If you are looking for the best projector under $100, then you are in the right place. With all these blockbuster movies finding its way to your home entertainment, you probably wish for large screen just like that of a movie theater. A decent projector is arguably the best options for watching movies on a big screen at home.

Thanks to its unmatched portability, you can have the best movie watching experience anywhere you desire. However, with so many choices to choose from and a large variety of price ranges, how do you know which model is best for you? Also, what are the things to consider while seeking a projector?. To help you better understand we have divided this article into two following sections.

  1. Top 5 things to consider while buying a projector

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  1. 5 Best projector under $100

Take a peek at our top 5 list of projectors under $100!


Key features


1. Crenova XPE496,

2200 lumen| LED lamp| 2200:1 contrast ratio| 50,000 hrs lamp life

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2. QKK 2200 mini projector

2200 lumen| LED lamp| 2000:1 contrast ratio| 50,000 hrs lamp life

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3. iDGLAX iDG-787W

2000 lumen| LED lamp| 1000:1 contrast ratio| 20,000 hrs lamp life

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4. Vankyo Leisure 3

2200 lumen| LED lamp| 2000:1 contrast ratio| 40,000 hrs lamp life

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5. AAXA KP-101-01

25 lumen| LED lamp| 1000:1 contrast ratio| 15,000 hrs lamp life

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Top 5 things to consider while buying a projector for your needs.

Display technology

Somehow similar to TV, projector comes with three different types of lenses covering Digital light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Liquid crystal on silicon (LCos). Ranking them based on picture quality would place LCoS on the top, followed by LCD and DLP. However, it doesn’t imply one is totally superior to another. Each piece of technology has its own pros and cons.


Along with display panel, projectors are priced, based on their resolution. Most low range projectors used native pixel matrix of 1024 x 786 and are called XGA projectors. WXGA projectors have higher native resolution of 1280 x 800. Then we have HD or 720p resolution projectors, which carry native pixel matrix of 1280 x 720.

The FHD projectors will have a native pixel matrix of 1920 x 1080p. The highest resolution of all is included in 4K UHD projectors. This type of projector either uses 4096 x 2160 or 3840 x 2160 native pixel matrix.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

Brightness of projector is measured in lumen. Lumen is a measurement of light output from a projector. Generally, the higher the better, a high lumen projector will be perfect fit for outdoor or bright room.

The contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest image that your projector can project. A projector with higher contrast ratio can project vibrant images with better color accuracy than a lower contrast ratio projector.


Range of projector measure the image throwing distance of a projector. There are primarily long, medium and short throwing distance projector. What types of throwing distance you may need  depends on the space available. Typically, short throw distance projector cost more than long throw distance as it only need as near as 4 feet to project the whole widescreen. Thus, you don’t have to dedicate a room for a projector.


How to display your content from a projector depends on the ports that are included on a projector. Some of the typical ports you will find on a projector are HDMI port, Display port, USB port, S-videos, and VGA port.

HDMI port has become the most favorite of all since its almost impossible to think of any computer devices that cannot be connected via HDMI. Some of the new projectors are geared with wireless connection. It is good to have feature as it eliminates nuisance of dealing with wires.

Now that you are familiar with different features a projector has to offer, lets go through our list of 5 best projectors under $100.

1. Crenova XPE496

Best cheap projector under $100- 2018

If you are looking for a cheap yet best home theater projector that can meet your movie watching and playing game needs, then crenova xpe496 projector is the one for you.

With the native resolution of 840 X 480, this projector can project up to 1920 X 1080 FHD resolution. This affordable and lightweight projector harbor staggering 2200 lumen with a contrast ratio of 2200:1. You can expect the picture quality to be the best in this price range.

Further, this projector has a lamp lifetime of 50,000 hours and can produce image size of 28-180 inches from a distance of 3.93-18 feet.

This projector easily supports input from Amazon fire, chromecast via HDMI ports. Besides, it can be connected to a wide array of peripherals via VGA, USB, AV and SD card ports.


  • Respectable brightness with 2200 lumen

  • 1080p support

  • Decent picture quality with 2200:1 contrast ratio

  • Remote included


  • Poor audio quality 

  • Lacks bluetooth support

  • Loud fan noise



2. QKK 2200 Mini Projector

Best mini projector under $100- 2018

When it comes to portability within affordability, QKK 2200 mini projector is the way to go. Its small size fused with 2200 lumen and 2000: 1 contrast ratio makes this projector great for travel and outdoor movie watching experience.

Its LCD TFT projection system can display 16.7 million colors. With the 50,000hrs lamp lifetime, you can expect this to last for many years to come.

It can project FHD resolution with an image size from 32 to 176 inches from a distance of 1.5m to 5m. For  I/O it includes two USB ports, HDMI, AV, VGA and SD card ports.


  • Good picture quality for dark room

  • Decent sound quality

  • Built in power supply

  • Good collection of I/O including 2 x USB and a headphone jack


  • Not so good for bright room

  • Pixilated text makes it hard for office work

  • Lacks Bluetooth



3. iDGLAX iDG-787W

Best gaming projector under $100 2018

This lightweight projector is a huge hit amongst video gamers looking to play their PlayStation or Xbox games on a large screen. For the size and price it packs a serious punch.

It has a native resolution of 800 x 480 but is perfectly compatible with 1080p. Its 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, 1000: 1 contrast ratio and 2000 lumen make it great for playing games.

It can produce 70-90 inch from a short distance of 6-9 feet. It claimed to be quiet with its 2 ball bearing fan, but still there is some level of ambient noise from the projector. Its video input includes USB, SD card slot, AV, HDMI and VGA port.


  • Decent picture throw distance for the price

  • Good picture quality

  • Works great with Xbox 360/ Xbox one and PS4

  • Good internal speaker


  • Comparatively less lamp lifetime of 20,000 hrs

  • Loud fan noise

  • No Bluetooth support



4. Vankyo Leisure 3

Best budget projector under $100 -2018

The Vankyo leisure 3 offers some of the best bang for your buck that you can possibly bargain in this price range. Powered by the MStar advance color engine, its LED lamps deliver maximum luminosity of 2200 lumen, making it great for outdoor and indoor movie watching experience.

This little device is capable of producing a stunning contrast ratio of 2000:1. It is fully geared to produce the large screen size of 32 to 176 inches from a distance as low as 4.9ft to 16.4 ft. However, the manufacturer recommended ideal distance is at least 6.5 ft.

Equipped with AV, VGA, USB, TF and HDMI ports, you can connect devices like a TV stick, laptops, DVD, phones right out of the box. The included carrying bag and a remote control is a great plus to complement its versatility.


  • Built-in  lens focus adjuster

  • Remote and carrying case included

  • Good picture and sound quality for the price

  • No overheating issues


  • No Bluetooth support

  • Loud fan noise



5. AAXA KP-101-01

Best Pico projector under $100- 2018

If you are looking for a pocket projector for under $100, then look no further than AAXA KP-101-01. To be honest, this projector is not powerful as other projectors in this listing. But the ultra portability derives via its small size as most smartphones and built in rechargeable battery with the LED lens capable of delivering a stunning 60 inch image makes this projector really a special one.

This pocket projector uses LED technology and can project 1280 x 720P resolution. It has 15,000 hours operating life and can go 80 minutes on a single charge. Once, the battery drains out you can simply plug and play.

With the support for mini-HDMI port, 3.5mm audio output jack, SD card reader and USB port it can be coupled with a variety of multimedia including phones, laptops, camera or console gaming.


  • Ultra portable same size as most smartphones

  • Rechargeable internal battery

  • MHL capable to compatible devices

  • Impressive picture quality for its size and price


  • Only suitable for dark ecosystem

  • Lacks wireless connectivity

  • Short battery life




Projectors may not be the perfect TV replacement yet the higher level of portability and its capability of producing big screen images without breaking the bank are commendable.

Home theater projectors are cheaper than ever, but let face the fact that it is not for everyone. There are few limitations that you may want to consider before buying a projector.

Regardless of price, most of the projectors need darker rooms to make the images more vibrant and true to the life. Also, you will need a significant wall size to project your images. Likewise, no matter how good the internal speaker a project might have it cannot fully accommodate for the audio quality that any decent external speaker offers.

If these things won’t bother you we are sure the huge images delivered by projectors can have a great visual impact on your movie watching experience.