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We generally do not complain about the prices, but the price of a Samsung one connect cable seems a little more even on the shopping giants like Amazon and Ebay.

Samsung has done a great job innovating Samsung one Connect box but seems like buying a Samsung One Connect Cable separately isn’t too exciting.

Many people are complaining all over the forums are found to be complaining about the price of Samsung One Connect Cable. We checked Ebay, Amazon and other shopping sites and found the cost of the Samsung One Connect Cable to be relatively high, even for a generic brand.

Most people seem to be happy with the fact that they are at least able to get one easily. But they hate the fact that they are paying too much for it.

The ultimate trick to buy the Samsung One Connect Cable for an affordable price is unfortunately isn’t a trick.  You should avoid the branded cable and get the generic cable. They work just fine! Bidding on Ebay is also a good idea but many people are not familiar and comfortable with the Ebay bidding process. Thus, buying a cheap Samsung One Connect Cable at Amazon would be in your best interest. Make sure you ask the seller first if the cable is compatible with your box and TV. Since returning and getting refund on Amazon is lot easier, you aren’t risking your money.

For your convenience, we have hand picked some of the Samsung One Connect Cables for you on Amazon. You can see them below.

You might want to verify the authenticity of the various online stores out there if you buy outside of the well known shopping giants. You might also want to learn how they handle returns and refunds. We recommend either Ebay or Amazon to get a Samsung One Connect Cable. Good luck!


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