There are many factors that go into determining whether or not a projector screen is top quality, or if it’s not worth even being used as wallpaper. For starters, resolution is an important component, since the resolution display of a monitor can make a quality projector not able to produce as resolute of a picture as it should.

The amount of reflectivity also has a major impact because this will alter the brightness and visibility of the projection. Projector screens also have an effect on contrast ratios and can either improve or depreciate a projection’s contrast. Color accuracy should be stable, as projectors should not be changing the color of the projection on its own. That’s the job of the projector, and it’s not helpful for projections to look different screen to screen.

While that basically covers the quality of the screen itself, there is a lot of features that factor in that might sway your decision. These could be a motorized drop, brand name, remote, size, and even the cost. Finding the perfect projector screen isn’t easy, so we’ve prepared a list of some of the best projector screens on the market. Here’s our top five selections that are worth their price!

Elite Screens Manual Series, Model: M80UWH- best projector screen for the money under 100 dollars-2018

This is a fantastic monitor that comes at a cheap price. Elite offers quality screen products, the M80UWH is no exception. It comes equipped with the Elite MaxWhite tensioned screen, which allows the projection to appear as widescreen due to the wide viewing angles.

There is a black backing to the screen that helps to eliminate glare and light penetration. It comes fully mountable and can be pulled to open and close the screen. It will lock in place using the automatic locking mechanism included in the mounting device for the screen. Take a look at it!

STR-169100 Silver Ticket 100″ Diagonal 16:9 HDTV- best budget projector screen costing less than $200-2018

This isn’t some sheet placed on your wall, but is actually made of enhanced screen projection material. This screen comes with a frame that locks it in place. Using the attachment rod, you can pull the screen tight to prevent any wrinkles or arcs in the screen, allowing for smooth viewing.

It’s also very easy to set up since it comes just like a framed picture would. The frame is made of durable aluminum, unlike the tubing used by other brands. Being made of 1.1 vinyl, this screen will make you feel like you’re at the movies. Click it to watch it!

Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Movie Theater Projector Screen-best portable projector screen for outdoor-2018

Not all screens have to be mounted, and that’s exactly the market that the Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD portable movie screen looks to target. The screen is placed in a frame, which comes with a stand so that you don’t have to create any pesky holes in the wall.

This also makes it much easier to use outdoors. The frame is foldable so that the projection screen is easily portable. The screen itself is UV protected, washable, resistant to fire and mildew, and doesn’t create or carry static. Take a peek at it!

STR-169150-G Silver Ticket 150″ Diagonal 16:9 HDTV- best HD projector screen under $500-2018

If you’re looking for a larger screen, then this is the one for you. It has a diagonal of 150 inches, one of the largest framed screens available for under $500. The screen is made of 1.0 vinyl and is made of light grey material to enhance the black levels of your projections. This eliminates the need to shift the colors of your projector, and makes the projection feel like the one you’d see in a movie theater. Since the projector comes as a frame, it’s easy to install and requires a lot smaller screws than other mounts. The frame itself is made from durable aluminum and is rust resistant. Thousands have been sold with limitless positive reviews, so try one out for yourself!

Elite Screens Sable Frame Series 120-inch 16:9 Sound Transparent Fixed Frame Projection Screen, Model: ER120WH1-A1080P2- best home theater projector screen under $1000-2018

Elite always delivers quality projector screens, and the Elite Screens Sable Frame Series 120-inch 16:9 Sound Transparent Fixed Frame Projection Screen Model: ER120WH1-A1080P2 is no exception. The material is angular weaved, allowing for clear viewing from multiple angles of up to 160 degrees. The 120 inch diagonal screen comes in 2.36 inch aluminum framing.

It’s black backed to eliminate light penetration and glare. It is made of 1.0 vinyl that is specifically designed for 1080P projectors. The manufacturer offers a two year warranty with the product so you can rest assured that if something happens, you’re covered. This is one of the best projector screens available! Take a Glance at it!


Thank you for selecting us and reading all the way through. We hope our article about the 5 best projector screens was able to answer your queries. If you want the theatre picture quality, then we suggest you should have a good projector screen as well. In our listings we have chosen each one of different price segments to facilitate you to match your budget. All these selected are  the best sellers. Of course, there is a valid reason for it. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart.