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Are you wondering or looking for the best tablet for watching movies or best laptops for the same purpose? If yes, you are on the right place because we are about to tell you what are the best tablets (& laptops) for watching movies, videos, Netflix, YouTube etc.

There are many tablets and laptops available in the market today and sorting through numerous products can be confusing. To give you a better idea, we have handpicked some of the greatest laptops & tablets to watch movies.

Our gadget picks are affordable and perform well in terms of rendering videos or movies. Whether you like to watch Netflix, YouTube, HBO or something else, these products will give you the best watching experience.

We will review 5 tablets first followed by 5 best laptops for watching movies. We will first show you tableview of the best tablets to watch movies on. If you are here to get the laptop suggestion, you can skip the tablet section and go directly to the laptop section.

Best Tablets for watching movies, videos, Netflix, Youtube etc.

Tablet key Specs Price
Fire HD 10 10.1″ | 149 ppi | Fire OS $229-$289
Surface 4 Pro 12.3″ | 1980×1280 | Windows 10 $899 & UP
Samsung Tab A 9.7″ |1025×768 | Android Under $250
iPad Pro 9.7″ | 2048×1536 | iOS $500+
HP envy 8 8″ | 1920×1200 | Windows Under $350

Lets review these 5 tablets one at a time.

Fire HD 10 Tablet- Very good tablet for watching movies-2020

best tablets for watching movies

Here are some quick specs of this tablet; 10.1″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, Dual band wireless, 16GB or 32GB of storage, retails for $230 and has an excellent screen resolution.

This Fire HD has an exclusive 10.1 inch HD display with resolution of 149ppi. The display produces vivid, lifelike images that exceed standard HD, making this an excellent tablet to watch movies and videos.

This tablet is competitively priced in comparison to other tablets on the market, making it an affordable option. Also, latest technology is used while making this product. This is a great example what Amazon inc. is capable of.

With Fire HD 10, you will have access to millions of movies, TV shows and song videos instantly. You can download any of your favorite apps like Netflix and Hulu to stream your movies and shows.

If you are actually buying a tablet anytime soon, you should seriously consider this best tablet to watch online TVs, movies and videos.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet: How about this for streaming Netflix in 2020?

This pro comes with two 1080p HD cameras, front and rear-facing, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, Intel processor with m3 Intel HD Graphics 515, 12.3 inch ClearType HD Display, 16:9 (widescreen), 10-point multi-touch, and retails for as low as $899.

The Surface Pro has a large 12.3″ ClearType HD multi-touch display with awesome resolution of 2736 x 1824.

This is much more than a tablet; it is, in essence, a full laptop. All you need is a keyboard dock.

This is an excellent choice for watching movies and users will not be disappointed by the display. Without any doubt the surface pro is one of the best tablet for watching and streaming movies in 2020.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Inch: One of the best tablet to watch movies and TV in 2020

This tablet comes with Android 5.0 OS, quad-core Qualcomm processor that clocks in at 1.2 GHz, 16 GB of Flash Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory, XGA Display (1024×768 Resolution), up to 128GB of memory available through a MicroSD slot, and can be bought for cheap price of under $300.

This popular Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a brilliant, high-resolution screen which is perfect for watching movies. This tablet provides you with the HD experience of rich graphics, vivid colors and sharp text and for these reasons we have listed it as best tablet for watching movies. Not only movies, this can be a top tablet for streaming TV and other live programs as well.


Apple iPad Pro with Retina Display- Great tablet to stream watch movies, videos and TV

Here are some specs of this tablet for watching movies; 9.7 Retina Display for a wider view of movies, 2048 x 1536 Resolution for excellent movie watching experience, A9X Chip with Quad-Core Graphics for quick video rendering, 12 MP iSight Camera to take pictures while you are not watching videos, 1080p HD Video Recording to make your own movie, 32 GB Space to save your movies & music files, and great battery life of at least 10 hours.

The Apple iPad pro is the latest Apple tablet on the market. It’s retina display is perfect for viewing movies and its 10 hours of battery life also makes it a great choice for road trips and movie-watching on the go. It is a no brainer to list iPad Pro as the best tablet for streaming videos.


HP Envy 8: Nice Windows tablet to watch Movies, TV, YouTube and other video sites!

HP Envy 8 is a great alternative to the above products. Highly rated by the buyers, we really love this product by HP.

Some important specs of the HP Envy 8 includes; Windows 10 OS, Intel Atom Processor, 32 GB Flash Memory, 2GB SSD, 8 inch 1920×1200 LED-lit display, 8MP rear camera, and retails for under $350.

The HP Envy 8 is a very good tablet with cameras on both sides (2MP front and 5MP rear). You can basically do anything on this besides enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

It has battery life of over 6 hours and it is pretty lightweight, weighing under 1 lbs.

We recommend this tablet to watch movies on.



We have selected 5 laptops for you to choose from. Each of them are top laptops to watch movies and other videos on. All of them are the latest laptops. You will have a great time watching movies on one of these laptops. Let’s see the tableview of the laptops for watching movies first.

Best Laptops for Watching movies, and other stuffs

Laptop Resolution | Size | Storage Price
HP 15 FHD | 15.6″ | 1TB Under $500
Acer Aspire E15 FHD | 15.6″ | 256GB SSD Under $550
ASUS VivoBook FHD | 14″ | 128GB SSD Under $400
MacBook Pro Retina | 13.3″ | 128GB SSD Under $1200
ASUS ZenBook Flip FHD | 13.3″ | 512GB SSD Under $800

HP 15 – Cheap laptop to see movies

Nothing gets better than watching movie on a FHD screen and HP 15 offers just that! With 15.6″ FHD screen, 8GB RAM and 1TB of HDD storage, HP 15 comes with latest windows 10 already installed, powered by Intel i5 processor.

Comparing price vs specs, it simply is the best deal not to be missed. Remember, it can be purchased for under $500. You can’t ask for more. This is a cheap and yet a very good laptop to watch whatever shows you prefer.

Check Price – HP 15

Acer Aspire E15 – THE best laptop for watching movies and playing games

Man we love this laptop! We do not think there is any laptop for this price range that offers 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel i5 processor, a discrete  GPU, and 15.6″ FHD screen.

Having a discrete GPU, GTX 940M that is, means you can also play games on this laptop besides watching videos.

With sleek design and wonderful display, this laptop can be purchased for under $550. Hard to find such a deal these days! And guess what? This is the best selling laptop at the moment. We are not surprised, are you?

See Price – Acer Aspire E15

ASUS VivoBook – Lightweight laptop to view shows, live sports, etc

Ok, this is your another cheap alternative especially if you prefer smaller screen size than what above laptops have. It has 14 inch screen with FHD display.

Available for under $400, this laptop is pretty portable with smaller screen size and weight of just a little over 3 pounds. The ASUS VivoBook has nice design. The only downside of this laptop is its RAM which is just 4GB. The multitasking will not be much fun in this laptop but hey, for the price, its still a good deal.

Check Price – ASUS VivoBook

Apple MacBook Pro – iOS powered laptop with high resolution

Not everyone is Windows fan. A huge number of people prefer to own a Apple laptop, mostly because of durability, portability and habit of using iOS. MacBook pro happens to be the most liked laptop by Apple fans for various reasons and you will love it too for your reason; to watch movies on.

Retina display is the single most important factor to make this a great laptop for this purpose.

It has 13.3″ high resolution screen that also adjusts brightness automatically depending on the outside visibility. It has Intel i5 processor and 8GB RAM.

If you happen to be watching something on your porch on a cloudy day and suddenly the Sun pops up, no worries, it will adjust the brightness without you having to do anything. You just worry about your favorite movie character getting in trouble or worry about your favorite football team losing!

Check Price – MacBook Pro

ASUS ZenBook Flip – Awesome multipurpose 2-in-1 laptop

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

Not everyone is into movies full time. Matter of fact, except very few people like movie or sports reviewers, we all have our own careers don’t we?

One can be a student or businessman or hiliutaspi (we don’t know what that is, you figure it out) who also happens to watch latest movies or certain sporting events.

We thought, why not recommend a multipurpose magnificent laptop. We found our winner and it is the ASUS ZenBook flip!

Weighing 6.2 lbs, the ASUS ZenBook Flip comes with Inten M processor, 8GB RAM, 512GB of SSD storage and FHD screen.

It has sleek design and the screen size is cute 13.3″. Easy fit on any size backpacks. A great laptop which is available for an affordable price of under $800.

Check Out ZenBook Flip Here!

That’s it! There goes our 5 best tablets to watch movies & 5 best laptops for watching movies

Soon, more great products will emerge in the market. There is no doubt about that. But for now, these are the best tablets & laptops that you can own to watch movies. Let us know what you think about our recommended products!

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