Image Credit: Trish Hamme at Flickr
Image Credit: Trish Hamme at Flickr

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The prices of TVs have varied wildly in recent years because of different technology innovations, making it more and more difficult to make a choice between different televisions.

Buying the best TV under $800 or under $700 seems to be a popular and wise position to place yourself into. That is because, TVs that are available for $650-$800 are usually decent TVs packed with the latest technological developments and they tend to have superb picture and video quality.

We considered a number of factors to come up with this list of best TVs for the price range of $650-$800. Screen size, ratings, refresh rate and the resolution were the top factors for us to consider the products in this list. Besides that, we also compared their sound qualities and checked if they were curved or flat, if they were too heavy or not, and if they had smart features or not.

Let’s get straight into the list now!

Samsung UN50KU6300- 50-Inch, 4k UHD, 120Hz Smart LED TV- Editor’s pick – The best TV under $800 for 2018

Here is the Samsung Samsung UN50KU6300 TV, one of the best options for those looking for a high quality LED television with the crystal clear 4k UHD resolution. This TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

This TV is Internet ready, which means it is simple to link up to Online streaming options directly to the TV without the need for a box or stick with the help of built in wifi and smart feature.

A simple on screen menu makes it easy to navigate various available apps and programs.

This TV comes with Smart View app. Smart view app basically is like screen sharing app between your smartphone and the TV. You can view mobile screen on the TV, or the TV screen on your smartphone. Just make sure they are connected in the same wifi network.

With the help of internet, you can play games which can be downloaded directly from the cloud. If you have your own gaming console, you can enjoy your games without experiencing difficulties. This is also a top TV for gaming under $800.

With all them features, we can unequivocally claim that this is the best 50 inch TV under $800.

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TCL 55UP130 55-Inch,4K Ultra HD, 60Hz LED TV- Best 55 inch TV under $800

The TCL 55UP130 is one of the best TV under $750 for anybody looking to get hold of the latest in TV technology at an affordable price.

The TCL 55UP130 comes with 55 inch wide screen with the resolution of 4K Ultra HD, which makes the image sharper and adds extra layers to the picture quality of traditional High Definition.

Over eight million pixels are included on this LED TV, which compares with around two million on a traditional HD television to create a picture that is unmatched as the amount of 4K shows and movies increase across the majority of formats.

TCL is one of the World’s current leading manufacturers of TVs and they have created this TV that concentrates on picture and audio quality without the many extras found on TVs with similar quality levels from brands with a high public profile. This TV offers huge increases in picture quality with the chance to link computers and other options to the TV for the best in picture quality for any format.

It has built in wifi, built in ROKU, and comes with all the essential TV ports. With 55 inch crystal clear screen, there is no reason why this is not the best TV under $750!

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VIZIO D60-D3- 60-Inch,1080P, Smart TV- One of the best 60 inch TV under 800 dollars for 2018

Getting the best TV under 800 dollars is only worth it when one can find the best picture quality available without sacrificing the included features. The 60 inch VIZIO D60-D3 makes that simple by stunning use of LED lighting, by spreading the LED technology across the entire screen the picture remains consistent and uniform in all areas.

Internet options are included in VIZIO D60-D3, which are operated using the VIZIO smart app technology that allows access to music, film and TV viewing with the chance to upload a number of apps directly to the TV through built in WiFi technology. Streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix etc are also accessible.

It has refresh rate of 120Hz. All the essential ports like HDMI and USB are included of course. This is a great TV for living rooms due to its huge size. This is a superb latest model 60 inch TV under $800.

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Samsung UN48JU6700- 48-inch LED Smart TV with, resolution 4k Ultra HD- Best smart Curved TV under $800

Samsung has been a respected TV manufacturer for a number of years. With this 48 inch, 4k ultra HD, Curved LED TV, Samsung is continuing this tradition with a large amount of technology included for under $800.

This TV keeps up with the best in TV picture quality by including the top 4k Ultra HD image quality, which means that great resolution is available across a variety of media options. And on top of all the mouth drooling resolutions and size, this is actually a smart TV supporting streaming apps.

This is our pick for the best TV under $700 but if you buy the bundle package with blu-ray, it will cost you about $100 more. Without the blu-ray player, the Samsung UN48JU6700 costs under $700.

More Details of This Best TV under $700

LG Electronics 43UH6500 43-Inch, 4k UHD, 120Hz, LED smart TV- The best TV under $650

A great alternative to the above best TVs under $800 is this LG Electronics 43UH6500, which is actually the best TV under $650. The LG Electronics 43UH6500 displays high quality pictures that uses some of the most advanced technologies.

This TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz with LED backlight. Using 4 HDMI ports, you can easily connect it to your external devices or gaming consoles. We believe this is one of the best TV under $650 because of its astonishing sound quality and 4k UHD display.

This TV is good for gaming as well. This is 43″ inch TV which makes it compatible to fit into large bedrooms and offices. The LG Electronics 43UH6500 has just the right size to fit into multiple scenarios. If you would spend lot less on a TV, this is the best TV under $800 that you must consider to buy.


To conclude this post about the best TV under 800 bucks, we would like to thank you for reading all the way. It is our great pleasure to help you find the perfect TV for the price range of $650-$800. Your comments and concerns are always welcome. Tell us about your TV! You might also want to read our other articles related to TVs here and here or simply roll your eyeballs towards the right!

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