If you are stuck on Apple logo on start up on your iPhone or iPod, it might worry you. You will notice as you turn your device on it will just display a white Apple logo on black screen and won’t go anywhere from there. Good news is that, there is an easy fix if you are stuck on apple logo on the start up of your iPhone or iPod. This happens when your phone faces an disruption while being updated, especially when you were trying to update newest version of iOS in hurry. You are supposed to have at least 50% of your battery while you update so that the update can run smoothly. In addition, you should have constant internet connection, either wireless or data, while your iPhone is updating. If you see the Apple logo being stuck on start up, either your battery died or there was loss or change of internet connection while the iPhone was in the middle of the update process.

So, How to fix your iPhone or iPod that is stuck on Apple logo on start up?

All you need to do is reboot the device using recovery mode to get rid of the problem. How is that done? Its easy! Here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Turn your iPhone or iPod on. Make sure you see the Apple logo on the black screen.
  2. Connect it to the iTunes in your computer
  3. Push home and power button continuously until the device shuts down.
  4. As soon as the device is shut down, release the power button but keep pressing home button for 10-15 seconds.
  5. You will see the screen will display “connect to iTunes” sign.
  6. In the computer you will be notified that your iPhone of iPod is in recovery mode and will ask if you like to continue.
  7. Press continue and follow the instructions. iTunes will remind you of their latest version that can be installed/downloaded. Select that and wait for the process to continue.
  8. And your device is fixed! 🙂

That should help you get rid of the problem. If you couldn’t do it right, use the comment box below to seek more help. We will be happy to help you with the Apple logo being stuck in your iPhone start up! Thanks for reading and here’s hoping you are using your iPhone or your iPod again! Next time do not interrupt the update process!

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