how long is Amazon prime free trial
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So you want to know how long is Amazon prime free trial? No worries. We will give you all the information you wanted to know regarding benefits of Amazon Prime, Amazon prime membership discount, how to sign up for Amazon prime, length of Amazon prime free trial, how much Amazon Prime costs and how to cancel Amazon prime.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Free Trial and its Benefits

Signing up for Amazon Prime free trial is fairly easy.

We love Amazon and we send many of our visitors to Amazon for shopping. is a perfect online shopping store where you can purchase millions of items including tech products like laptops, tablets, headphones and more. With Amazon prime, you will get 2 days free shipping on millions of items in addition to unlimited streaming of movies, music, TV shows and more!

Most customers can can sign up for Amazon Prime Free Trial HERE. If you are a student, you can sign up for free trial HERE. If you are on government assistance program and have a valid EBT card (food stamp), you can sign up for free trial HERE. There are different deals and promotions depending on whether you are a general customer, a student or on government assistance program.

How long is Amazon Prime Free Trial?

The short answer is it depends. If you are a general customer, you can try out Amazon Prime free of cost for 1 month, after which to continue you will either have to pay $10.99 a month or $99 if paid annually. So for most people, the answer to the question how long is Amazon Prime free trial is 1 month.

How long is Amazon Prime Free Trial for Students?

There are added benefits if you a student. Students get a whooping 6 month Amazon Prime free trial, after which students will pay either $5.49 a month or $49 if paid for one year in advance. The only difference is students will NOT get access to unlimited music streaming while under trial period. Students still can enjoy 2 day free shipping and unlimited movies and TV shows streaming.

For people on government assistance there is no Amazon Prime free trial option but they get discounted pricing of $5.99 a month if they can verify possession of valid EBT card.

How to Cancel (if you choose to do so) your Amazon prime free after your free trial expires?

It is fairly easy to cancel Amazon prime, if you choose to do do, after expiration of your free trial.

Go to > Accounts & Lists > Your Account > Prime > On left column at the end, click Cancel membership and follow prompts to confirm cancellation.

Conclusion – How Long is Amazon Prime Free Trial

Like we explained above, if you are a student or not will dictate how long you will be able to get free trial of Amazon prime. Hope that helps!

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