You must be looking for best pico projector. Whether you’re building a home theater, or simply looking for a portable projector you can take on the go, there are many different factors, that play very important roles when it comes to a projector built-in technology. Its usefulness has also been extremely felt in business, education or even training. People from all walks of life, can all benefit from a Pico projector.

There has always been a high demand for performance and compatibility, a Pico projector can really bring these things to the table. The display plays are extremely important role when it comes to projection.  If your question is does it have enough power to be useful in a badly lit room?  Yes!  Using a formula that utilizes five main components which are,  battery, laser, optics, electronics and the scanning mirrors.

A Pico Projector just might be the item for you if you are looking for a portable device you can take on the go. Where ever life takes you next, you are prepared and ready to go in this ever changing world. Can you really afford a product so small, and with so much optics? Well, maybe it’s time we put the device to the test. What are the 5 best Pico projectors for the money? Can owning one really be financially possible, even while on a micro budget?

Here’s a list of the “5 Best Pico Projectors For The Money.”

AAXA P4 P4X Pico Projector- best Pico projector for movies under $300-2018

With a resolution of 854×480, which is  equal to the standard DVD, You can produce media a little larger than 3 feet diagonal from a 6 feet distance. The media player that comes built it includes, AVI, MPG, MP4, MP3 files, unfortunately, there’s no memory on the device itself, so you can’t save photos on the projector.

Built with an excellent input selection which include, a USB, a mini-HDMI port, a computer analog, composite video and micro-SD card reader, you’ll be equipped for whatever media file comes your way. Being very small and light weight, it’s sure to fit into any suitcase or carry-on as you travel the world. Take a look at this cutting edge gadget!

RIF6 Cube 2 Inch Pico DLP-best Pico projector for smartphones, iPad and tablets under $300-2018

With so much power virtually in the palm of your hands, the Cube-shaped Pico projector can get the work done, no questions asked. Equipped with an internal speaker, and a micro SD card reader, you are sure to have your audience wondering how you can pull off the impossible.

You can easily connect a Mac, PC, IOS device, Samsung galaxy, or any other android device, with the help of either an HDMI Adapter, a Micro USB or mini HDM cable. Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime. Let’s Check it out!

ASUS S1 LED Projector, 200 Lumens-one of the best led Pico projector costing under $300-2018

It has built-in rechargeable battery that last up to 3 hours of projection. It can amazingly be opted to charge mobile devices over USB. The S1 has a 1.1:1 lens which projects a 41-inch diagonal image at a 1 meter distance.

Built with an aluminum shell and a sleek shiny finish this device offers an HDMI/MHL port, a USB port for charging, and an ASUS Sonic Master-enhanced speaker, making it useful for either a professional, or just as a personal projection device. Click it to see this stunning led projector!

AAXA P300 Pico Projector- best  HD Pico projector that cost less than $400-2018

Featuring a new engine that delivers an HD, 1280×800 display, the AAXA is without a doubt, a high quality product. Using latest technology, that projects excellent color along with a 15,000 hour lifespan, the P300 is the ultimate show stopper.

 Through this powerful machine now you can experience 1080p/1080i/720p movies or videos as you go. Its outstanding capabilities have been  valued by business professionals and teachers for effective Powerpoint or visual presentation. Check this powerhouse out!

Optoma ML550 WXGA – best led Pico projector for gaming  and home under $500-2018

Incredibly small, the LED projector, which has the power and performance of any larger unit, delivers an impressive 500 Lumens and 10000:1 contrast ratio, accompanied by a sharp focus and excellent color accuracy.

The ML550 will make your presentations stand out giving off an “It Factor” that leaves your audience begging for more. The Optoma ML550 is small in size, but strong in performance. Weighing 14.1 oz, this projector is extremely portable and easy to use.

Its LED light source can last for way over 20,000 hours. So there are no expensive bulbs to replace, which in the long run can save you lots of money. It is built to last, so you know you can count on it for years to come. Check this awesome projector, maybe this is the one for you!


Pico projector has been one of the inclining  disruptive technology that will soon substitute the bulky projectors. With its amazing mobility and functionality, it will prove its usefulness in any home, business or education sector. All our selected Pico projectors have marked their good reputation through its stunning and subtle functionality. We would like to thank you for visiting our article about 5 best Pico Projectors for the money. Wish you good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!