Technology has changed the landscape of photography permanently. Digital photographers have developed new techniques and employed the use of more modern devices to create pictures in a new way. Cameras have morphed from a traditional handheld device to flat screens and touch pads. The best tablets for photographers make their jobs easier, provide the best quality pictures, and allow the use of technology to aid in the taking of photographs without photo becoming a product of the device rather than a piece of art produced by the skill of the photographer using the tablet as a tool.

Depending on the type of photography and the specific needs of an individual photographer, different capabilities will be needed to accomplish their artistic goals. Tablets offer a portable device, with varied features that enable a photographer to create the images they want with immediate results.  Tablets have been growing means for photographers to display their portfolio.

As the graphic and resolution of  the tablets capture every pristine detail,  now many photographers can transfer their highest resolution  DSLR camera pictures to their tablets and exhibit their artwork anywhere to anyone. The following best tablets for photographers embody the ideals photographers seek out to perform their craft.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1-  one of the best  android  tablet for photography portfolio-2018

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the perfect instrument for gritty or naturalistic photographers. The tablet is equipped with a “dual-sided” camera. The back camera is for normal photography while the front camera is intended for “selfies” or, in the case of photographers, candid self portraits. The resolution and pixilation are good quality, but the tablet can effectively make pictures appear less pristine to make a statement or alter the style of the photograph.

The Galaxy Tab 4 also does not come equipped with a flash, so natural lighting can be used to any effect desired by the photographer, including the implementation of dimness, shadow, backlighting, and other illumination techniques and tricks without the concern of the tablet’s camera auto-correcting the lighting. The Galaxy Tab 4 is available in a black or white casing. With the option of external storage, build in high storage and awesome resolution, it is one of the best  android tablet for professional photographers to exhibit their portfolio.


Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Large Tablet-best  Wacom tablet for professional photographers-2018

The Wacom Intuos Tablet is unique among tablets with a camera, because of the inclusion of an editing program that allows the photographer to immediately edit and touch up their work without transferring the files to another device.

The Pro Pen is the tool that makes the editing process a breeze and an enjoyable task. The Intuos Tablet is a professional photographic device that any photographer will find valuable to their craft. It is the top  pen tablets that are very handy for photographers specially when they are editing.


Apple iPad Air 2- best tablet for any photographer-2018

The aptly named iPad Air 2 is light as a feather and thin. The Air 2 has a high resolution for crystal clear pictures, an HD camera for more detailed photographs, and many additional features that embolden and support the photographer’s vision.

Apple has improved upon the original iPad Air by focusing a great deal of attention on the capabilities of the camera. The camera has been upgraded to respond and adjust to poor, dim, or unusual lighting conditions, has an auto focus feature that responds quickly, and implements technology for facial recognition to make photographs of people sharper and better defined. It comes handy to those photographers who are frequently traveling.

 With the standard panoramic photography option the Apple iPad Air 2 is available in three gigabyte sizes and three color choices. With so many professional applications in apps store and introduction of powerful stylus, Apple iPad Air 2 offered one of the best features to the photographers.


Fire HDX 8.9, 8.9″ HDX Display-best budget tablet for photographers-2018

The Fire HDX has an 8 MP rear-facing camera and a front-facing HD camera. The tablet is lightweight, weighing well under a pound that makes portability and mobility less cumbersome. The display screen is wide and clear with powerful resolution that allows the photographers to inspect their photographs in detail.

The Fire HDX has the advantage of having a camera that is easily operated and focus to the photographer’s specifications. Face recognition technology is highly sensitive, making the Fire HDX a fantastic tool for portraits and candid shots. Graphics and colors are especially vivid on this tablet, which meet the criteria for most photographers seeking a device that can depict sharp, well-toned colors and lines.


Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet-best tablet for photography-2018

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet has front and rear-facing cameras with 8.1 MP and a high resolution screen. With the resolution of staggering  3264 x 2448 pixels, there is no doubt that this tablet displays the best pictures captured by DSLR cameras. The autofocus feature makes taking photos simpler and the photographer can take more pictures faster due to this feature.

The tablet is light, easily portable, and is equipped with a wide screen for viewing pictures in detail and brilliant color. It is one of the few water proof tablet that is available in the market. Its water resistant features can be very handy for photographers who specially deal with aquatic photography like wildlife.



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