NOTE: There might have been slight pricing change on these best laptops under $900 and best laptops under $850 since this article was last updated. 

Laptops can be expensive, but there are some affordable ones on the market for under $900. But then again, there are so many with so many different brands with different configurations. It is hard not to get confused when someone is shopping for the best possible laptop they could get spending no more than $900.

That’s where we come in. We will give you the list of the extensively vetted laptops in regards to their quality, ratings and performance abilities.

We will review 7 laptops in total. 5 of those 7 laptops will be the best laptops under $900 that can be used for everyday use, home use, school & colleges or for job related needs. Rest 2 of those 7 gadgets will be the best gaming laptops under $900. Some of then can be purchased for as low as under $850.

Minimum specs to expect on the laptops for this price range

  • At least 8GB RAM, DDR4L preferably instead of DDR3L
  • At least Intel i5 6th gen or Intel i7 5th gen. 
  • At least FHD resolution on the screen
  • At least GTX 940M GPU if its a gaming laptop 

All 5 of the best laptops under $900 & 2 of the best gaming laptops under $900 reviewed here runs on pre-installed Windows 10 operating system. Before making a purchase, it is always wise to get to know the laptop. We will do that for you by introducing and explaining what each of them have to offer.

The best laptops under $900 listed here are in no particular order. To provide you with more flexible options, we chose laptops from top companies that are dominating the market today.

See the table for the quick spec overview of the laptops before you read the review.

5 Best Laptops Under $900 2017 | 2 Best Gaming Laptops Under $900

Laptops Under $900 CPU | RAM | Storage | Size Price
ASUS ZenBook Intel i5 | 8GB | 256GB SSD | 13.3″ Under $850
Dell Inspiron i7559 Intel i7 | 8GB | 1TB+8GB SSD | 15.6″ Under $850
Apple MacBook Air Intel i5 | 4GB | 128GB SSD | 11.6″ Under $900
HP ENVY 15-w110nr* Intel i7 | 8GB | 256GB SSD | 15.6″ Under $900
Dell Inspiron i5759 Intel i5 | 8GB | 1TB HDD | 13.3″ Under $850
Gaming Laptops  GPU | RAM | CPU | Storage Price
Acer Aspire V17-17.3″ GTX 960M | 8GB | i7-6700HQ | 1TB Under $900 
ASUS K501UW GTX 960M | 8GB | i7-6500U | 512 GBSSD Under $900 

*2-in-1 hybrid convertible (tablet↔laptop)
We will first review the 5 best laptops for everyday use. If you are a gamer, you can skip to the reviews of the best gaming laptops under $900.

1. ASUS ZenBook UX303UA- 13 inch laptop

ASUS ZenBook-MR. SHINY! Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

The ASUS ZenBook is a terrific laptop for under $900. It is not just another laptop because, besides being durable and beautiful, it is so thin your head might spin after you take look at it.

The ASUS ZenBook features a 13.3 inch touch enabled FHD screen, 6th generation Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD. The ASUS ZenBook is an ideal laptop for students, everyday personal use and for business use.

The ASUS ZenBook is a very attractive laptop, thanks to its its shiny look and sleek design. You will be surprised by the performance of this laptop.

It is highly rated by the verified purchasers and legitimate complaints performance wise, regarding the laptop itself, are very difficult to find.

Primary reason for ASUS ZenBook to be listed: Lightweight (3.2 pounds), portable, excellent design, good battery life.

Price & Details – ASUS ZenBook

2. Dell Inspiron i7559- 15 inch laptop

This is a black laptop with red chassis. Image Source: Amazon
This is a black laptop with red chassis. Image Source: Amazon

The Dell Inspiron i7559 is a great laptop that serves the needs of almost everyone. This is also a good laptop for professionals like photographers, Djs, professionals at studios etc.

What we like most about this laptop is its discrete GPU. Although it wasn’t purposefully made to play games on it, it’s discrete GPU; GTX 960M, makes it possible to play many PC games. Gamers suggests playing games on low FPS, low graphics setting if you ever play games on the Dell Inspiron i7559.

Usually, gaming laptops are heavier and bulkier. This, on the other hand, is actually pretty lightweight weighing just about 4.5 pounds. That is why, this is a good laptop to get even if playing games is not your intention. Consider the discrete GPU as a freebie!

It comes with 6th generation, 4 cored, Intel i7 processor clocking in at 2.6 GHz, 8GB RAM, 4GB GTX 960M GPU, hybrid storage of 1TB HDD & 8GB SSD and 15.6 inch FHD screen with anti glare functionality.

Running on the Windows 10 OS, this laptop is optimal for almost everyone, especially if they also play games every now and then. And guess what? It is available for a cheap price of under $850!

Reasons to include this laptop as the best laptop under $900: Best value overall, Discrete GPU, hybrid storage. 

Price & More Details – Dell Inspiron i7559

3. Apple MacBook Air MJVM2LL/A

Love MacBook? We do too! Image Source: Amazon
Love MacBook? We do too! Image Source: Amazon

The 11.6 inch MacBook Air has a nice design and comes with Intel Core i5 processor. It’s light size, weighing under 2.5 pounds allows you to take it anywhere.

Some of its features include a HD display, 4GB RAM, more than 9 hours of battery life, and 128GB SSD. The SSD is PCLe based. That will guarantee its lightning quick response.

Available for under $9000, this laptop is an excellent buy. This laptop is perfect for writers, students and for those who prefers portability. It’s small and not-heavy-at-all design makes it possible to fit into backpacks of any sizes. Much easy to carry around, its a solid laptop for travelers.

And of course, it is an iOS powered laptop. You can take advantage of everything iOS has to offer to its customers.

Primary Reasons to list this laptop: Portable, light-weight, good battery life, PCLe SSD.

Price & More Details – MacBook Air 11.6″

PS: You might also want to look at the MacBook air with 13.3″ screen. It costs only few bucks more than $900. It has a larger screen, better screen resolution and has more battery life. It is the best MacBook under $1000 (Air series).  

4. HP ENVY 15-w110nr- 2-in-1 hybrid laptop

Beauty at its best! Image Source: Amazon
Beauty at its best! Image Source: Amazon

HP has been in the business of making laptops for a long time, and this HP ENVY 15-w110nr is their latest innovation.  The HP ENVY 15-w110nr is one of the best laptops under $900, especially for people who are looking for 2-in-1 style laptop.

Backed up by very good rating around the Internet, this laptop is available for under $900.

The HP ENVY 15-w110nr features a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours, which is not just good but great.

FHD 15.6″ inch convertible screen makes it possible to use both as a laptop or a tablet. The HP ENVY 15 is the perfect laptop for college students and computer geeks. It can be a great gift to give!

It’s Intel i7 processor runs at the frequency 2.5 GHz, along with 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM makes it a powerful laptop that can handle multitask very easily .

Expect the HP ENVY 15-w110nr to be much  more durable than most other laptops in the market. With Windows 10 OS pre-installed, it looks very pretty! Just look at the picture above!

Price & Details – HP Envy 15

5. Dell Inspiron i5759 – 17 inch laptop

Look how beautiful this laptop looks! Image Source: Amazon
Look how beautiful this laptop looks! Image Source: Amazon

The most distinctive feature of the Dell Inspiron i5759 is it’s great design with FHD touch enabled 17.3″ screen for a price tag of under $850.

The Dell Inspiron i5759 features a bigger screen than the rest of the laptops listed here. Thanks to it’s 17.3 inch high resolution display.

The Dell Inspiron i5759 is powered by 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor and comes with Integrated Graphics 520. It is bundled with 8GB of RAM and a hard drive of 1TB. It has Windows 10 OS pre installed and has an average battery life of 5 hours.

The Dell Inspiron i5759 includes a tray load DVD Drive, SD card reader, 3.0 USB ports and many other goodies. This laptop is one of the best 17 inch dell laptop under $850!

Primary reasons to list the Dell Inspiron i5759: FHD touch enabled screen of 17.3″, & Affordability.

Price & More Details – Dell Inspiron i5759


Review if the 3 Best Gaming laptops under $900 2017

Gaming laptops under $900 aren’t the most powerful gaming notebooks out there, but they still can handle the medium to low graphic settings of the most popular games out there. You might want to play on low FPS settings on these gaming laptops.

RAM on these laptops are usually 8GB which isn’t much. You probably already know that if you are a hardcore gamer. You might want to upgrade your RAM a bit and get external SSD for the best gaming experience.

Nevertheless, there are solid gaming laptops out there that costs $900 or less. We will review 3 of them.

6. Acer Aspire V17 – 17 inch gaming laptop

You will love playing games on V17! Image Credit: Amazon
You will love playing games on V17! Image Credit: Amazon

The Acer Aspire V17 is a very good gaming laptop with large 17.3 inch FHD screen making your gameplay an awesome experience.

Below are the quick spec overview of the Acer Aspire V17:

  • GTX 960M GPU
  • Intel i7-6700HQ processor
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB HDD

That’s a good configuration on a gaming laptop. Under $900, that’s a pretty good deal. Besides, this laptop is widely liked by large number of gamers.

Primary reasons to list this gaming laptop: Powerful GPU for budget price, awesome battery life (7hrs) for a gaming notebook, fast wifi for online gaming, very good processor for this price range.

Price & More Details – Acer Aspire V17

PS: There is another Acer gaming laptop for a lot cheaper price. It’s the Aspire E15. You might want to look at that one as well. Specs;GTX 940Mx, 8GB DDR4 RAM, i7-6500U, 256GB SSD, and 15.6″ FHD screen.

We suspect, you will love it too and we will be checking our comment section from time to time for you to share your experience playing games on the Acer Aspire V17!

7. ASUS K501UW

The ASUS K501UW is also a decent laptop to play games. It is well liked by the gaming community. We believe the ASUS K501UW deserves a spot on the list of best gaming laptop for this price range.

Specs of ASUS K501UW:

  • GTX 960M with 4GB dedicated RAM
  • i7 6500-U processor
  • 512GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • 15.6 inch FHD screen

Price & More Details – ASUS K501UW

Like Saul Goodman says; its the end times son…

There goes our choice of decent laptops including gaming that costs $900 or less. If you are looking for a great laptop that costs somewhere between $800-$850-$900, this article should give you a very good idea for your next laptop purchase.

Thank you for reading this article about the best laptops under 900 dollars in 2017 and stay tuned for more great articles like this! Please share this in your online community!

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