Die-hard fans of music will need a headphone amp. Here’s a guide to top five best headphone amp under $100 in 2020 that will perfectly fit in your budget and quality needed.

Headphone amplifiers are audio amplifiers specifically designed to drive headphones in place of loudspeakers. They are most frequently embedded in electronic devices like portable music players, integrated amplifiers, televisions and standalone units. Headphone amplifiers will substantially improve dynamic range extension, timbral and tonal resolution and also increasing music clarity. Some headphone amps are efficient battery-powered making them portable with headphone applications.

Headphone impedance, however, may affect the quality of sound. The impedance is a reactivity and resistance that headphones have to the amplifier in the form of an electric load. High impedance will need extra voltage to achieve a reliable listening level. Low impedance cans require more current to reduce the damping factor between the headphones and the amp. In both cases, an amp will adequately improve the sound quality.

To help you with choosing the best headphone amp under $100, we will review 5 of them for you.

Best Headphone Amplifiers under $100 -2020

Headphone AMP Under $100 Weight
FiiO E11K  3.5 Oz
Audio Technica AMP 1.2 lbs
ART HeadAmp4 1.1 lbs
Creative Sound Blaster E3 7.2 Oz

FiiO E11K – Cheap headphone amplifier under $100

best headphone amp under $100
Image Credit: Amazon.com

The FiiO E11K outshines the other models by far. It is a perfect choice best headphone amp under 100 dollars for bringing precision to headphones and softening the edges on a crisp sound.

The amplifier comes with a Switchable built-in 3dB bass boosting circuit that is superior to software EQ effect backing up high-frequency recordings and making the sound livelier without being extremely obstructive. The additional bass boost switch makes it easier to change regularly between sound profiles for various types of audio and tracks on an album with a variety of songs.

The amp features a volume potentiometer with a barrier-free design that makes it easy to operate. It also has a fixed volume full-scale line level output that maximizes signal quality. An added advantage of this amp is that its USB digital audio can convert to coaxial digital audio output. It is automatically supported by modern OS without drivers.

The only flaw in this amp is the short micro USB cable that comes with it makes it close to impossible to plug it in into a computer in many cases. That does not compromise the options it comes with and the quality of sound you will enjoy. These really are some of the best headphone amps under $100!


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Audio-technica headphone amplifier AT-HA2- Cheap headphone AMP under $100-2020

This audio-technica has two headphone monitors that are compatible with AV equipment without the need of a headphone jack. The two headphones can be used simultaneously without any inconveniences. It produces the best sound quality thanks to the maximum 300mW + 300mW output margin. The output terminal does not waste line output. The amp is small, cheap and sounds extremely great with a tasteful bass boost. This is a very good headphone amplifier under $100!


ART HeadAmp4 Headphone Amplifier- Top headphone amp under $100

ART HeadAmp4 Headphone Amplifier and headphone package are an incredible value offered at a steal of a price. The entire package will bring music to your ears. The amp provides individual volume control and amplification for up to 4 headsets since it has 8 outputs (4-channel) stereo headphone. It can be driven by headphone or line-level amplifier signals. The monitor can be connected to a mixer output or tape deck’s headphone to make the performers listen to themselves and each other. Home entertainment and band rehearsals are also convenient for the application.

The metal unit has 1/4″ and 1/8″ input connectors that obtain a stereo signal from an iPod, mixer, tape deck, etc. The four output channels have a 1/4″ and 1/8″ connector that enables you to connect up to eight set of headphones or in-ear monitors. The amp provides Lower noise, lower distortion and more output. It has a Custom extruded stackable metal case and is ideal for virtually any home or project studio with good built quality. The only problem is that it has no power switch. Nevertheless, this is one of the best headphone AMP under $100 out there!


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Creative Sound Blaster E3 Portable Headphone Amplifier- High quality headphone amp under $100

Image Credit: Sound Blaster/ AMAZON
Image Credit: Sound Blaster/ AMAZON

Creative Sound Blaster E3 has a fantastic bass and broader soundstage that produce richer songs. The blaster E3 can be connected to any smartphones via USB or the bluetooth. The amplifier itself can be bought for under $50 but if you want to buy one with the bluetooth, you are looking at a price tag of about $100.

It will give you several hours of audio streaming via bluetooth and will give you almost double the hours for analog playbacks. It is extremely portable to carry around weighing just about 6 ounces.  You can see the basic design of this top headphone amp under under $100 in the picture on the right hand side.


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Best headphone amp under $100 (2017)- TOPPING NX2

The TOPPING NX2 has a Circuit layout that reduces noise and produces warm quality sound. The input and output all use the GOLD RCA interface. The Nobsound Little bear is a high value and cute headphone amp that can be connected to any stereo device such as latest android phones, iPhones, PC, iPod, MP4, etc. It is an excellent choice for the best headphone amp under $100.

On the design side, it is pretty slim and portable to carry around. You can charge this amplifier via USB and battery life is pretty impressive lasting several hours. It has metal finish and is made of high quality materials. For about $50, you can’t ask for anything better!


Those are our picks for the best headphone amps under $100 that you can get in 2020. What is your choice for the cheap headphone amp under $100? Let us and other readers know below!

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