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Some people will say that you don’t need antivirus on a Linux computer. Their reasoning? Look at how few Linux viruses there are, look at how little evidence there is of Linux systems being broken into. True, Linux seems to be the most steadfast of all operating systems so far, though such overstatements are rarely appropriate when it comes to anything related to computer security. However, in the modern world is any group of people, computer hackers most of all, liable to sit on their laurels and accept such truths? No. There is constant advancement in everything in both security measures and the means to bypass those measures.

Be prepared when someone figures out how to break into Linux, because you can rest assured there are many people working on that right now. Just how, at the same time, there are many people working to make sure that Linux remains secure. As always it is better to be prepared for what might come, and you will be thankful for it when someone does figure out how to better disrupt Linux. When that day comes one of these recommended antivirus tools could be all that stand between your personal files and information and a stranger. So we will tell you about some of the best antivirus for linux.

Avast- One of the best antivirus for linux-2021

With an easy to use GUI and the full support of a long established antivirus company, Avast for Linux is one of the most modern options available for securing your computer. This is updated more frequently than most Linux antivirus, and offers unique scanning modes among a plethora of other options, not to mention recently added support for 64 bit servers. Improved network and file server security can not only keep your files safe, but speed up your personal computer or workstations for your business. Free trials are available, and the price for the full version is reasonable. Of all the antivirus services for Linux this is the best but the most expensive. Great for someone with more concern for security than frugality and even better for businesses.
Avast for Linux can be found here.

Sophos- Excellent antivirus for linux-2021

Another reliable antivirus software with good consumer support and security options is Sophos antivirus. Sophos is very secure but requires some configuring for the Linux operating system. However, this antivirus offers a few more customizability options and has the added bonus of being available from mobile devices. Sophos also offers a free trial, and is more recommended for individual users, though their file security suite is still sweet.
Sophos for Linux can be found here. Keep in mind that using this product for Linux requires some configuration, and is a little more complex than installing Avast. Regardless, Sophos comes just as highly recommended.

Closing thoughts on best antivirus for linux-2021

Due to Linux’s nature, many of these anti viruses are not updated as regularly for that platform as they are for others like Mac or Windows. That does not mean these pieces of software are any less sophisticated or secure. They simply do not have to adapt and compete as rapidly in the current environment. Rest assured you are better off with an antivirus than without one, especially if it is one of these best antivirus for linux.

best antivirus for linux