Everyone always wants to hear the high-quality music. Headphones are a necessity for those lovers of music. However boring a piece of music can be, when it is played with proper ultra-modern, high-quality devices, it can be so enjoyable.

This feeling is only possible when you try best portable headphone amps. You will have to take a very long time to enjoy your music unless you try these five best portable headphone amps/DAC. You will always get the best out of these. You only need to try them yourself. Their packing is attractive, and they come in an easy-to-open pack.

This will be an added advantage as you will have found even a more aesthetic value for your house. Their high quality makes them rare to come by, and you better hurry up! Always limited edition goods, prompt sale. As an individual, I regard the “cool factor” more than anything else. These headphone amps are just state-of-the-art ones. Let us have a deeper picture into each of them. Finding the best pair of such is no longer hard.

Fiio E07K Andes- best budget portable DAC headphone amp under 100 dollars-2020

The E07K Andes USB DAC and Portable Headphone is one with an elevated level of versatility that will give you a top class headphone experience. Do you need a high performance and excellent resolution? I guess, yes. Then this is the headphone that you hardly pass by without having a look.

Besides, you could be in search of powerful output amps and small distortion music headphone amps. This is the ultimate amps that you need to bring your longing to an end. This gadget has a TI PCM 2706 USB receiver. Also, it can support up to 16-bit 48 kHz for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The best feature about this headphone amp is that it has a power AMP of TPA6130A.

Besides, it has a pure quality that is purely Sleek. It is sizeable, and you can easily attach on the smartphone without blocking your camera. Specifically, this Amplifier has a DAC that readily changes the computer music to analog audio thus up-scaling the audio format. The warm, pleasant sound is due to the more power that is offered by the amplifiers. This headphone amplifier has a build quality and ease of controls. Get one and start enjoying promptly!

AUDIOQUEST –  Best ultra portable DAC headphone amp for iPhones and iPods under $150-2020

AudioQuest Dragonfly v 1.2 is another high-quality USB DAC that will give you the best results. You can plug it into your computer and listen through your headphones. Besides, you can connect it directly to your headphones or powered speakers and be ready for an amazing audio.

For either fixed or variable output, it is user-selectable, thus flexible. AudioQuest Dragonfly has an asynchronous USB audio data transfer that is sophisticated. Moreover, it has a capability of 24 bit/96 kHz. Dragonfly has an output mode of 64-position analog control for volume. This allows it to be connected with headphones and besides, amazes me- a natural music addict. It is our best recommend for smart phones and tablets. Take a look at this amazing piece!

TEAC  HA-P50- best portable 600 ohm headphone amp under 200 dollars-2020

TEAC Portable Headphone Amplifier is another one that you cannot afford to miss. It has rechargeable internal 2100 Li-on battery that has a continuous battery life of up to 8 hours. Besides, it also has an iOS player that you can always get absolutely for free from the TEAC website or App store.

For digital audio devices, it has an optical digital audio player. This headphone amplifier also has a high-resolution playback for both computers and IOS devices with a capability of 24-bit/96 kHz. Get one today for best music experience!

Sony PHA-1 – best portable DAC headphone amp for iphones and ipods costing under $300-2020

Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amplifier is another amazing headphone amplifier. The PHA-1 has a DAC of a high quality, and this makes it possible for achieving the maximum sampling rate with a quantization of 24-bit/96 kHz.

Most significantly, it can allow headphones of a broad variety of impedances to be used since it has a GAIN switch. This portable headphone amplifier has a high slew rate and low distortion for its shielded case that prevents external noise interruptions. Take a peek at this powerful amp!

Fostex HP-P1 – best DAC headphone amps under $500-2020

Fostex HP P1 Headphone Amp receives audio signal digitally from your smartphone or iPhone. Fostex HP also features a high-quality 32-bit Digital Audio Converter and an exclusive audiophile circuitry. Fostex HP-P1 Headphone has a stunning depth, tone, optical input, and an effective bass booster.

Also, it has an inbuilt PDIF Digital Out and a 3-step control. Fostex HP-P1 Headphone Amp is a delight to handle and operate because of its building to exact standards and exceptional performance. Get this one and allow the music to flow into your ears in a natural way!


We hope our article about  5 Best Portable Headphone Amps/DAC was informative enough for you. All these selected  amps are favored by many to be the best bargain for the money. Getting one of these will certainly enhance your music experience within the ultra comfort through mobility. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!