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best tablets under $300 and under $250
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Let’s help us help you find the best tablet under $300 for the year 2021. You should also read the full article if you are looking for or trying to find out what are the best tablets under $250 for the year 2021.

Manufacturers introduce new models of tablets in the market every year. The high competition in the market has pushed manufacturers to improve the features and specs in their brands to attract customers. The main features that the clients consider when buying a tablet include the on-board storage, processing speed, screen resolution, cameras, weight, and the RAM capacity.

Most of the latest models of tablets have similar features. For instance, manufacturers know that many tablet users rely on them for video conference at work and online video chats. Hence, they include a front and rear camera in most if not all their models. Any client looking for a table for video conference will buy any tablet based on this essential feature.

Although basic specs such as some cameras, processors, weight, and dimensions may be similar, tablets have a different level of performance. It ‘s hard to determine the best tablet if you do not know how to identify a high-performance tablet.

You must consider all features and your needs to determine the top tablet within your budget.

The review below will help you identify or buy the best tablet under $300 and the best tablet under $250 for 2021.

iPad Mini 4 – Costs $20-$40 more but we decided to include this on our list of best tablets under $300 anyway

No, we are not deceiving you by listing this tablet which actually costs slightly more than $300. We are helping you to make the best decision if you are about to spend $300 anyway. The best decision will cost you $20-$40 more. But, we guarantee that you will come back and thank us in the comment section below!

You see, we could have listed iPad mini 2, which actually costs under $250 but lets be clear, iPad mini 4  has the better processor and the graphics compared to mini 2. Mini 4 has the camera with more pixels than the mini 2 and it has timer and burst modes which are absent in mini 2. iPad mini 4 have apple pay option and fingerprint security features. Both of them lacks in the mini 2. Since tablets are expected to last at least 3 years from the buying date, why not spend couple of bucks more and get the better version?

You can check and compare full specs and features of both tablets at apple.com.

Those are the reasons why we listed iPad mini 4 as the best tablet under $300 although it costs slightly more.

But then again, if you are on a really tight budget and only can afford the best tablet under $250, iPad mini 2 would be a great alternatives to the tablets listed below. You make that decision!

Get iPad mini 4 on discounted Price!

Fire HD 10- Wonderful, top tablet under $300

Image Credit: Amazon.com, LLC.
Image Credit: Amazon.com, LLC.

The Fire HD 10 by Amazon is among the best tablets under $300. The tablet has a high definition 1280×800 pixels widescreen. It is in-plane switching (IPS) display enables you to capture and view bright images.

It has a front-facing HD camera with 720p and a 5 MP rear-facing camera. The two cameras allow you to shoot 1080p videos and capture sharp pictures in different lighting conditions. This tablet is perfect for live videos chats such as Skype calls.

Fire DH 10 has a card slot that allows you expand its storage space to 128 GB. If your data exceeds this limit, you can access the unlimited cloud storage on the tablet. The tablet has a high-speed quad-core processor with two 1.2 GHz cores and two 1.5 GHz cores.

It has a mixed-used battery life of up to 8 hours. This means that you can launch and use apps, watch movies and videos, capture HD pictures, and listen to music for 8 hours without charging its battery.

One advantage of using this tablet is that it gives you access to Amazon Underground. This app store saves you up to $20,000 in games, applications, and in-app items. The thin, lightweight tablet is more durable than the latest version of iPAD Air.

The downside of using this table is that it is slow in downloading applications. Also, it does not capture as sharp images as the 8-inch model.

Fire HD 10 is the best buy if you want to play smooth games, watch millions of movies and videos, and store large files. If you get the one with 16GB, it will cost under $250!


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7-Inch Tablet- Top tablet for less than $300

Image Credit: Amazon/ Samsung
Image Credit: Amazon/ Samsung

The Samsung tablet uses the Android 5.0 Operating System that enables you to access millions of Google apps.

It comes with a Flash Memory of 16 GB and RAM of 1.5 GB. You can expand the storage space up to 128GB using its microSD card slot. You have additional storage of up to 100GB on One Drive, which is readily available on the table. The Samsung Galaxy tablet has a display resolution of 1024 x768 x GA and a quad-core processor of 1.2 GHz.

The Samsung Smart Switch available on this tablet enables you to transfer files and data fast. You can easily share or transfer data from iOS and Windows OS to another Galaxy device. The tablet is the best buy for music lovers. The inbuilt Milk Music app gives you access to new music mixes.

The Samsung tablet has an Ultra Power Saving Mode that allows you to use the tablet for more hours by shutting down all nonessentials apps. It has a continuous shot setting that enables you to capture several images fast. You can make your pictures clearer using the autofocus feature.

The Multi-User and Kids Modes safeguard data and online accounts on the tablet. Other users including your kids cannot access or modify files on your tablet. The downside is its flat screen resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy 9.7 tablet is listed among the best tablets under $300 because of its fast processing speed, long battery life, and ample storage. The lightweight tablet is thin and stylish as well.


Lenovo Miix 300 10.1-Inch 64 GB Tablet – It fits the list of best tablet under $300

The Lenovo Miix 3OO tablet uses Windows 10 operating system and has a maximum screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels. It has a 5 MP rear webcam resolution and weighs 1.4 pounds. The tablet has a 2 GB DDR3 RAM and a high-performance 1.33 GHz processor.

The 10.1 inch HD display has a 5-point multitouch and an in-plane switching technology. IPS gives you access to close to 180-degree viewing angles and a range of vivid colors. The tablet has a long-life battery that allows you to use it all day.

This table has a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera. The microSD card slot to add external storage of up to 64 GB. One disadvantage of this tablet is that you cannot access Google apps using its Windows 10 OS.

The Lenovo 10 inch tablet is listed among the best tablets under $300 (you can also call it the best tablet under $250 since it costs less than that) because of its fast processing and browsing speed, quad-core processor, and ample storage space. Also, the user can easily connect to Wifi and Bluetooth when using the tablet.


ASUS ZenPad S 8 Z580CA-C1-BK 8″ 64 GB Tablet- Nice tablet under $300

The ASUS ZenPad S tablet has a great metallic finish and diamond-cut edges. It has a 4 GB RAM that makes it ideal for fast web browsing, watching videos, and playing games. The tablet has a 64-bit 2.3 GHz Intel Atom processors and a large onboard storage of 64 GB. The card slot allows you to expand its memory to 128 GB.

One of its differentiating features from other tablets in the same price range is its USB Type-C Connector. The Connector allows you to share or transfer files to other devices using both sides of the cable. You can charge your table while transferring data.

Among the best tablets under $300, the ASUS ZenPad S tablet has one of the best displays. It’s 2048 x 1539 display has inbuilt IPS that gives high-resolution images. It weighs 11.2 ounces and has a battery life of 8 hours. The tablet has a 8 MP rear webcam resolution that is ideal for online video chats.

Another benefit of this device it that it uses Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. The combination of this OS and a high-speed processor enables you to download and launch Google apps fast. The stylish look, screen resolution, fast processing speed, storage, light weight and easy data transfer make ASUS ZenPad S tablet the best buy under $300.


Acer Predator 8 GT-810-15NC- Another best gaming tablet under $300

Photo credit: Acer/Amazon.com
Photo credit: Acer/Amazon.com

This tablet is specifically designed for gaming. It is powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and has an 8-inch full display touch screen. The tablet uses Android Lollipop OS and a 2 GB RAM.

The maximum screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, which is among the best compared to other tablets. The Acer Predator tablet weighs 12.5 ounces that make it portable and has a battery life of about 8 hours. Its flash memory size of 32 is smaller compared to other tablets under $300. However, users can increase the memory up to 128 GB using the inbuilt card slot.

The 2.4 GHz Turbo Boost Technology, quad-core processor, and high screen resolution give users a great gaming experience.

Also, the gaming table has an IPS LCD on its screen with LED backlight. It has a 10-finger touch technology and dual cameras. The tablet has a full HD rear facing camera of 5 MP (2592 x 1944 pixels) and a front-facing camera of 2 MP (1600 x 1200 pixels). This is a top gaming tablet under $300 that you can buy in 2021! Matter of fact, it costs under $250!


LG Electronics G Pad II 8-Inch Tablet- Best tablet under $250

The LG Electronics G Pad Tablet has inbuilt stylus technology and a full size 2.0 USD port. The port enables users to transfer files easily to and from other devices. The tablet allows you play videos for up to 10 hours and has a battery standby time of up to 420 hours.

It contains a flash memory of 16 GB and comes with pre-installed MS Office and 100GB free storage space on One Drive. The tablet weighs 14.ounces and is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. It is titan black in color and has a rear camera of 400 MP.

The tablet’s maximum screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. One unusual feature in this tablet is the high hard drive rotation speed of 5400 RPM. The Android OS allows users to download apps from Google. However, its memory of 16 GB and 1 GB are small compared to other tablets featured in this review.

The tablet is featured among the best tablets under $300 (and under $250) because of its long battery life and fast processing speed.


This article outlines the best tablets under $300 and best tablets under $250 on the market in 2021. The tablets reviewed have different processing speeds, onboard storage space, battery life, and operating systems. You can buy any of these tablets because the differences in their specs are minimal. The features outlined will help you identify one among the six tablets that meet your needs.