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Are you tired of the sound quality your television produces? Those thin, small speakers built into the sides of the flatscreen just are not cutting it for you. However, maybe you don’t have enough room for a complete surround sound system. That doesn’t mean you should be forced to deal with the inferior sound of the television’s speakers. Instead, you just need to invest in a sound bar.

A sound bar offers a great way to improve the quality of your audio entertainment. You’ll feel the richer, fuller audio quality of the speaker as it completely transforms the way you enjoy the audio that comes with the video.

Best of all, many of these sounders also allow you to connect your mobile phone or other audio device. Of course, there are dozens of different sounders on the market currently, but this is a list of the 5 best soundbars under 150 bucks in 2018.

 Soundbars Size   Bluetooth Connectivity
VIZIO SB3821-C6 38″ Yes
Samsung HW-K360 35″ Yes
AmazonBasics Soundbars 31.5″ Yes
RichSound Research SoundBars 32″ Yes
BÖHM SoundBars  31.5″ Yes

VIZIO SB3821-C6 Home Theater 2.1 Sound Bar with Integrated Bass- One of the best soundbars under 150 dollars for 2018

best soundbar under 150
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While it might be a mouthful, this VIZIO soundbar is one of the very best, and at the same time available for a really cheap price of under 150 dollars.

For the quality of the audio you receive with this setup, it is tough to beat. Now, it is 38 inches, which makes it great for fitting underneath or in front of a television that is right around 40 inches.

Of course, you can use it for televisions larger or smaller, but this size is just right for fitting on most television stands. The speaker comes with a remote control, so you can change the volume and alter audio playback features without getting up from your seat, and it does have a DC in jack, in case you want to connect other external audio devices to the sound bar.

It features Dolby Digital, DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume. The DTS ensures you receive the highest quality and clearest audio ever. This VIZIO soundbar also comes with a wall mounting bracket, so if your television is mounted to the wall, you can have the speaker mounted right below it.

More Details – VIZIO SB3821-C6

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Samsung HW-K360 2.1 Channel Wireless Soundbar- Best soundbar for gaming under $150

best cheap soundbars
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If you are looking for some extra pop in the bass, look no further than Samsung HW-K360 which comes with a wireless Subwoofer!

As one of the best soundbars under $150, this speaker system comes with an added subwoofer, which you simply place on the ground next to your entertainment center. The subwoofer brings new dimensions to your audio experience, and the 35 inch speaker is large enough to provide audio coverage for any television.

It is best designed for 32-inch televisions and larger. This sound bar comes with wall mounts. Being a bluetooth enabled soundbar, your music will not be limited to TVs. You can connect your smartphones as well using the bluetooth technology. There is no reason why this gadget isn’t the best cheap soundbar under $150!

More Details – Samsung HW-K360

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AmazonBasics 2.1 channel SoundBar-Excellent sound bar under $150-2018

This is a beautifully designed speaker that comes with a sweet finish and is one of the best soundbars under $150.

Although Amazon is less known as the sound bar expert, this one is a unique case. Many people who own this product love it!

This is a bluetooth enabled sound bar. That means, you are not limited to using this sound bar on your TV. You can connect to any bluetooth enabled device and play the sound. For under $150 you can really enhance your sound system that is worth millions in terms of experience!

The AmazonBasics soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer. You can use it right out of the box without going through multiple painstaking set-up process. Truly a sound bar on the go!

This is a 31.5 inch sound bar. You should definitely give it a chance to enhance your sound system!

More Details – AmazonBasics SoundBar with Subwoofer

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Richsound Research TB232SW- One of the best Cheap soundbars under $150

Richsound Research TB232SW is a cheap sound bar under $150 that is great for televisions and rooms of any size.

This system can be mounted on the wall or be placed on your TV stand. Choice is yours! This too is a bluetooth enabled system and hence you will be able to enjoy sound from any bluetooth device.

The Richsound Research TB232SW is a 32 inch, 2.1 channel sound bar with a power output of 120 watts. Bass is amazing and it supports optical, Auxiliary and HDMI connections besides bluetooth connectivity. It is pretty generous of RSR to offer this cheap sound bar under $150 with so many features on the go!

Plus, the Richsound Research TB232SW comes with a wired subwoofer, so you might not need a separate speaker! Sound is truly great on this sound bar!

More Details – Richsound Research TB232SW

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BÖHM BA66000038 – Best Budget SoundBar under $150 for TVs

Last but not the least on our list is the BÖHM soundbars which are just as good when compared to the other sound bars we just reviewed.

These are wall mountable 31.5 inch bars that also supports bluetooth connection and comes with the integrated bass technology for the deep bass.

You can really enhance your audio system when you add these sound bars! Available for under $150, we recommend you this soundbar as a solid alternative to the others!

More Details – BÖHM Sound Bars

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There goes the 5 top soundbars that cost less than $150 that we think are the best and are available for a cheap price in the market. We are open to your opinion about this post!

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