If you are a traveler/ backpacker who is constantly on the run for work or on holidays, we have compiled the list of best laptop for backpacking and travelling that perfectly match your nomadic lifestyle. Before going through our list we will like to point out some of the key points that any ideal backpacking and traveling laptop should have.

Minimum Requirement for good travel and backpacking laptop

  • Lightweight: We think it is the foremost important specs to consider. While travelling or backpacking, luggage has to be of minimal weight to avoid extra flight charges and to travel light. Hence, we recommend a laptop under 3lbs will define that ultra-portability you will need walking around.
  • Small Screen Size: As a result of downsizing from home in a bag, travelers and backpackers will have limited space. So, we recommend getting a laptop with at least 11- inch. However, based on the performance, it is hard to find a versatile laptop of this size. Hence, 13-inch laptop will get the job done. 
  • Good performance: If you one of those individuals who do minor photo editing between surfing internet, Facebook and YouTube, we recommend getting a laptop with Intel i3 or higher. For those who have to travel on a business trip, workstation or laptop with at least Intel i5 configuration is your best bet. 
  • High battery power: Since, you won’t be finding a port to charge any time you want and even if you find one, it won’t work without international charging port. So, just eliminate all this hassle and look for a laptop with 9 hours battery life.


 Now, let’s take a glance at our list first before we dig any deeper.

Best Laptop for Backpacking and Travel of 2017

Laptops Processor | Size | Weight | Space| battery life Price
Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Intel Celeron N3150|12-inch|2.76 lbs|32GB|10 hours

under $300

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Intel core i5|11-inch|1.7 lbs|256GB|9 hours

under $800

ASUS ZenBook UX330UA Intel core i5|13-inch|2.6 lbs|256GB|12 hours under $700
Lenovo ThinkPad T470 Intel core i5|14-inch|3.4 lbs|256GB|14 hours under $1300
MacBook Air 13.3 Intel core i5|13-inch|2.96 lbs|256GB|12 hours under $1000


Having the ultimate traveling laptop is most necessary for travelers on business or long expedition. Travel laptops have to be fully functional, quick, and easy to carry anywhere. Below, the five could arguably be the best laptop for backpacking and traveling.

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible: best cheap small size laptop for travel and backpacking 2017

Best cheap small size laptop for travel and backpacking

The Acer Chromebook R11 is a small convertible and touchscreen Chromebook. Chrome books are devices with a Chrome OS that configures all Android Apps. The convertible laptop features 4GB of ram and an internal storage of 16GB.

The device is designed with a 360-degree hinge for versatility. When one needs to be serious, the laptop setup is ideal, but converting it to a tab is much convenient for movie breaks and social chats. It has an 11.6-inch display screen with a 1,366×768-pixel resolution. The Full HD display isn’t compromised in any way.

The design to slide the Acer Chromebook from a standard laptop shape to a tablet makes it ideal for travel. It is slim and sleek, light for easy travels and 10 hours of battery life has  aided to increase its portability.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4: best size tablet/laptop for travel and backpacking 2017

Best size tablet/laptop for travel and backpacking

The travel laptop has a powerful processor, the Intel Core i5. It also has an internal RAM of 4GB. With an improved cover, the laptop/tablet features a high-quality Surface Pen. It has one of the best performing per dimension screen functions.

The travel ultra laptop features dimensions of 292 x 201 x 8.4mm. It has more Accessibility Enhancements on its Windows 10, including the Narrator. The improved dimensions make the laptop ideal for travel as it only weighs 786 grams and has 9 hours of battery life.

It offers all the standard laptop connectivity options including the regular availability of USB Ports and a microSD port. With a minimum of 128GB storage capacity and a photo and video editing tool called Story Remix, travelers can take, edit and store numerous photos and videos along with their travels.


ASUS ZenBook UX330UA: best 13 inch windows laptop for travel and backpacking 2017

Best 13 inch windows laptop for travel and backpacking

This laptop has a body that is astounding to fathom. The aluminum-alloy chassis features a surreal 13.5 millimeters of slim and 2.6 kilograms. No traveler has been justified to complain about its battery life; a surprising 12 hours of utility before recharge.

It has one of the most powerful 7th Gen Intel processors, the Core i5-7200U. For the purpose of travel memories, the device features a resolution capacity of 1900 by 1080 (FHD)pixels making it perhaps best laptop for backpacking and traveling.

The pictures, videos, entertainment and work files can be stored with a capacity of up to 256GB. The laptop also features connectivity allowances that make your activities as versatile as they could get.

The Windows 10 enabled device is the seventh generation and features the latest dual-band 802.11  Wi-Fi for fast connections with other laptops around the world. It also has a powerful Bluetooth device enables traveling individuals to connect with their companions’ devices as well as their other devices.


Lenovo ThinkPad T470: Best business and gaming laptop for travel and backpacking 2017

If you’re always on the road for your business work, then look no further than Lenovo ThinkPad T470. Geared with Intel Core i5-7300U 2.60 GHz processor, it has stunning battery life up to 14 hours. It is one of the must have item when you are on the run.

Its 14-inch IPS FHD display with the fusion of high quality sound offers you the best movie watching experience ever. Its Intel HD 620 graphics card make sure to run all your office applications including Microsoft suits without any hassle.

It harbors 8 GB of RAM for your multitasking. With the 256 SSD, it has a decent level of space but with ultimate speed. Weighing a little over 3 lbs, it is little heavier than our other laptops, but it is the ultimate workstation laptop that packs high performance


MacBook air 13.3 inch: best apple laptop for travel and backpacking 2017

Probably this is the laptop that needs less introduction than any other laptops. Powered by 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, this notebook won’t give you a chance to complain about its performance.

Its 13.3 inch screen display 1440 x 900 resolution, while Intel HD Graphics 6000 takes care of graphic intense work. With up to 12 hours of battery life, 2.96 lbs. lightweight and incredible performance, this is the laptop that derives mobility



Thank you for considering us. We hope our article about the best laptop for backpacking and travel was helpful to you. All our selected laptops are favored as a good laptop by many of us. If you have any question, please let us know. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!


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