The world of cell phones has changed drastically. Once flip phones were very popular, or the phones with the big buttons, now straight phones with touch screens are the most common. Smartphones have indeed evolved, over the years.

Today, many seniors use cell phones, and enjoy the technology as it progresses. But, seniors have their own issues with hearing, fading eyesight, and others. Because of that, seniors may require different types of cell phones, than other people.

Believe it or not, smartphones that exist today are even better for seniors to use, as opposed to the old straight or flip phones with big buttons. Many seniors have been able to conquer some of the new technology that is out there on the cell phones, and have been able to use it effectively even with the possible fading eyesight, and hearing.

In this article we will provide you very useful information to find the best smartphone for seniors and older adults in 2020.

You can install any medical apps on these cell phones through app stores after you purchase one.

Below is a list of the top 7 cell phones for seniors. This list is based on several factors, such as readability, ease of use, flashlight, high-volume. Some of the cell phones here do not have  an Emergency SOS button but could be enabled in the settings.

We assume that you are looking for unlocked version so that you can use with your favorite cell phone plan. Thus, all of the recommended products reviewed here are unlocked phones which can be used with most GSM carriers.

Some of the products might say International version. Do not get confused with the term. It simply means it can be used with GSM carriers that are based away from US. They WILL WORK just fine with US plans.

Let us now jump into what we find on what are the best cell phones for senior citizens in 2020. We will start by tableview of the products.

Best Smartphones for seniors/best cell phone for senior citizens

Operating System
Samsung Jitterbug Touch 3
Under $100
BLU Advance 5.0
Under $60
Nokia Lumia 1020
Windows 8.0
Under $250
LG Nexus 5X
Under $300
Apple iPhone 6+
Under $650
Samsung Galaxy S4
HTC one A9 

* Price varies a lot on this product. Navigate all the offers for best deal. Also, make sure its unlocked so that you can use it with several carriers.

GreatCall Samsung Jitterbug Touch3 – Cheap smartphone for seniors under $100 who might need urgent attention at anytime

This is actually the smartphone made especially for older people who might need urgent attention at any given time of the day. It is a nice little device with lots to offer for the people of your age.

It is compatible with the hearing aid and have touch buttons that are very easy to navigate. It comes with built in apps for urgent medical care and around the clock access to nurses and doctors. You can get such plan at and buy the phone here.

BLU Advance 5.0- Cheapest and best smartphone for senior citizens under $100 in 2020

If you want to buy the cheapest smartphone, which is also durable and senior citizen friendly, look no further and have a look at this cheap smartphone that has blown away its competitors.

Available for well below $100, it actually makes people wonder if it is a deal that is too good to be true. Well, it isn’t.

See the picture on the right for a quick look at the design and overall look of this smartphone.

This best selling smartphone has good battery life, excellent sound, good display, and has cameras on the both sides. It is powered by the latest Android OS.

Although it has memory of just 4GB, it should be enough for seniors who usually use these devices for texting and calling their contacts.

Price of under $100 is simply unbeatable. It indeed is the cheapest smartphone for senior citizens.


Windows 8 Powered Nokia Lumia 1020 – One of the best smartphones for seniors under $300

With a screen that fights glare, this best smartphone for seniors makes it easier to read in places with excessive lights or even sunlight. With a medium 4.5 inch screen, it makes it much easier for seniors and elderly people to see everything.

With an excellent camera on both sides, and dual flash, as well as great sound, it makes this phone a must-have for any senior citizen. The anti-glare is especially great for those seniors with troubling eyesight, especially on screens that have too much reflection.

This cell phone is powered by Windows operating system and is available for an affordable price of under $300. If you buy the unlocked version, you will be able to use it with virtually any cell phone companies out there.


LG Nexus 5X – Great cell phone for seniors under $200

With one of the best processors and amazing performance, the LG Nexus 5x has a 5.2 inch screen. With an excellent Android processor, the auto focus on the camera, this phone is full of features and is a top cell phone for seniors.

This phone has been described as very comfortable to hold, which is great for seniors not wanting a phone that is too bulky. The big screen is always a plus, and with all the extra features, any senior can customize this phone to fit into their lifestyle.

It has 16GB storage and has fingerprint security feature.

Unlocked version of LG Nexus 5X can be used with any GSM carrier.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus- Top smartphone for seniors

With an improved camera, that has been described as “excellent”, has better quality as opposed to the previous models, as well as low light photo performance, this phone has it all. This phone runs iOS 8 and has a much faster processor.

This has a 5.5 inch screen and is recommended for seniors with fading eyesight because of its large field of view and adjustable background light. With great sound, it makes it easier for seniors with hearing issues, be able to hear the phone when it rings. You can also register the phone, so it can be found in case it’s ever lost, anywhere.

With all the features of this phone, it’s an excellent choice for the elderly in 2020. If bought without a contract this phone will be about $750 and you can use it on any network with GSM Sim and if you get it with contract plan(usually 2 years) with most of the big cell phone companies, they will give it to you for as low as $299.

You can visit here and see how this model compares with other versions of iPhones. If you are actually buying, we recommend seniors get the unlocked version so that it can be used with many different carriers.

iPhone 6 Plus – Price and Full Details

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Affordable cell phone for elderly citizens

The galaxy smartphone has revolutionized the cell phone industry. With an incredibly fast processor, amazing graphics, and excellent sound, it makes the Galaxy S4, the best smartphone for senior citizens.

Although there are newer versions of this phone, the S4 is what we think is great for seniors because its the best deal for cheaper price.

The 5 inch screen is great for seniors wanting a big display, and the great graphics make everything clearer. With 32 GB of internal storage space, it’s great for anyone needing to hold many pictures, music, e-books and more. This is especially great for seniors who may not want to deal with very small memory cards as there is more than enough space in the phone.


HTC one A9 – Very good for older adults

The HTC one A9 is a top smartphone for senior citizens due to many reasons. Affordability is the single most important factor for senior citizens when they are shopping around for smartphones and HTC one A9 belongs to the group of affordable cell phones out there.

It can be purchased for a cheap price of around $300, which is a great price for cell phones that has the latest features installed.

It has a full HD display screen of 5 inches, which will assure comfort to the eyes of senior citizens by putting less strain on their eyes.

Sound is also great on this phone. It has a camera on the both sides, so you can take pictures of the surroundings or take a selfie! This is a great smartphone for older people!


Conclusion- Best cell phones for seniors, elderly and pensioners

There we presented 7 great cell phones aka smartphones that are more suitable for seniors. These best smartphones for seniors makes text-messaging, talking and taking pictures very easy and are durable.

If you are looking for cheaper senior cell phone plans, you might want to visit nearest phone dealerships that sell cheap cell phone plans. They have phones that does not cost much or even free phones that comes with the plan. Hope you find this article about best cell phone for seniors helpful.

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