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If you are looking for  the best subwoofer under $500, then going through our article will guide your way through and find you the best that match your lifestyle. A subwoofer is an important part of any home entertainment system. These specialized speakers are designed to reproduce the deep bass notes from your favorite music and the low rumbling sounds from movie earthquakes and roaring dinosaurs. Most subwoofers have a frequency response of 20-200 Hz and complement the other two main speakers: the mid-range and treble.

Subwoofers may be mounted with other speakers, but are most commonly housed in a separate enclosure. The speaker enclosures are usually made of wood, MDF or other materials that can withstand the changes in air pressure caused by the speakers but maintain their structural integrity.

Before moving any further, if you know your sense of style, then please use the chart below and quick links for easy access:

Top 6 subwoofer under $500-2021




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1. Klipsch R12SW

12 inch

400 watt RMS

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2. Bic Acoustech PL-200

12 inch

250 watt RMS

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3.MartinLogan DYN500D

10 inch

120 watt RMS

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4. Polk Wireless PSWI225

8 inch

100 watt RMS

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5. Infinity Primus 12

12 inch

400 watt RMS

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6. BIC America F-12

 12 inch

150 watt RMS

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When shopping for the best subwoofers under $500, be sure to understand several of the basics.

Power: Generally more power (measured as watts per channel) produces more sound, but more power doesn’t necessarily mean better sound. Typically an average sized room will need a 10″ to 12″ subwoofer to deliver the best deeper bass response.

Most subwoofers today have powered amplifiers built into their enclosures. The large speaker size and the energy required to reproduce the deep low sound makes a powered unit necessary. Amplifiers are rated on two scales, their continuous and their peak output, both expressed in the wattage. A watt is a unit of power that measures the conversion of energy over time. A high continuous output usually delivers a cleaner sound than a low output. Peak outputs are a measure of how the amplifier can handle the sudden explosions or jet fighter fly-by in your movie.

Sound: is measured in hertz, which is a measurement of frequency. The bottom range of normal human hearing is 20 Hz, or a frequency of 20 cycles per second. Sounds below 20 Hz are sub-sonic, and while they cannot be normally heard, they still produce vibrations that can be felt.

Decibel: For most speakers it is measured at a standard reference point of +/- 3 dB. A decibel (dB) is the measurement loudness of sound. A normal conversation between two people is usually in the 60 dB range and a lawn mower is about 90 dB. The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale so for every 10 decibels the loudness increases by twice. Therefore, for the human ear to perceive the sound to be twice as loud, you will need  a subwoofer that has 10 times more watts than previous.

Acoustical suspension Vs Reflext Type

The enclosure can be designed as either an acoustical suspension or bass reflex type. The acoustical suspension models are sealed enclosures that use the air movement to produce a clean, accurate sound, but they generally need more power.

A bass reflex subwoofer has a port (basically a hole in the enclosure) that is tuned to channel some of the air pressure from the speaker to reproduce the bass sound. Bass reflex speakers are more energy efficient, but their sound is not as crisp.

If you are shopping with a budget of 500 dollars, there are a handful of them which are favored by many  for its outstanding engineering.  Listen to several different subwoofers, select the one that sounds right to you.

Klipsch R12SW: Best home theater subwoofer for under 500 dollars-2021

The Klipsch R-12W subwoofer is a front facing, 37.5 pound speaker that is designed as a bass reflex model reproducing bass from 29 – 120 Hz with minimal distortion. The maximum output is 116 dB from its 200 watt continuous (400 watt peak) amplifier. The speaker cone is 12″ and is made from a copper-spun material housed in an MDF cabinet

With this powerful subwoofer, you will have the best home theater experience. Whether it’s a rock, metal, hip hop or rap, with its deep bass, you can experience the best music experience.


Bic Acoustech PL-200: Best powered subwoofer for under 400 dollars-2021

The Bic Acoustech PL-200 Subwoofer is a top rated 12″ front facing speaker offered 22 – 250 Hz of quality bass from its BASH 250 continuous watt amplifier (peak 1,000 watts). The 52 pound cabinet has a durable lacquer finish that is highly scratch resistant.

It can boost the sound loudness up to 110 dB. To handle such high sound, it has made sure with 1,000 watt power output. If you are looking for loudest deep bass with awesome clarity and durability, then look no further than Bic Acoustech PL-200. 


MartinLogan DYN500D: best subwoofer under $500 for music-2021

Martin Logan is a speaker company well known for its audiophile quality equipment. Its entry into the best subwoofers under 500 category is no less capable than the company’s high-end speakers. The front facing 10″ speaker cone is made from polypropylene and handles a peak 360 watts and is housed in a 28.5 pound MDF enclosure.

With a built in amplifier perfectly matched with speakers, it offers the optimal performance for any surrounding. Especially when you are listening to music, its deep bass from high watt gives you the crystal clarity with low distortion.


Polk Wireless PSWI225: best wireless subwoofer costing less than 500 dollars-2021

The Polk PSWi225 is a wireless speaker so the only cord you have to worry with is the power cord. The speaker features a 8″ downward facing cone, delivering 34-250 Hz from its 100 watt amplifier. The MDF enclosure is 26.9 pounds.

With this small yet powerful subwoofer, you can enjoy the dynamic bass from movies, games and music. If you feel uncomfortable getting wireless over wired subs thinking that you have to compromise with the sound, then you will definitely reconsider it after listening to this beast.


Infinity Primus 12-Inch: best subwoofer for music and movies-2021

 With the price tag under 500 dollars, the infinity Primus subwoofer is a 12″ speaker capable of delivering a frequency response 25 – 150 Hz using a 400 watt amplifier (700 watt peak) with low distortion. It’s incredibly high power offers loudest sound with crisp clarity. Also, its high power will allow the subwoofer to handle the peak output without straining the system and making it more durable.

The front facing speaker is enclosed in a bass reflex MDF cabinet offering the deep bass for your  watching and listening experience. This powered subwoofers have one of the best built in amplifiers and speaker combination which can deliver loud sound with unnoticeable distortion.


BIC America F12: best subwoofer for under 300 dollars-2021

The BIC America F-12 is a solid performer offering a frequency response of 25 – 250 Hz. The 12″ front facing speaker is housed with a 150 watt (continuous) amplifier (peak is 475 watts). It is a little heavier than the other units listed here at 42 pounds.

With the input for Dolby pro logic and DTS, it make sure you get the optimum movie or music experience. Priced under 300 dollars, there is no doubt that it will exceed its cost to value ratio.



Specifications of speakers can help differentiate some of the audio quality of a set of speakers. However, every person’s ear is different, and the true test of any audio-visual component is how it sounds to you in your listening or watching environment. Also, some manufacturers use specifications as a marketing tool to lead you to believe that their product is better than competitors simply by showing you the numbers. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!