Spywares, malwares and adwares are the dark side of the technology, which unfortunately is causing a lot of trouble for a lot of people. Before you even know you have them, these unwanted programs take over your computer and  are already tracking your web behavior, what sites you visit, and in bold terms, ripping you off.

Here are some of the behavioral examples of a virus infected computer:

  • All of a sudden a program shows up and claims to be scanning your computer for better performance.
  • When you type in facebook.com, you end up landing in youknowwhatbook.com.
  • When you search anything on Google, Bing or other search engines, sidebars pop up from the edges.
  • Sometimes you see weird results on search engine searches which you can tell is not rendered by the search engines.
  • Your computer slows down.
  • When you start your computer, lots of unwanted programs automatically start, and you end up crossing each of them out for 10 minutes or so before you actually get to do what you want in your computer.

Prevention is better than cure: Here are some of the preventive measures you can take to keep those viruses away:

  • Never visit sites that ask you to download anything. They are simply using your one time desperation to rip you off forever.
  • Avoid visiting free streaming sites. That’s where most adware and other unnecessary programs gets installed.
  • Install ad blockers like adblock and adblockplus. (and still be careful)
  • Try to avoid toolbars in your browser.

Being careful in the first place is the best way to tackle the problem, but since not everyone is tech savvy, they end up being the victim one way or another. Although there are many antivirus programs out there who clean up the mess for a price, there are few basic things you can do to take care of the problem. (any well known antivirus is still recommended).

Here are few basic things you can do to get rid of adwares, malwares and other unwanted programs manually:

  • Go to control panel and uninstall any unwanted programs that do not sound familiar. Be careful while you do this because you might end up removing important programs. Sort by “installed date” and you should get more idea if the program was installed by default or by you. Most of the times, newest programs are the ones to be removed. Sometimes such viruses are already running in your system and you get notifications that the program cannot be removed because it is already running. In that case, go to task manager (alt+ctrl+del), see the list of running applications. Anything you do not recognize, select it and press the end task button located in the lower right section.
  • Remove all unwanted browser extensions.
  • Reset browser settings
  • Uninstall and reinstall browsers
  • Go to programs and programs x 86 folders and remove unwanted installed folders. (WARNING: do not perform this if you don’t know what you are doing)

These are few basic things you can do it yourself without the help of antivirus software to get rid of most of the adwares and spywares. Some are way too sophisticated and might not be removed manually unless you are an expert. In that case install any well known antivirus software like Norton or McAfee and let them take care of the problem.