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Best Guitar Amps under $300

Every guitar player wants their amp to ring out those perfect sounding chords. It is within your budget to get all you want and more out of a new amplifier. The great thing is, you can find some truly spectacular amplifiers without having to resort to looking for a second job. No, you won’t have to pawn your wedding ring either.

There are tons of options out there when looking for an amp. Do you need an amp with a fat- low sound? Do you love to produce sounds with multiple effects, such as delay and mod? Do you think you have to spend a fortune to get a great quality acoustic amp?

What about that ear piercing high note all guitar players want to achieve? How about all of the above? This list of the 5 best guitar amps under $300 is guaranteed to give you that great sound for practice, or for the stage.


best electric guitar amp  for under 300 dollars-2021

The Yamaha THR AMPS THR10X sports five high gain amp controls, giving you perfect control and performance. It includes bass, acoustic, and instrument modes for all types of guitar players. Since it is a Yamaha product, it is backed by their superior effects processing system.

The high-fi recording interface guarantees fantastic playback. This amp has the functionality to play everything from classic rock, to full on heavy metal.

All of the available features make this a great all around choice for any guitar player. Also included is a Cubase AI recording software allowing you to lay down tracks permanently.


Vox Valvetronix VT40

good guitar amplifier that cost less than 300 bucks-2021

The Vox Valvetronix VT40 has a 12 ÀX7 vacuum tube to give you that true tube sound. Customizable features that include Gain, Treble, Middle, and Bass. With the Unique Power Level control, you can jam out at any volume level without losing any sound quality. A built-in guitar tuner saves you from having to use another pedal.

VOX is known for their quality amps, and this model does not disappoint. This amp will satisfy all playing styles. 8 User Programs allow you to save multiple play customizations.

You can switch from clean tone to full on distortion with ease, losing absolutely no playability in the process. If you are in the habit of playing multiple style at once, this is the amp for you.


Fender Rumble 100 v3

best bass guitar amp for the price under $300-2021

Fender products have a flawless reputation. The Fender Rumble 100 v3 stays true to its manufacturer. A 100 watt power output will have you strumming chords all day and night.

The overdrive circuit was designed specifically for this model. Multiple Contour controls give you control over your sound. It has the classic Fender styling guitar players know and love.

This is definitely one of the Best guitar amps under 300 on the market today. It is extremely light and versatile. This is a great choice if you play often in multiple places. It is engineered with sustaining those important low bass rumbles. The overdrive can be turned on or off through a foot switch. An ideal amp for gigs of all types of music.


Behringer Ultra acoustic ACX450

best acoustic guitar amp under $300-2021

The Behringer Ultra acoustic ACX450 brings the ultimate in acoustic sound, without the ultimate price. A powerful 45 Watt, 2 Channel amplifier can be used for acoustic guitar playing, or for clean sounding vocals.

It carries an impressive 2 integrated digital FX processors, each boasting 16 effects settings. Feel free to turn up the reverb, delay, or many other effects combinations.

Two dedicated instrument and microphone channels let this amp serve as both a guitar and vocal amplifier simultaneously. This product will give you tube-like compression and stylistic tone to match it. This is another amp that will give you every dollars worth of your money.


Line 6 Spider IV 75

best combo guitar amp for guitar rig under 300 dollars -2021

Even the more customers control is offered with the Line 6 Spider IV 75. If you want to sound exactly like your favorite band, this is definitely the amp to get.

Over 300 handcrafted presets are included from 50 of the world’s most famous guitarists and bands. Just that alone is nothing the dropping the money for it.

It also has 16 tonally superior amp models to bring you a unique sound that will make you stand out from others. The 20 Smart FX system lets you set up to 4 pedal sounds at once. You can start a delay, add reverb and auto-wah, then finish it up with a loop.



We hope you enjoyed our article about the 5 best guitar amps under $300. If you are looking for the decent guitar amps for the budget under 300 dollars, we recommend getting of these. They are the best seller for their  powerful, unique and innovative attributes. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!