The band is ready. Everyone is ready to jam on their respective instruments. To finish your studio you definitely need monitors, but your wallet is looking a little thin. Are you in search of a great sounding studio monitor, but have a limited budget?

Do you think you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a tight, crisp sound? You don’t. Unless you are recording the latest Rolling Stones album, there is no reason to break the bank for a superior studio monitor. Are you on the hunt for a high resolution studio monitor? What about a monitor with a three-way design? Are you a fan of kevlar woven drivers? Do you need a professional sounding monitor to record that all important demo tracks?

Every one of the monitors in this list will satisfy those needs. You can still get those sweet sounding low frequencies beats. Even those sought after high tones can be achieved. These monitors are powerful, efficient, trusted products from the leaders in the industry. They include many options and features to fit the sound you are looking for. This list has been compiled to save you money. These monitors have great sound quality and craftsmanship. They will give you the most bang for your buck. All are listed under $300. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the best studio monitors under $300. Enjoy!

Yamaha HS7: best powered studio monitor speaker  under 300 dollars-2017

The Yamaha HS7 Powered Studio Monitor has a pounding 2-Way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield monitor. A 6.5″ cone woofer and 1″ dome tweeter give you those banging lows and electrifying highs. It includes a 95W power amplification system.

This monitor will keep the purity of your original sound. Cutting edge noise reduction technology ensures a tight recording, devoid of outside interference. Additional room controls within the high and low frequencies give you even more influence and customization. An excellent addition to any home recording studio.


JBL LSR305 (PAIR) Professional: best pair of studio monitors under 300 bucks-2017

Increased HF detail sets the JBL LSR305 (PAIR) Professional Studio Monitors apart from the competition. It features the Broad Sweet Spot 3 Series, delivering studio quality sound equally in larger areas. JBL creates great products, and this is no exception.

The Class-D 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for LF, and 41 Watt RMS Amplifier for HF, cover both frequency ranges. The acoustics on this monitor are just flat out awesome. The low frequency transducer is magnetically shielded. If you are looking for outstanding quality in a low priced studio monitor, this is the one for you.


M-Audio M3-6 3-Way: best active studio monitors for  under $300

For clarity, the M-Audio M3-6 3-Way Active Studio Monitor Speakers provide absolutely accurate sound. This is a steal for under $300. 160 total watts of tri-amplified Class A/B power draws out all the energy you need. A professional three-way design is crafted into its compact package.

It is the same size as many two-way monitors, but you will notice the difference in sound quality. The vocal tracks are consistently polished at any volume. The inline speaker design is aesthetically pleasing as well. The Kevlar woven low and mid range drivers are a nice touch. For all the features crammed into this model, the small size is astounding. This is the best  bargain for the price.


Presonus Eris E8 140-Watt Channel: best home studio monitor that cost less than 300 dollars

The Presonus Eris E8 140-Watt Channel Studio Monitor is another great selection that featured 140 watts, Class AB amplification and 105 dB maximum continuous SPL. The front firing acoustic port guarantees the best bass frequency reduction. The strong point of this monitor is its ability to sound superior on all playback systems.

An 8-inch kevlar low-frequency transducer and 1.25-inch (32 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer is a great touch. This monitor is sure to maintain that crisp, clear sound that you want. The price is well within the range of any budget. This is definitely one of the best studio monitors under 300 dollars.


Mackie MR mk3 Series MR8mk3 8-Inch: top powered studio monitor speaker  for under 300 dollars

The Mackie MR mk3 Series MR8mk3 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors has the best power output in its class. This is a good choice to achieve a professional, powerful sound. It features an ultra low-distortion 8 Inches LF driver for a clean sound.

A high output 1 inch soft dome tweeter will give you high sounds energetic clarity. Precision Class A/B amplification with active protection. This is a class leading studio reference monitor. If you want to dazzle others with the highest quality recordings for the cost, this is the monitor you are looking for.



Thank you for reading all the way through. We hope our article about the 5 best studio monitors under $300 was informative and helpful to you. Getting one of this powerful studio monitors will certainly provide you with the best bargain.  As our listed  studio monitors are well favored for its awesome attributes under its price segment, you can expect to get the best experience out of it. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!

image Credit: Amazon Inc.
image Credit: Amazon Inc.