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Looking for the best laptops for artists in 2018? If your answer is yes, then we are happy to review some of the best drawing laptops that artists can use to draw on.

First and foremost, artists are better off if they have touch Screen enabled laptops right off the bat. Actually, unless they are going to get a plug and use artist tablet, touchscreen laptop is a must.

A touch screen laptop allows artists to use stylus directly on the screen. In this case, they will not need to buy a drawing tablet separately.

There are other hardware requirements every artist must be mindful of before buying a laptop to draw on. They are:

  • Intel®i5 processor or better
  • 4GB RAM or More
  • Lightweight
  • A stylus which might come with the laptop or you might have to buy one separately
  • It will be better if the laptop is 2-in-1 in terms of portability and ease of use

To provide you with better insights about the best laptops for artists to draw on, we will review several best drawing laptops that you can use for drawing sketches and other arts.

To choose our best laptops for artists, we took certain things into consideration like how long also the laptop model in question was released, price vs features comparison, and overall ratings of each laptop. It is our sincere hope that you will find this article extremely helpful to find the best drawing laptop for artists like you!

Best Laptops For Artists 2018 | Best Laptops For Drawing 2018

Laptops TouchScreen Screen Resolution Price
Microsoft Surface Book Yes 3000×2000 $1300+
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Yes 2736×1824 $799+
ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA  Yes 1920×1080 Under $800
ASUS T102HA-D4-WH Yes 1280 x 800 Under $400
Acer Switch Alpha 12 Yes 2160 x 1440 Under $800
Dell Inspiron i5578 Yes 1920×1080 Under $1000
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Yes 1920×1080 Under $1500
Lenovo Flex 4 Yes 1920×1080 Under $800
HP ENVY x360 Yes 1920×1080 Under $900
Acer Spin 5 Yes 1920×1080 Under $500

Microsoft surface book laptop for artists 2018 – Editor’s Choice

Microsoft Surface Book laptop for artists
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After rigorous research and careful consideration, our team has chosen the Microsoft surface book laptop to be the best drawing laptop for artists.

The Microsoft Surface Book is a signature product of Microsoft and it has gained traction among professionals of various fields including artists. Many professionals choose this laptop over MacBook Pro.

The reason is pretty simple. It is really easy to draw on this laptop using its stylus that comes in the package.

Now let us go over some of its specs.

Design: The Microsoft Surface Book laptop for artists has 2-in-1 design. You can easily detach its screen while you draw and re-attach once you are done for the spectacular view of the art you just created.

Stylus: This Microsoft Surface Book laptop for artists comes with a stylus. You do not need to buy one separately.

Screen Resolution: This awesome laptop for drawing comes with a spectacular screen resolution of 3000 x 2000. That is simply outstanding!

Random Access Memory: This drawing laptop comes with a variety of options to choose from. You can either get a 8GB or a 16GB Version depending on your needs and your budget.

Processor: The Microsoft Surface Book laptop for artists has both Intel® i5 version and Intel® i7 version.

GPU: The basic version of Microsoft Surface Book does not have discrete GPU. That should be irrelevant to you as an artist unless you are looking for the best laptop for artists and gamers on a single platform. You should get the Surface Book with discrete GPU if you need laptop for both artists and gamers.

As a artist looking for a laptop to draw on or to make sketches, you MUST take a look at this beautiful laptop.

See Different Versions of Microsoft Surface Book

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Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet | laptop for drawing 2018

If you feel uncomfortable spending huge amount of money to buy Surface Book, you should consider the Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet/laptop for drawing.

Extremely lightweight and beautifully designed, the Microsoft surface pro 4 is a perfect laptop for artists. You can use the Microsoft surface pro 4 to draw sketches and to use various digital art software out there. Although the higher end models cost a lot, you can get basic versions for a cheaper price. Even the basic model is pretty optimal for artists.

Let us do a quick review of the surface pro 4 for artists.

Design: The Microsoft surface pro 4 is actually a tablet. You should buy a keyboard dock separately to use it as a laptop. The keyboard dock will cost more or less $100.

Stylus: The Microsoft Surface pro comes with a stylus on all versions except the most basic version.

Screen Resolution: The Microsoft surface pro 4 tablet laptop for drawing has a beautiful screen resolution of 2736×1824.

Random Access Memory: It comes with a variety of RAM options. The most basic version has 4GB RAM while the most advanced version has 16GB RAM.

Processor: The most basic version Microsoft Surface pro 4 has Intel® m3 processor. There are other versions with Intel® i5 and Intel® i7.

Microsoft allows you to configure your Surface Pro 4 according to your hardware requirements. You can configure your Surface pro 4 just the way you wished! The surface pro 4 and adobe illustrator will work seamlessly together!

Surface pro 4 vs Wacom Cintiq For Artists

People ask us our opinion on that subject all the time. We decided to explain Surface pro 4 vs Wacom Cintiq right here.

Wacom Cintiq is a drawing board while Surface Pro 4 is basically a complete computer. Surface Pro 4 can be used for drawing as well as for other purposes. Wacom Cintiq on the other hand is used exclusively for drawing. Wacom Cintiq usually has a better pressure sensitivity levels and IAF than that of Surface 4 pro but they can cost a fortune. Money wise, Surface Pro 4 is the winner. We found a good article that explains all of those stuffs in more details. You should check it out: Surface pro 4 vs Wacom Cintiq For Drawing.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga – Best Drawing laptop For Artists!

best laptop for drawing
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Lenovo is a very good laptop manufacturer and they frequently release high performance laptops. keeping needs of an artist in mind, Lenovo came up with this nice looking Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga laptop which is one of the best drawing laptops out there.

These 2 in 1 style laptops have touch screen enabled screen and comes with an Intel® i5 processor, 8GB RAM size, 256GB SSD storage, 14″ FHD screen size and good battery life.

These stylish laptops are great for artists. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga comes with a rechargeable stylus.

This is a very good laptop that artists can use to draw on. If you are a serious artist looking for the best laptop for drawing, you should seriously take a look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

Check Price – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

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Acer Switch Alpha- Best laptop For Drawing under $1000-2018

best laptop for artists
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Acer laptops in general are well built, fairly priced and are high performing. For artists, we chose Acer Switch Alpha to be the best laptop for drawing.

In addition to many excellent features, this Acer laptop for artists has a touch screen enabled screen.

Stylus is included in this particular version of Acer Switch Alpha.

Available for an affordable price of less than $1000, this top laptop for artists comes with an Intel® i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and the latest Windows 10 operating system.

This Acer Switch is a lightweight laptop weighing just 2 lbs and hence can be extremely portable for artists. This laptop has 12″ screen with QHD resolution.

For such a cheap price of under $1000, there is no reason why this laptop should’t be considered as the best laptop for artists!

Check Price- Acer Switch Alpha

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HP ENVY x360- One of the best laptops for artists – 2018

This HP laptop is well received among the artists. It is an affordable laptop with 2-in-1 design which artists can take advantage of.

This laptop comes with many advanced features and yet is cheaper than the other laptops with similar configurations. This is a good laptop to draw on.

This top laptop for artists comes with a powerful Intel i7 processor that can clock in at 3.1 GHZ when turbo boost is activated.

Along with its touch screen functionality, this laptop comes with 8GB RAM to help you run multiple art programs at the same time without any problem.

This laptop is lightweight, portable and has a FHD screen of 13.3″. Stylus is not included in this laptop. You will have to get one separately.

More Details of this HP Laptop For artists

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Dell Inspiron i5578 – Best touch screen laptop For Artists

If you are a Dell loving artist, the Dell Inspiron i5578 is a great laptop that you can use for drawing.

This drawing laptop is probably one of the cheapest laptop given the features it offers.

All things considered, this laptop is a winner, especially because of its attractive price tag of under $1000. Laptops of this price range usually have less than perfect processor and less RAM. This laptop on the other hand comes with the latest 7th generation Intel® i7 processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and 512GB SSD of storage. However, this laptop does not come with a stylus.

This really is one of the best laptops for artists to draw on.

More Details of this Dell laptop for Drawing

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ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA – Another Best 2-in-1 laptop to draw on

There are many excellent laptops out there and choosing the best one to draw on is difficult.

We decided to choose the ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360CA to be one of the best laptop to draw on.

Available for a cheap price of $1000, this laptop comes with a touch enable screen along with Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. This laptop, however, does not come with a stylus. You will have to buy one separately.

This is a good laptop for artists. It is lightweight  and has 13.3 inch of FHD display screen making it one of the most artist friendly laptop out there.

If you are looking for a good artist friendly laptop, this is a good choice.

Check Price of This ASUS Laptop for Artists

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There goes our list of top 10 best laptops for artists that you can use to draw on. All of the best drawing laptops reviewed above are artists friendly!


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