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This article is written to help you find the:

  • Best laptop for Minecraft
  • Best laptop for league of legends (lol)
  • Best laptop for world of warcraft (wow)
  • Best laptop for sims 4, sims 3 and earlier versions
  • and other similar games

When people think of a laptop, it is not uncommon for them to imagine the typical everyday laptop that handles most of the tasks. However, there are many different manufacturers in the business of producing laptops that are built to run game graphics.

While the concept of gaming friendly laptop is a fairly new, many top companies have climbed onboard partly due to the ever growing PC gaming fan base. As we speak about gaming, games like Minecraft, WOW, Sims 4, LOL etc are extremely popular games these days and we are going to review some of the best laptops for Minecraft and other games 2020.

So, what exactly is unique about a gaming/multimedia laptop anyway? And what is the best laptop for Minecraft or the best laptop for wow? For starters, the overall quality and performance of a gaming laptop is considerably better than that of a basic, everyday-use laptop.

Furthermore, presence of other components like  enhanced graphic cards (MOST IMPORTANT TO PLAY GAMES), optimized and spacious hard drive, and abundant RAM makes a gaming laptop unique.

To save you time and energy, which you otherwise would have spend in research, we will review 5 best laptops for Minecraft for you! Remember, all of these laptops are solid choices for league of legends, wow, sims 4, sims 3 etc. as well. Regardless of the game you prefer, one of the laptops reviewed here will handle the game graphics as easy as apple pie.

As a bonus, we will also review one of the best desktop for MineCraft after we are done reviewing the laptops.

Let us start with the tableview.

Best Laptops for Minecraft | League of legends (LOL) | world of warcraft (WOW) | Sims 4, sims 3, Sims 2 : 2020

Laptops For Minecraft
Processor | RAM | GPU | Storage
Dell i7559
Intel® i5 |  8GB | GTX 960M | 256GB SSD
Under $800
Acer Aspire E15
Intel® i5 |  8GB | GTX 940Mx | 256GB SSD
Under $550
Intel® i7 |  8GB | GTX 960M | 512GB SSD
Under $1000
Intel® i7 | 16GB | GTX 960M | 1TB
Under $1000
Intel® i5 |  16GB | GTX 960M | 1TB+128GB SSD
Under $900
Desktop For Minecraft
Processor | RAM | GPU | Storage
CyberpowerPC GUA880
AMD FX-4300 | 8GB | GT 720 | 1TB
 Under $500

Dell Inspiron i7559 – Best laptop for league of legends, wow, Minecraft, Sims 4, Sims 3 Under $800

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

For under $800, Inspiron i7559  runs on the latest Windows 10 Operating System and is built with a 4Gb Graphics Card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M. With 8GB RAM and 6th generation quad core Intel i5 processor, along with the discrete graphic card, this is the best possible ready to go laptop you will ever get for less than $800!

Like several other laptops listed here to play these games, this device also has SSD drive (256GB) instead of traditional spinning hard drive. Thus, you can count on it to be faster but at the same time you might want to make sure you wouldn’t need more space than 256GB. 256GB SSD is more than enough for these games, not to mention its lightening fast speed performance.

It has a anti glare screen which is 15.6 inches and is full high definition. For such a cheap price of under $800, you cannot ask for more! If you are actually spending money now or in the near future, you can buy it right now for a discounted price!

Acer Aspire E15 – Best and cheap laptop for Minecraft, WOW, Sims 3&4, league of legends under $600

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

There is a lot to take in when experiencing the Acer Aspire E15. Built to house 256GB SSD, this particular laptop comes with a 15.6 inch FHD screen and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Furthermore, this laptop can effectively render most graphics  set at low/medium settings, thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce  GTX-940Mx GPU.

The lithium ion battery on this laptop is good for up to 12 hours. 12 hours of battery life sounds too good to be true on a gaming laptop, but Acer Aspire E15 isn’t kidding around!

The entire system is run through a 2.8 GHz Core i5 6th generation Intel processor. This laptop weighs about 5 pounds and is one of the cheap laptops for these games under $600.

If you are looking for the best laptop for Minecraft under $500, this would be a great choice although it costs $50 more. (UPDATE: As of November 26 2016, this laptop is available for $499.99)

Price and more details – Acer Aspire E15

ASUS K501UW – Another cheap and very good laptop to run Minecraft on for under $1000

Image Credit: Amazon/ ASUS
Image Credit: Amazon/ ASUS

The ASUS K501UW is one of the best gaming laptops that can handle Minecraft, wow, best league of legends laptops, and sims 4 like a breeze.

This nice looking lightweight gaming laptop features a 15.6″ FHD screen.

Furthermore, this 4.4 pound lightweight laptop has enormous storage of 512GB SSD along with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and comes with an advanced 2GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX960M graphic processor.

It runs on Windows 10 OS and has the 6th generation Intel i7 processor that clocks in at up-to 3.1 GHz. It is a great laptop to play WOW, League of legends, Sims 4 etc. It is available in the market for a cheaper price of under $1000.

More Details & Price – ASUS K501UW

Asus ROG GL552VW- Top Laptop for WOW, Minecraft, Sims, LOL etc  for under $1000

The Asus ROG GL552VW is another excellent laptop to play games like Minecraft, WOW, etc. Much like the Dell i7559, this particular laptop is similar in the way that it was designed and manufactured. But, there are some differences between the two.

This ROG has windows 10 OS installed along with other great specs that will make a gamer’s game time pretty worthwhile. It has 1TB hard drive (7200 RPM) and 16GB RAM.

This laptop comes with a NVIDIA GTX960M graphic card to ensure excellent rendering of the game graphics.

It is an excellent laptop for Sims 4, world of warcraft, sims 3 and so on. It has the 6th generation Intel i7 processor clocking in at 2.6GHz. It is a great laptop for Minecraft and other games. Price is not that bad either, as it can be purchased for under $1000.


MSI GL62 6QF- Another best gaming laptop for Sims 4, sims 3, league of legends, WOW and Minecraft

That's Right..No. 1 in Gaming! Image Credit:
That’s Right..No. 1 in Gaming! Image Credit:

The  fun of playing any one of these games can continue with this laptop presented by MSI, which you can use to play your favorite game all day long.

The price of this MSI is under $1000, which we believe is a fair price for a laptop to play Minecraft and other games. It has Windows 10 OS by default which will excuse from upgrading the whole operating system after unboxing.

Now lets review the configurations of this laptop and let us convince you that this is one of the best, if not the best laptop under $1000 to play Minecraft that you can get in 2020.

This laptop has a FHD screen of 15.6 inches wide, 16GB GDDR5 RAM, GTX 960M GPU along with hybrid storage of 1TB HDD & 128GB SSD and 6th generation quad core Intel i5 processor that clocks in at up-to 3.2GHz. This laptop has everything a gamer needs to enjoy their game! We highly recommend this laptop for Minecraft and other games!

Price and other Details – MSI GL62

CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 – Best desktop for minecraft, lol, wow and sims 4&3 under $500

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

Many gamers prefers desktops over laptops for several reasons. We thought it would be unfair to readers who happen to like desktop and wanted to find out best desktop for league of legends or best desktops for wow or sims 4 or any other games.

We chose CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 as the winner to run these games. It is a simple desktop with powerful features and cost is pretty low as the tower only costs under $500. With a gaming monitor, it costs under $700.

The CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 comes with NVIDIA GT720 GPU, 8GB RAM, quad core AMD FX-4300 processor that clocks in at 3.8 GHz and 1TB HDD.

The CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 is cheaper and yet the best desktop to play sims 4, world of warcraft etc.

Take a Look at This Desktop

Final thoughts on laptops to play Minecraft and other games

We recommended 5 laptops for you to play Minecraft and other games. Most of our recommended laptops are higher end gaming laptops. They can handle intense graphics.

We believe your gaming adventure does not end with Minecraft or league of legends or sims 4, and these laptops can run most of the games out there. But, we understand that many people are looking for cheap laptops to play Minecraft as well as other games for under $500 (GO FOR ACER ASPIRE E15), under $400, under $300 or even $200!

Although, you can play Minecraft and other games on cheap laptops, a laptop with awesome graphic card is strongly recommended. If you are a tech geek, buying a laptop for cheap and upgrading the components is a great idea as well!

If you prefer pre-built machines, one of the above products will do the trick!



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