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Tv under $400 makes a great gift as well as fits perfectly in a small apartment setting or studio apartments. However, it is difficult to decide which tv to buy when there are so many choices. Recently, all the TV creators are churning out televisions with more features for lower prices, giving a person looking to spend only up to $400 a dizzying array of choices.

After rigorous research and lots of thoughts, we are proud to list five TVs under $400 which will not disappoint anyone. These televisions are not ranked in order but are a random listing of five wonderful choices which are likely to be better than other TVs of similar price range.

Coming up with this top 5 list wasn’t easy as we had to consider many factors like pricing, model year, screen size, resolution and most importantly customer ratings into consideration. Let’s get straight to the point and find out what are the best TVs under $400.

VIZIO D40u-D1 4k UHD Smart 40 inch LED TV- Best 40-inch gaming smart TV under $400 .or is it?

We decided to list the VIZIO D40u-D1 as the best tv under 400 dollars although it actually costs about $430. For few extra bucks, it is an excellent TV that everyone should seriously consider buying. The main reason is its 4K ultra HD screen resolution.

It has VIZIO Internet Apps Plus which allows users to enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and other things easily. It has a full array LED backlight and 8 active LED zones X6, which has pure black levels and creates a higher contrast.

The tv includes a built-in Wi-Fi for access to the internet. It has a 120 Hz refresh rate so that the action scenes and sports streams like a breeze. 120Hz refresh rate on a 40 inch 4k UHD screen makes this the best TV for gaming for about $400!

The dimensions of this TV are 36″ x 8.3″ x 23.5″ and the tv is super light, weighing under 20 lbs. The picture is a feast for the eyes and seen on a screen which is large with little framing. The sound quality is very good and the viewer is able to customize the sound.

The apps on this TV work fast and enhance the TV experience. The tv is easy to install with the help of a manual that has step by step instructions. For these reasons, we are proud to recommend this TV as the best TV under $400, although it costs slightly more.

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VIZIO D43-D1 43-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV-Another best TV Under $350

The VIZIO D43-D1 is an excellent buy for under 400 dollars. Mattar of fact, it is amongst the best TV under $350. It has a full 1080p – resolution 1920 X 1080 and 43 inch full array LED screen.

It has 3 HDMI, one component, and one coaxial input, allowing for a multitude of connection possibilities. It also comes with built-in wifi and Vizio internet apps plus, giving you option to enjoy hundreds of shows easily on a crystal clear, 43 inch screen.

This is an excellent TV that costs under $350 which is cheap and affordable. A great buy for people who are looking for TV under $400.

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TCL 48FS3750 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV-2016 model-Best TV under $350 in 2018

Another best tv under 400 dollars is the TCL 48FS3750. It has a refresh rate of 60hz (native) and a clear motion rate 120 (effective). There is a full array LED  backlight and it includes a remote with batteries and a detachable power cord. This tv has ROKU integrated smart functionality.

It includes three HDMI, one USB port, RF, composite, headphone jack, and an optical audio jack. The tv has a wonderful, crystal clear picture with a high display. The ROKU is already built in the TV which would otherwise cost you $100 or so, if bought separately. The ROKU home screen includes tv input as icons just as it displays Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other choices. The TCL 48FS3750 is easy to set up and the interface is pretty easy to use. This TV is one of the best smart TV under $350.

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Sceptre 4K Ultra HD TV 49″ inch- Great 49 inch TV under 400 dollars to buy in 2018

The Sceptre 4K Ultra HD 49-Inch TV is an excellent buy at under $400 . It comes with a great set of features, sure to delight the consumers.

The dimensions of this TV are 47.5″ x 30.5″ x 7.5 “. It sports a 60 Hz refresh rate.

It has several inputs such as 4 HDMI, one USB, one component, one composite, and one digital audio output. However, it doesn’t have smart functionality.

The Sceptre 4K Ultra HD 49-Inch TV has wonderful picture resolution when compared to other similar TVs.

Its video clarity is about 4 times more than a traditional 1080P TV. It has a strong, pure sound quality and even without extra add-ons, it gives almost movie-like experience to the viewers.

With all those juicy features it comes with 49 inch UHD screen which is almost unheard of for a TV under $400.  It sure is one of the best TVs under 400 bucks.


Sony KDL40W650D- 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV- One of the Best TV Under 400 dollars

The Sony KDL40W650D LED TV that has 40-Inch screen with resolution of 1080p falls in this list as the best tv for 400 for good reasons.

Besides brand recognition. the Sony KDL40W650D has dimensions of 41.8″ x 6.8″ x 25.1″ and weighs about 24 pounds. Its refresh rate is powered by Motionflow XR 240. Fast motions will be displayed perfectly in its 1080P screen.

The Sony KDL40W650D has built-in wifi. You can easily access video streaming websites and apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu very easily.

This tv has a crisp picture and great color. The image quality is sharp for great viewing pleasure. The sound is awesome clear and this TV is easy to set up. Even non-techies can do set it up referring to step by step instructions. Fortunately, this TV can be bought for cheap price of under $400.


That’s it! We hope now you know which TVs are the best TVs under $400 and which are the best TVs under $350! Please remember, we did spend a lot of time and resources to come up with this list and we will be very grateful if you share this article.