dell/Amazon

If you are looking for the best brand gaming PC then, this might steal your heart. Powered by 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6400 processor clocked @ 2.7 GHz, this desktop is fast enough to meet  your gaming needs. With a powerful 4 GB DDR3 of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 , gamers can run as many games in ultra high setting.

The 1 TB HDD @ 7200 RPM will offer enough and fast storage management. Its three hard drive bays gear this PC to expand its storage up to 2 GB. This computer is easy and fast to set up, extremely powerful, and is good at staying cool through heavy use.


7.   Lenovo H50 – best prebuilt gaming PC for under 800 dollars-2018

Next in our lineup we have the Lenovo H50. Powered by Intel i7-4790 with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz it can handle pretty much any powerful software. The 8GB of Ram is enough for multitasking and playing any hardcore games.

With this beast you will get hybrid drive. It has 1TB of HDD @7200 RPM and 120 GB SSD. Gamers sure will admire its huge space and super fast operating speed. It comes with windows 10.

For hardcore gaming it is geared with  powerful NIVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 TI with 2GB of GPU. Based on 1st Gen Maxwell architecture, it has pixel pipelines of 604 with the clock speed up to 1085 MHz.  It will score high FPS (frame per second) in almost any graphic intense game. Its fast, powerful, and the new navigation features make it easy to personalize with  best configuration.



We hope our article was informative enough to suffice your queries. Thank you for considering us as we strive to render the best possible information. All our listed computers are best sellers. If you want the best gaming experience for the price, we recommend getting  one of the above. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!