Mozilla is pissed that users have to go through tunnels and funnels to finally be able to change the default browser settings in Windows 10. They decided to go one step further and write an open letter to Microsoft CEO. They basically complained that Microsoft designed the OS in such a way that users will be “made” use of the internet the “Microsoft way”. You can also get the vibe that you are using Mac OS due to the positionings of shortcuts and apps. They simply want to steal MAC user bases and is doing their best to make the transition as smooth as possible.

That’s business and the way of life in the world we live in. Microsoft is a profit organization while Firefox is non-profit, and it is nothing unusual that both CEO’s have different ways of doing business, have different goals and have different opinions on how things should have been or should be in the future.

It would be nice, though, if it was easier to change the default browser. What both companies should understand is that as long as the browser is more user friendly, more people will use it. If you have unfriendly browser, people will change it no matter how many tunnels or funnels they have to go through. Computers made them companies billionaires, but at the same time made the public more smart. They will find out how to change the default browser in Windows 1o one way or another. Let’s jump into the real problem you actually worry about. Who cares what is going on as long as the default browser settings is changed right?!

So how to change the default browser from Microsoft edge to internet explorer, Chrome or Firefox?

To change the default browser from Microsoft Edge to Chrome or other browser, open the browser that you would like to have as the default browser. If it is not already your default browser, it will open the prompt window asking if you would like to change it to default browser. Affirm the prompt and you will be taken to the settings page. Confirm that you are under DEFAULT APPS on the left side of the screen. On the right hand side scroll down to “web browser” and simply replace the browser as you prefer. It’s actually pretty simple.

This is how you change your browser settings in Windows 10! Hope that helps!

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