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If you are a senior citizen looking for best tablets for seniors in 2017, you have come to the right page. This article is specifically written for people aged 50+ who are looking for the best tablets for seniors, senior citizens, pensioners or elderly people in 2017. Senior citizens can use our recommended tablets for various purposes like web surfing, chat, Skype with their beloveds or play games.

Senior citizens might ask themselves; isn’t it alright to get “any” tablet? The answer is yes, but, a wisely chosen tablet will provide better user experience. So, what exactly makes a tablet the BEST tablet for senior citizens? We are here to answer that question for you.

It is a no brainer that, with some exceptions of course, most elderly senior citizens have problem with eyesight and have hearing difficulties. For the very same reasons, the best tablets for senior citizens demands wider screen with zoom feature. This will put minimum strain on the eyes.

Tablets for seniors must have the ability to connect to bluetooth to provide better sound. Easier navigational feature is important as well since the elderly people are generally not tech savvy.

There are many tablets in the market today that have abilities to provide excellent experience to the seniors. In this article, we will hand pick few tablets that seniors can rely on. We will be focusing on the overall performance of the tablets in terms of better visual and sound qualities. We will take price into consideration as well since most senior citizens are on a tight budget.

Below are some of the best tablets for elderly or senior citizens in 2017. Lets start by tableview of the products that we will review.

Best Tablets for seniors/older adults/pensioners/retired individuals/aged 50+

Tablet Screen Size OS Price
iPad Air 2 (Editor’s Pick) 9.7 inches iOS Under $400
Fire 10 10 inches Fire OS Under $250*
Samsung TAB A 8 inches Android Under $200
Lenovo Tab 2 10 inches Android Under $200
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 12.3 inches Windows 10 Starting $899*

*Prices of these 2 tablets keeps fluctuating because Amazon and Microsoft keep offering deals on these tablets. If you buy on right time, you could get better deals on these 2 tablets.

Apple iPad Air 2 with retina display-The best apple tablet for senior citizens – 2017 – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Image Credit: Apple/Amazon
Image Credit: Apple/Amazon

You might already know that Apple is the king of tablets with its Apple iPad tablet series. Because of its huge success, you can find many variations of Apple iPad . After doing heavy research, we came to the conclusion that Apple iPad air 2 is the best tablet for seniors.

This particular version of the Apple tablet can be purchased for little over $350.

The Apple iPad Air 2 comes with many features that senior citizens will find worthy.

The Apple iPad air 2 has a screen size of 9.7″ which is reasonably wider for elderly users. What we most like about this tablet is its retina display that has astonishing resolution and clarity of the screen is priceless. It has good quality front as well as rear cameras for you to take solid pictures and videos.

You should get the 16GB version to save some serious bucks unless you plan to upload lots of apps and pictures.

The battery life of more than 10 hours is the most appealing feature of Apple iPad, not to mentions ease of use and great sound quality.

There is no reason why it isn’t the best tablet for seniors in 2017!

Price & more details – Apple iPad Air 2

Fire HD 10.1″ Tablet

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

This tablet is manufactured by Amazon, which is best known to come up with top class products whenever they launch something new for the consumer. Fire HD with 10.1 inch display is one of their most successful recent launch and there is a solid reason for its success.

Reliability is the secret to its success. This tablet is extremely reliable and the pricing is in the lower $200’s. This awesome tablet can be bought for little over $200 and comes with all the features an elderly wishes for.

The most awesome feature about this Fire tablet is its screen which is 10.1 inch, big enough for all the senior citizens with poor eyesight and since this tablet has high resolution display, navigating around it will not put a lot of strain in the eyes.


If you do not like to spend a lot, no worries!, Amazon got you covered with cheaper versions that costs as low as under $100 with basically same qualities with smaller screen size and less memory. Also if you buy a refurbished tablet, it will be much cheaper.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A- Top tablet for elderly under $200 

Image Credit: Samsung/Amazon
Image Credit: Samsung/Amazon

This tablet has a mediocre price tag of around $200 is the best choice for senior citizens because of all the features Galaxy Tab A has.

It runs on Android operating system, which means it is similar to using most smartphones out there today in many similar ways.

This tablet comes with 8 inch of high definition screen giving seniors higher visibility. Samsung Galaxy tab A weighs less than 1 lbs making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around without any hassle.

It has 16GB storage to save your photos and other essential apps.

It has ability to connect to your bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about hearing difficulties given that you have a bluetooth. Also, this tablet is equipped with advanced features like webcam on both sides. This is one of the best tablets for seniors.

Price & Details – Samsung Galaxy Tab A

10 inch Lenovo Tab 2 tablet- One of the best and cheap senior citizens tablet under $200

Lenovo is one of the top company that makes excellent tablets and there is this tablet from Lenovo, called Lenovo Tab 2, which we think is great for seniors. This tablet comes with a beautiful design and equipped with latest technology. Lenovo tab 2 has battery life of more than 10 hours and has clearer full high definition screen which puts less strain on your eyes. Sound quality is decent too on this tablet.

Lenovo Tab 2 costs under $200 which is better than majority of other tablets with similar features. Lenovo 10 has faster processing speed, excellent touch response, 10 inch wide screen and greater sound quality. All those features makes this tablet an excellent choice for aged people who are looking for best senior tablets under $200.


Microsoft Surface 4 Pro- One of the best tablets for seniors-2017

This is a great buy for senior citizens.  Microsoft surface 4 runs with the latest windows 10 operating system which is much similar to using traditional computing devices. Besides, this solid product comes with 12.3 inch of display to make sure the eyes with poor eyesight can properly navigate the programs and features of this tablet or play games. Also it has extremely good resolution giving less strain on your eyes.

Since it has the ability to connect to bluetooth, senior citizens can always listen to music and video sound with ease using a bluetooth device. Having the battery life of more than 9 hours will make sure the senior citizens do not have to worry about charging the product every hour. It can be bought for starting at $899, this is one of the budget buy. Wait! Budget buy when it costs at least $899? Yes, there is an appealing feature about Surface 4; it is actually a hybrid device with detachable keyboard which means you can switch it from laptop to tablet in a matter of seconds! So, if you wish for both laptop and tablet in the same device, Surface Pro is highly recommended!


Seniors can use these tablets to use Skype, play games, watch YouTube and many more things! And if you are a senior citizen looking for a laptop, have a look at these laptop suggestions for seniors.

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  1. I would also recommend Lenovo Yoga tablet. I’ve found this tablet with an Oscar Senior app few weeks ago. My Grandma isn’t tablet savvy so I was wondering if she is going to use her new Yoga. Today I would say that she loves simplicity, picture sharing and video chat. Good is that I am able to remotely help her and set up her interface.

    • Hi Alan…I am glad your Grandma likes the tablet… You mentioned you are able to help her & set up her interface REMOTELY….Can you let me know how?? I tried traditional teamviewer; but it does not let me see the graphical interface of the other device…I appreciate your input…

  2. My wife and I actually did quite a bit of research and just got a great tablet for her parents. The tablet was designed just for seniors, primarily for them to be able to connect with their loved ones safely. The tablet, grandPad ( has changed their lives almost overnight. It is a remarkable service that comes with 24 hour support and is very simple to use. They don’t have to worry about passwords or many different fees from different providers. It’s a one stop package deal. The day their tablet arrived, my father-in-law was able to do a video chat with his son in Europe and it was the 1st time he had seen him “live” in over 4 years!

  3. I’m a little amused and also a little offended by this article. I was doing the search for my mother who is 83 years old and still very active with social networking and we wanted to get rid of her relic computer. Then I see this article for elderly senior citizens 50+. I’m 57 years old and I love technology. I read and keep myself knowledgeable of what is current and upcoming. We aren’t all “the elderly people are generally not tech savvy” as you write. Your never to old to be tech savvy! Your article is good for information just…..ouch I didn’t realize I was that elderly.

    • Mr. Davis, please accept our sincerest apologies if we offended you in anyway.

      It is refreshing to know that you keep yourself updated with what’s happening! We wrote this article to help people who are 50+. We used the term “generally” because we understand many people who are 50+ are up to date with the ongoing developments. Matter of fact, when I took a programming class during my college years, my professor was 60+!

      You were offended but chances are, if your mother or someone of her age were to read it, he/she would find those terms less offensive. When we write an article focusing on a larger group of people, it is extremely tough to sound reasonable to each and every reader. In this case, a reader could be 51 years old and sometimes 91 years old.

      And no, you are not that elderly and we pray with the God that you live another 57 years! God bless!

  4. There’s a bug in Samsung Galaxy Tab A stopping you from replacing the launcher.
    You can change, but as soon as you reboot, it reverts to the standard launcher, which isn’t very elderly-friendly.

  5. I want to thank you for helping me out. I am going to go with the Fire 10 I am 80 years old and do not know anything about these gadgets. It is about time someone can help us out. I love your site. Thank you again.

  6. It is about time someone cares for us seniors and elderly.I am 80 years old and do not have the brains i used to have. Very depressing. I am going to go with the Fire10. I only hope i can use it. Thank you so much for your help.


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