There may be various reasons in wanting to convert an OXPS file to a PDF file. This article will provide several ways to convert OXPS to PDF online or offline for free. We will tell you few ways to convert OXPS files to PDF format and you can do it for free.

What is an OXPS file?

Microsoft originally developed XPS files and is a language that supports a fixed document. The O stands for open XPS and was developed by Ecma International. It is found on most Windows 8 programs.

What is a PDF format?

PDF was developed by Adobe Systems many years ago. It is also for fixed documents, and achieves a look of a printed book. The primary difference between the PDF and literature in print is: it can contain links that a person can click to open.

You can tell what format your document is by viewing the file-name. At the end of the file-name, it will list the format it is registered in. If it says OXPS at the end, and you are having trouble opening the file, converting it to a PDF may be your best option. Following are some ways you can convert your OXPS file to PDF:

Convert OXPS to PDF for free Without Software

This little trick works well as long as you have Standard Acrobat. On your OXPS document click print. When the printer box opens, go to PDF printer. Tell it to print and it will state there is an error in printing. Hit ok and there will be a box asking what to name the PDF file and where you want it. You just created a PDF of your OXPS file using Acrobat Standard.

Other Sources to convert OXPS to PDF online

There are few other sources that does this kind of conversion. Following services that are helpful in converting your OXPS file to a PDF. You can see the websites mentioned below who will help you convert oxps to pdf without any hassle.

You can also simply upload the file you want to convert at Top They will ask you what format you want the file in. The conversion will take some time, and they will email you when finished. You can do that at


C-Net is one of the most trusted sources in obtaining software. We found this program that converts any type of XPS file to PDF. It is called XPS to PDF Converter, and you can download it here. But I would be wary of downloading any software without signatures. This is recommended only if everything else fails. I have had some tough luck with downloads at C-net. Take caution!

Don’t let that OXPS file frustrate you. Just convert it to PDF and all will be well. In many cases, you can also convert to other formats too. Hope that helps! Let us know in the comment section below if you have any problem implementing these processes.