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In this post, we will review some of the best home karaoke systems for 2017. It was very difficult to pick a few products out of many, but taking many factors into consideration, we came up with 5 best home karaoke systems and they are; HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0, Singing Machine iSM1030BT, and Singtrix Party Bundle, The Karaoke USA (GF829),  and Pure Acoustics MCP-100, .

Like always, we took various factors into consideration such as price, materials used to make the product, specs, overall consumer ratings, customer satisfaction and the company reputation as the major factors to create this list of excellent home karaoke systems that are available in the market today.  Now let’s jump into a little more detail of the karaoke machines mentioned above.

Singtrix Party Bundle- The best selling karaoke system in 2017

This is one of the best selling karaoke machine and is a desired product of many people who are into singing and music.

The Singtrix Party Bundle is the best seller and so much popular for one and only reason. You can sing using this karaoke machine like a pro even if you do not have the natural singing ability! You will have access to vocal effects that are otherwise available only to the professionals! Just insert your disc with the music and let the system work to make your singing sound like a superstar!

It can be bought for around $300. Setting up could take you some time, but with setup instructions and manuals, you should be able to put it together.


HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0 Karaoke System- Best home karaoke system under $300

HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0 karaoke machine is unique because it is portable, and can therefore be moved to anywhere with access to TV and wireless internet, whether it be at a friend’s house, a party, or just in a home setting.

It costs around $300 for a new system, and you can download thousands of songs from the cloud. No discs and you can say goodbye to those old karaoke systems. You can also record and share your singing performance on social media like Facebook and Twitter. You will be able to control the system through the app and both types of microphones (wireless and wired) are compatible with this machine.

See the video below for quick insights and we strongly recommend this product for serious buyers!


Karaoke USA Karaoke System (GF829)- Top selling portable home karaoke system under $200- 2017

The Karaoke USA Karaoke System is a karaoke machine system that comes with a seven inch TFT color monitor for the lyrics and the controls with two microphones (long cables, not wireless) attached. This gives you the choice between duets or singing solo. It comes with internal speakers making it more portable and easy to use. Sound quality is next to perfect.

Through auxiliary input, you can connect any external devices like iPods and laptops as you desire. Have music files on an SD card?  No problem, you can play your MP3+G, DVDs or CD+G from your SD card utilizing the SD slot. No wonder, it is one of the BEST SELLING karaoke system.


Singing Machine iSM1030BT – Another best home karaoke system under $200

Image Credit: AMAZON LLC.
Image Credit: AMAZON LLC.

Singing Machine iSM1030BT is another great karaoke machine that is available for a relatively cheaper price of under $200.

It comes with a dock that rotates so that fit in your iPhone or other supported device.

There is a 7 inch monitor with LCD display for you to control the system and the 2 tall speakers gives it a perfect look.

It’s a beautiful system for your party and other occasions.

It does not come with any songs, but you can easily connect it to your device, manually or through Bluetooth, or insert disc.

Make yourself a superstar with Singing Machine iSM1030BT!


Pure Acoustics MCP-100- Another best home karaoke machine

Do not roll your eyes and giggle if someone shows up at the party with a luggage, it could the savior carrying Pure Acoustics MCP-100 portable party compatible karaoke machine!

With the luggage like appearance, this portable machine comes with two microphones, one wired and other wireless. You can connect it to any USB or SD card containing music. MCP-100 also comes with guitar input port and auxiliary port, making it easier to connect to either guitar or external devices.

But unlike GF829, MCP-100 does not have any visual display to show what’s going on, just so you know. It is a cute little thing with 45W output power and an excellent addition in small parties. Price is not that expensive! This Bluetooth supporting portable karaoke machine is a great choice.


Final thoughts on Best home karaoke system

Any of these choices would be a practical and sound choice when buying a karaoke system due to their reasonable prices, good sound quality, variety of choices in songs and device connectivity, and multiple microphones for larger crowds.

They are fit for big parties and family fun nights alike, and can last for years due to their durability. You cannot go wrong with these superb products! Please share this article and leave your thoughts below. Thank you for reading reviews of 5 best home karaoke machines for 2017!


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