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In  the modern world, traditional newspapers are barely read by most of the people. With never ending technological developments and improvements, reading any kind of magazines, news, PDFs, comics, books or even textbooks in a tablet have become a norm.

Finding a great reading tablet deal is not that easy. But then again, it is important you find a better tablet deal if you are into reading lots of articles and journals and prefer a tablet to do so.

What are the best tablets for reading? This question is one that is asked by many people trying to decide which tablet is the best to use for reading. When you are in the market for a tablet, there are many factors you may need to look at before making a choice. One of the factors to look for is the storage and performance. With more storage ability, this would allow you more room for books to be stored on your tablet. You also want to look at performance and if the screen is able to be seen without distressing your eyes. A typical e-reader tablet has high screen resolution and has a slightly larger screen.

We will take a look at five of the best reading tablets from their specifications to their price and you’ll see why each of them was selected as best tablet to read any magazines, news, PDFs, books and textbooks in 2021. To help you find the best reading tablet, we present you with 5 best tablets for reading in 2021.

Kindle Paperwhite (6 inch) – Top tablet for reading Kindle books in sunlight

Screen glare is one of the prominent problems of electronic devices that are out there in the market today. When you relax on your day off and decide to read any novel, magazine or any other Kindle books to enjoy your day off on the patio, you will find yourself tilting your tablet in every direction because of the sun glare and the strain in the eye you feel.

With this Kindle Paperwhite, you do not have to worry about sun glare and continue reading without putting any strain on your eyes. This tablet was made specifically for Kindle readers anyway. Lights are adjustable and the battery is awesome in kindle Paperwhite. This is one of the best reading tablets in sunlight, but keep in mind that this is especially made for Kindle books and e-books. Find out more about this tablet!

ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300C-A1-BK- Decent tablet for reading books and comics

This 10 inch ASUS ZenPad tablet from ASUS is one of the latest product to rock the market with extremely high ratings. ASUS ZenPad can be a good reading tablet for 2016 because it is fast, highly responsive due to 2GB RAM, many hours of battery life and is portable because of its light weight of just 1 lbs.

Above, we suggested you the Kindle Paperwhite to read Kindle books, but there are many other reading sources and sometimes it is not Kindle. In that case, ASUS ZenPad 10 is a smart choice because of its great features. What we like most about this ZenPad is its IPS display, which will make sure that your eyes are comfortable while you read stuffs. Because this is a “regular” tablet, you can also enjoy other general features of a typical tablet like net surfing. This tablet supports all kinds of PDFs, comics, books, news and other reading sources. Just look at its ratings for the proof!

Microsoft Surface 3 Windows 10 Tablet- Another best tablet to read books, comics, PDFs and magazines

Saying Goodbye to Windows 8.1 operating system, Microsoft has unleashed this wonderful all in one tablet for the readers that runs on Windows 10 operating system. This is a multi purpose gem which can be used as a laptop or tablet as you wish using its flexible kickstand.

You can virtually do anything on this tablet just like a regular computer, and yes, that means you can read almost everything you can ever imagine of. Reading any books, comics, magazines, and other stuffs on this Surface tablet is as easy as pie. It is pretty light, supports WiFi, has almost 11 inch of screen with full HD plus display and costs below $500. Strongly recommended for any kind of readers out there.

Find out more about Surface 3 Tablet!

The Nook HD snow- Another great tablet suitable for reading

The Nook HD snow is another tablet on the list of our best tablets for reading. This tablet is light and thin, which makes it very easy to store and carry. This tablet sells for $99.98 which is one of the best prices for a great tablet. It has a 7in. Screen with a very good resolution output and high-definition graphics. One of the reasons this tablet is great for reading is its battery life blasts for ten hours. This makes it a very powerful and portable tablet which makes it a great tablet to read.

Apple iPad 4 with Retina display- Awesome tablet for readers-2016

The last tablet is on our list is the Apple iPad 4 with Retina display. This tablet specifications includes a 9.7in. Screen, sixteen GB flash memory, 1GB RAM, and an Apple IOS 6 Dual-core processor. This tablet is a high performance and multi-function reading tablet that retails for only $395.00. A couple of reasons why this tablet is one of the best is as light weight, which weighs only 1lb. , and a ten-hour long battery life.

Finally, we are confident that any of the reading tablets mentioned above will be a optimal choice for readers. Enjoy your books, comics, PDFs, magazines and kindle books with these awesome tablets!