Own an Android device? You could be one of the 950 million potential victims of a recently found security loophole in Android devices. Google and its associates are scrambling to fix the potentially dangerous problem as soon as it was discovered.

This security loophole in the Android devices is coined as stagefright. Using this loophole, hackers can remotely control the device by sending malware codes hidden inside video files and bam, the world sees what you have been doing on your phone, from text messages to dirty pictures.

Our guess: In the near future, you will be getting a notification asking you to update your device and, this time, do yourself a favor and do it as soon as you can so that you do not have to worry about being hacked before you know it.

If you are more than general public, i.e, government official, politician, celebrity, corporate CEO or some kind of VIP reach out to appropriate mobile security firm ASAP before you find yourself in big freaking trouble.