Since you are on this page, we assume you are a metal fan and looking for the best headphones for metal music in 2020.

Don’t worry, we are metal fan ourselves and we will give you the best possible suggestions on buying best headphones to listen metal music. Because there are hundreds, if not thousands of headphones that claims to be a top performer, it is not easy to narrow down to couple or single product with confidence.

Whether you listen to rock, metal or heavy metal, at the end of this post you will find out which are the relevant headphones for you.

To get you started, we will list 5 of the top headphones and 1 earbud that are known to be best for  metal music that you can find in the market.

You will not be disappointed if get one of these best headphones for metal music in the future! Let us show you the tableview of the headphones that we will review.

Best Headphones for metal music/rock music/heavy metal/soft metal

Headphones Style Price
Grado SR125e On-ear, Semi open back About $150
Sennheiser HD 598 Over-ear, Open back Under $150
AudioSharp AS1130 In-ear, earbud Under $25
Grado SR60e On-ear, Open back Under $80
HiFiMan HE 400S Over-ear, bifold Under $300
Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Professional, open $143+ 

1. Grado Prestige Series SR125e – Under $200

Image Credit: Amazon/Grado
Image Credit: Amazon/Grado

Grado is arguably the king of headphone manufacturer and Grado prestige series SR-125e is an example of the quality product that Grado has produced.

The Grado SR125e is affordable as it costs below $200, but the quality is non comparable. Expect to lose yourself in the world of metal music with Grado prestige series SR-125e headphones.

Not everything in the world can be bought for money, but if there are few top notch things that metal and rock music fans can buy, Grado prestige series SR-125e is one of them.

Do not get confused with SR-125i version, SR-125e is a latest version of SR125 that was launched recently. This product is a master of picking the sound vibrations and delivering those in your ears for staggering experience.

It is a pretty lightweight and affordable headphone that is perfect to listen to metal music.

More Details – Grado Prestige SR125e

2. Sennheiser HD 598- Under $150

For a reasonable and affordable price of under $150, we believe this quality Sennheiser HD 598 is another top choice for metal music fans.

Manufactured by Sennheiser, this special edition headphone has excellent frequency response for top sound.

Its transient response is pretty quick. This amazing headphone weighs just about 1lb, making it a portable as well as still attractive. This headphone is comfortable to wear and is compatible with virtually any devices out there.

The Sennheiser HD 598 is most definitely one of the best headphones for metal music fans.

Check Price – Sennheiser HD 598

3. Audiosharp AS1130- Earbuds under $50

Meet Audiosharp AS1130, the best earbud to listen to metal music. The best thing about these in ear headphones is its super cheap price of under $50. You will love these earbuds because they are capable of delivering sound that is crisp clear and the bass is awesome.

The noise isolating functionality makes it more attractive to metal music fans. It has impedance of 32 ohms and gold plated connector. You can watch the video review of Audiosharp AS1130 below.

See More Details of AS1130

4. Grado SR60e-Under $100

Here is another product from Grado, Grado SR60e, which is, in our opinion, is one of the cheap and best headphones for metal music. This is perfect choice for those who are on budget and looking for a quality headphone for lesser price.

The Grado SR60e costs under $100 but still does best at what it is supposed to do, that is giving you pleasant and awesome music experience.

Loved by many, this headphone comes with vented diaphragm and air chamber that is non resonant to give you excellent sound. It weighs around half pounds. This headphone is easy to carry around because it is foldable and fits easily anywhere.

Highly recommended headphone for listening to metal music!

More Details – SR60e

5. HiFiMan – HE-400

The good thing about this headphone is that it weighs approximately 2 pounds and is a perfect headphone for metal music while it does not cost you a fortune. You can buy this awesome HiFiMan 400 for an affordable price of $299 and it is one of the modern headphone that utilizes most of the technology to deliver you the best and balanced sound quality.

Perfectly engineered by HiFiMan, this headphone is bulky in design with open outer face to give you the best listening experience. You can read more specs and it is highly recommended for metal music.

See more details


6. Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium- Under $200

This Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium was made in Europe and guess what? Europeans love metal! This headphone suits perfectly for music lovers.

Available for a reasonable price of $379 for the 32 OHM version, this true quality headphone can be purchased with another OHM variation of 250 OHM and 250 OHM pro.

You can read more details before going for a particular variant type.  It has a bass reflex system, weighs 2 pounds, and has an open design.

This headphone is certainly one of the best headphone for metal music!

Check Price and Other Details

That concludes our review of few headphones that are optimal for metal music, heavy metal and rock music fans. Please share this article for your friends to see as well!

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